My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 90

Chapter 90: The Situation Has Changed

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Chapter 90 The situation has changed!

Liu Lin'er, who crossed the horizon, still smiled confidently and sensibly in the corner of his mouth.

"My poison is not so easy to understand; if it is not to increase the number of poisoning and dilute the toxin, you have no chance of screaming."

Liu Liner threw the poison from a high altitude, and with the cover of Yan Haitang, almost a quarter of the soldiers were poisoned. Even if the other soldiers did not fall, their fighting power would not be saved!

On the mountainside; all the soldiers waited across the horse.

Shangguan Bihan stood on the back of the lion eagle beast; urged Zijin Tong to observe the situation inside the Qingyang Fortress.

"Everyone takes a good antidote and can start now! All obstacles are cleared!"

On the order of Shangguan Bihan, 3200 generals roared together, spurred their horses, and made great noises!

The fighting power of these soldiers was hidden in the anger of the heavenly fighting dynasty, and now it really broke out, all with the ambition of death, do not know how many times more fierce than usual!

With Liu Lin'er's poison mist, the battle is almost one-sided! The soldiers almost fell with their hands, killing all sides!

Moreover, the elite selected in this time were all psychic elites, and they learned the three basic formations of Qinghong, attacking and defending in one, orderly, and smashing Huanglong into the Qingyang fortress!

The smoothness of this battle and the trend of breaking the bamboos made the veterans who participated in the battle burst into tears and their blood was boiling!

According to this offensive, they might really be able to win the Qingyang Fortress!

Lin Chen and the boys in Class 66 are the first to bear the brunt; they are in the fortress center camp!

The soldiers after the poisoning and the attack are not enough for them. They can be handed over to the soldiers in the back. What they have to do is the powerful people who are hiding here!

Qingyang Fortress; the third stronghold gate!

"Unexpectedly, that sunset empire still hides such an ace."

"God is out of the ghost, if Master Jin is about to arrive, maybe we are really going to lose here."

"Shoot! Leave them behind, and when Master Jin arrives, everyone will die!"

On the wall of the third fortress giant gate, ten figures suddenly appeared, and they were the masters of Disha Realm who were guarding the Qingyang Fortress!

"Interesting, finally there are a few who can fight!"

Gu Chenfeng swept away dozens of people with a single shot, exuding a warlike smile, and his feet rose into the air!

"Darkness, it's time to test your combat strength!"

Bai Junhao roared into the sky, and Long Xiao shook the sky. His skin, cheeks, and gradually showed the lines and outlines of the dragon scales. A pair of Ling Ran's eyes turned into a blue dragon pupil. The pure power exceeded 90,000 tiger powers!

The geniuses of class 66 are all supernatural; they are fighting with ten famous realms.

Lin Chen was unimpeded and broke the third fortress gate alone.

When he had just blasted the fortress gate; he suddenly discovered that tens of thousands of soldiers had gathered here, and all of them were regrouped and frightened!

"Brother Lin Chen, it's not good! I don't know why, the soft-ribbon qi I have modulated has no effect on the soldiers behind!"

At this time; Liu Lin'er exclaimed from the sky.

Lin Chen still had time to ask why in the future, the low and heroic drums of the drums rang loudly, and there were spiritual fluctuations faintly in the air, and the sound of strings kept on coming!

The strings are matched with the war drums to form a ferocious war song, which is shocking and exciting!

War music inspires the blood and killing heart hidden in the heart! Plays an effect similar to hypnosis and strong psychological suggestion!

For a character of Lin Chen's level, this song is nothing.

But for the tens of thousands of soldiers assembled, it was like an unprecedented stimulant injected into their bodies.

They are like dragons and tigers one by one, their green muscles are exposed, and their fighting spirit is boiling!

"It's amazing! What technique is it that actually made all soldiers' fighting strength and flesh strength increase by one or two grades!"

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong to visit the soldiers and could not help but take a breath. This feeling is like burning your own vitality in exchange for fighting power!

"Children of Heavenly Fight, drive away the invaders! We are the strongest civilization and origin in this wasteland. Heavenly Fight is still there to achieve the blue sky!"

The deep middle-aged man's voice suddenly sounded, and the melody of the tune suddenly increased to another level!

"The heavens are still there, and the blue sky is achieved!"

The remaining tens of thousands of soldiers suddenly burst into shocking anger; they rushed towards Lin Chen without any fear!

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, his fists were like dragons, his fists were like waves of raging waves, and the fist winds penetrated all directions, beating the crowds of soldiers rushing in the sky!

But the effect this time was completely different from before; Lin Chen couldn't stop the advance of the army at all; instead, he was pushed back and backed off again and again!

The soldiers who shattered the front row could not stop their pace. The soldiers seemed to have lost their fear, only the heart-thrushing and fearless anger!

"Not good! The situation has changed; everyone withdraws!"

Lin Chen shouted loudly; the boys who were fighting fiercely with a terrified face suddenly stopped, stopped the battle in front of them, and evacuated at full speed!

"A surprise attack on the fortress we just occupied, how can you be easily evacuated!"

Several veteran veterans grinned; after chasing frantically, Gu Chenfeng and Bai Junhao were entangled and could not escape.

"Star Arrow Storm!"

"Holy Blue Shield!"

"Bing Ling Jian Qi!"

"Viper Seven is absolutely poisonous!"

The girls in the sky shot awe-inspiringly; to help everyone evacuate, Yue Linlin defended the boys.

Yan Haitang and Sister Su Lan blocked the offensive of the Disha Realm. Liu Lin'er's gas attack touched the two Disha Realm. The two's arms were corroded into the bones!

Lin Chen unfolded True Flame Purple Phoenix Wings and evacuated with everyone!

The southern gate of Qingyang Fortress; the soldiers who were about to kill them saw a large number of troops rushing out of the fortress!

"Everyone; the plan has changed, withdraw from the original route!"

Shangguan Bihan transmitted sounds from high altitude; everyone looked at each other, comprehended, without saying a word, immediately turned the horse!

Nearly 50,000 horses were killed from the Qingyang Fortress; Lin Chen and his party fled the road, but those territories were like tarsal maggots, and they couldn't be spread apart!

"No, keep going like this. Everyone has to be overwhelmed by the army before leaving the fortress."

Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong to look at the situation of the Qingyang Fortress in an instant.

According to the current situation, not to mention the 66 class, even the soldiers will be chased by more than 50,000 horses with blood on their backs. It will be a desperate battle!

"Someone must stay and break, otherwise no one can leave."

Yue Linlin Jiao Chi, Bai Junhao said nothing, immediately turned to look at Lin Chen.

"Brother, let me stay forever!"

"You leave a fart, run for me!"

Lin Chen couldn't help laughing and scolding; this kid was serious enough.

"Everyone, don't hesitate to escape at full speed! Don't look back no matter what happens!"

Lin Chen Zhenyan purple phoenix wings flew to the front of everyone, suddenly burst into drink!

The next moment; his hands are changing fast!

"Charged Rune: Four Demon Seals!"

"Doujin Gold Meteorological Seal! Fire King Seal, Overlay Seal, and Tianmu Seal!"

This is Lin Chen's first use of the Rune of Charge!