My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 91

Chapter 91: The Way Of Temperament.

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Chapter 91, The Way of Sound.

Lin Chen instantly displayed the four demon seals of the demon; the deity seal of Sidaozhen appeared in the sky; with the power of the energized rune, the attack power of each move of the demon seal has been inferior to the blue-level combat skills!

Bang Bang Bang ~~!

Zhentian Dayin was crushed right in front of the army, and the offensive was strong, temporarily delaying their progress.

By virtue of combat skills alone, even with the blessing of the Rune of Charging, Lin Chen cant stop the current army unless his cultivation base arrives.

However, his trump card is another more terrifying existence!

"Slow rune!"

After the sacrifice of the four kings of the fighting demon, Lin Chen sacrificed a grayish white grate, and blocked all the terrible territories that were chasing him to breathe!

"What combat skill is this?"

"Damn, my fighting spirit won't work?"

"This kid is tricky, get him done first!"

Many terrible people were horrified, when they stalemate in place; Lin Chen released the dragon arm in anger!

"Blue Dragon Blood Liberation10% Power!"

"Snow has hidden the cards for so long, it is time for me to see how powerful it is!"

The corner of the mouth outlined an overbearing awe-inspiring smile, Lin Chen's blue dragon's left arm rolled a fierce dragon breath like a blue dragon claw, and turned into countless dragon teeth, dragon blades, and dragon breath!

"Blue Dragon Soul Claw!"

Lin Chen's green dragon arm swept out!

The dragon's claws tore out the sky of the dragon's breath of light, and the dragon's breath of the storm was huge.

This is the dragon supernatural power that Lin Chen absorbs the dragon awakening in Zhenlong Mountain! It is also his strongest killer so far!

The powerful people from the terrible realm of chasing are all terrified! A devil in a war-like realm can actually break out of an attack that is beyond the reach of the peak of the real world!

The terrible man of the earth evil is frightened and hurriedly launches the defense of the war, the dragon breath storm wants a tornado, the center flashes the infinite light blade, cuts the void, and runs through the entire army!

Lin Chen's eyes were quick, one hand, one move, Qinglong's arm took over the falling attribute light **** and a treasure chest.

[The host gains 28,000 quintessence of qi, 34,000 quintessence of qi, 31,000 quintessence of qi, and 31,000 qi and blood energy.

[The host obtains a bronze treasure chest; after opening, it obtains: Green-Level Intermediate Tone Mystery; "Xuanyin Secret Spectrum".

The system pops up a light screen, Lin Chen hastily glanced. After he performed this trick, his body quickly retreated, and the blue dragon's breath in his left arm became quite weak, less than half of his previous strength.

When the storm slowly disappeared, a crack that lasted for thousands of kilometers was revealed, and there were cracks around it like a knife, which was shocking!

The entire army was stained by Lin Chen with this trick. At least nearly 8,000 soldiers died here!

In addition, there were five terrible injuries; two fell on the spot!

It is difficult to achieve such achievements in one move!

Looking at the soldiers of the sunset empire, they are gone!

"His mother, the sunset empire, I have written down this account!"

At the height of the rear of the army, a man in a golden robe sitting on the back of the goshawk looked at the outside of the fortress with a cloudy sky, Lin Chen left back.


"Hahaha, happy! Too **** happy!"

"Since the attack of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty, Lao Tzu has never fought such a happy battle!"

The soldiers who turned back into the valley road were very addicted. This time, they only wounded more than a hundred people, and only seven of them actually damaged the attacking brothers!

In contrast, in the Qingyang Fortress, at least more than 10,000 soldiers were lost. In addition to Lin Chens last Dragon Dragon Soul Claw, the number of dead soldiers reached more than 20,000, and the soldiers who lost their combat effectiveness were not few.

It is estimated that there are fewer than 60,000 soldiers in the Qingyang Fortress!

A comparison of this record loss is simply unprecedented!

However, at this time Lin Chen sitting above the lion, the eagle beast, was lost in contemplation and dignity.

"Brother Lin Chen, you are too powerful! We won this battle so beautifully, and now the strength of Qingyang Fortress is not much different from that of Lieyang Fortress!"

Qin Xiaofeng waved his fists excitedly.

Because of his physical skills, before evacuating, he was one of the few people who witnessed Lin Chen's use of the Blue Dragon's Soul Claw. His admiration for Lin Chen reached an unprecedented peak!

"What tricks did he use at the time, what kind of combat skills..."

Su Lan's solemn gaze at Lin Chen, based on Lin Chen's move just now, if its power is placed among the students in the inner courtyard, almost no one can take it!

With this move, Lin Chen is enough to be the strongest in the inner courtyard! A freshman is the strongest in the inner courtyard less than half a month after admission? No one dared imagine this!

"No, we have not won."

In response, Lin Chen shook his head in dissatisfaction; let everyone cast an incredible look.

The record of 7 casualties changed for more than 20,000 each other, and it also caused another 20,000 people to fall into the loss of combat effectiveness. As a result, you are not satisfied yet?

"I started with the belief that I won the Qingyang Fortress, but I didn't expect such a big change. We have too little damage and can only say that we didn't lose, but it's definitely not a win!"

In Lin Chen's eyes, there was a sharp and overbearing spirit, "The definition of the difference between victory and defeat is not the moment of determining the winner, but the moment of determining the winner."

Lin Chen's courage made everyone in Class 66 a bit ashamed, and was ashamed of the smugness he had just made. Look at Brother Lin Chen, this harsh self-requirement is one of his powerful proofs!

"Are you worried; is the last song correct?"

Xiang Qinghong said suddenly; Lin Chen nodded solemnly.

Finally, there was a tumbling tune in the fortress, which inspired the soldiers' vitality, and even Liu Lin'er's special poison powder was invalid for the soldiers.

If this song appears in the war, it will form a vital victory factor!

"As far as I know, there is a kind of sideways left in the world; the spiritual power can be integrated into the path of temperament; the master can control the power of nature, call the wind and rain, control the fierce beast, or temporarily enhance the strength of the warrior. What the man just made should be Its this method."

After a moment of contemplation, Xiang Qinghong said seriously.

"Incorporate mental power into the temperament; thus play a role in controlling and stimulating the vitality of the human body, doubling the combat effectiveness of soldiers. I did not expect this method to work so effectively on the battlefield; this is a big trouble."

Lin Chen rubbed his temple; if this problem is not solved, the next time the other party comes to the door, it will be a tough battle. Even if it can win; it has to pay a heavy price.

"Huh! That's wrong, we can treat others as human beings and treat them as human beings!"

Suddenly; Lin Chen thought of the "Treasure of Xuanyin" which he had just picked up and took a thigh, and he had a plan!


At dusk the next day, the generals returned to the stronghold.

General Song Shan saw the soldiers return, and quickly asked the news; when he learned the results, he was also shocked and ecstatic!

After Lin Chen returned to the fortress, he burst into the camp. He looked for Yue Linlin and Xiang Qinghong from time to time. Everyone didn't know what he was doing.