My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 92

Chapter 92: A Wave Of Arrogance

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Chapter 92 !

Until early morning the next day;

When everyone saw the things that Lin Chen and Yue Linlin were tinking at the same time; they were all stunned!

Placed in the barracks; a giant war drum; flute, pipa, and Lin Chen's special erhu!

"This? Brother Chen Chen, do you want to compete with the other party in the manner of temperament?"

Gu Chenfeng understood it, but he couldn't help but look at the musical instrument that Lin Chen had tinkered with and was amazed.

"However, even your eldest brother, you are good at mentally controlling the temperament; but in this respect, the music itself cannot fall on the other party?"

Bai Junhao said doubtfully; Xiang Qinghong agreed and echoed.

"Yes, if the quality of the tune is lower than the other side, the effect is difficult to cover the opposite side. That day sounded in the Qingyang Fortress, it seems to be the "Ding Ling Xing" of the Tiandou Dynasty. This song was created by the Tiandou Kingdom Master thousands of years ago. Created, the genre is magnificent and high, with the will to die unyieldingly. The single-round tune itself can be surpassed in the wilderness.

Regarding this, Lin Chen smiled mysteriously; "Hey, you dont have to worry about the song, I have already decided that our first priority is to get familiar with these instruments."

Lin Chen laughed in his heart, on the song? You can compare with the rich civilization of my great China! I just take a song out and it's worth your time!

Two days; passing by.

During this time, all the soldiers in the stronghold had recovered their combat capabilities and were ready to go.

The geniuses of class 66 are under Lin Chens training, and everyone has at least one musical instrument!

In addition, Xiang Qinghong has taught many soldiers different basic formations, and the combat power has doubled!

Early morning on the fourth day of evacuation from the Qingyang Fortress; black crowds began to emerge from the East and Chenxi together!

The yellow sand is full of sky; the army of black pressure is surging, like the huge waves of black sky, wanting to devour everything!

"Lynn, the army has arrived!"

General Song Shan stood at the city wall, his voice trembling.

"Open the door to meet the enemy!"

Lin Chen's speech was unexpected every time, and all the veterans looked at him in doubt.

The defense of the fortress is solid. If you choose a defensive battle, you can minimize the damage.

But if you open the door to meet the enemy, it is to actively give up this advantage!

This puzzles everyone? How can the soldiers' lives be joked?

"Don't think how many troops can be blocked by the wall of the fortress. When the opposite "Shang Ling Xing" sounds, the opposing soldiers can enter the fortress if they lose up to 3,000 or 4,000 people. There are so many that it is impossible to show the strength of Qinghong's formation to you, it will only become a mess."

Lin Chen awakened the person in his dream, and everyone suddenly realized that he was afraid after a while!

Indeed; the soldiers after the Xifa formation have formed a different small group.

Only in a wide area can the flexibility and cooperation of the formation be fully exploited!

Everyone has fully seen the magic of the formation!

In the battle of Qingyang Fortress, the loss of the people is so small, most of the credit goes to the strength of its formation!

"What the Linn people said is that our vision is short-sighted!"

General Song Shan gave a fistful of fists, Lin Chen patted his shoulder and smiled casually.

"Relax, I won't make a joke about the soldier's life. Notify the whole army; open the gate of the fortress! We will fight against the goddess of heaven!"

Lin Chen ordered that the stronghold of Lieyang was in full swing; the giant door opened and thousands of horses ran.

Nearly 50,000 soldiers attacked in the stronghold, and the momentum was not weak!

Bang Bang Bang ~ ~!

The sound of war drums was earth-shattering, and the excited strings reverberated between heaven and earth.

This familiar and awesome melody seems to carry a period of honor and history.

Just the sound of the strings, there is a sense of historical interpretation in front of the eyes, it is the "Warrior" of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty!

"The heavens are still there; the blue sky is achieved!"

The heaven and earth dynasty's drinking of nearly 70,000 soldiers struck like a row of mountains and sea, and the momentum was shocking!

Some recruits with relatively shallow experience are frightened by this momentum and their legs are weak!

The distance between the two sides is getting closer and closer, and the killing momentum that is not afraid of life and death becomes more and more heavy!

"The number of people has increased, and it seems that they recaptured the defeated captives before returning to the battlefield."

Shangguan Bihandai frowned slightly, I saw; a third-order goshawk flew in the distance.

The middle-aged man in golden clothes standing on the goshawk and a young man in dragon robe looked proudly at the crowd of lions, eagles and beasts.

"A group of wild dogs who do not know where they come from, no matter what your origin is, let you see today the power of the "Warrior Commander" of my heavenly fighting dynasty! This strong sun stronghold, my heavenly fighting dynasty is bound to gain!"

The young dragon robe heard from afar, and the sneer was full of contempt.

"Even the three princes of the Heavenly Fighting dynasty are here. They are young at a young age, and they are really evil!"

When General Song Shan looked into the distance, he was slightly air-conditioned.

"I hope your command will not disappoint us. Today, Master, this package gift, your dynasty is finalized!"

Lin Chen embraced his chest with both hands and smiled confidently.

Standing on the wall, he opened the curtain on the wall with one hand!

Pipa, war drum, erhu, flute, and the huge suona hanging on the wall! !

"I want to see what waves you can make!"

The middle-aged man in Jinpao smiled angrily; his goshawk lowered his height, and his fingertips suddenly struck the strings!

"Gentlemen, it's time to devote yourself to the dynasty! Let's make history!"

Roar ~~!

The generals of the dynasty, with a total of 20,000 iron rides, rushed to kill them!

The shocking momentum alone is enough to shock ordinary people!

At this time; the distance between the two armies was less than seventy miles!

At this moment; everyone in Class 66 looks at Lin Chen! Waiting for his instructions!

When the wind blew, Lin Chen struck the silver robe, ang ang and hid, and Meiyu was full of overbearing arrogance!

He shouted!


Holding two sticks, Bai Junhao and Gu Chenfeng suddenly jumped to the front of the war drum, and they suddenly sounded the drum. The drum sounded like a raging river, a sea of turbulence, and a magnificent atmosphere!

The distance between the two armies is less than fifty miles! Lin Chen waved and shouted again!


Yue Linlin and Yan Haitang's elegant and graceful shadows fell beside the exquisite jade pipa.

The distance between the two armies is less than thirty miles!

The wind is like a sword, killing the sky!

The sound of war drums became more and more intense; in the eyes of the sunset empire soldiers, a tremendous fighting spirit began to burn!

Lin Chen burst into shock when the battle was over!


Ying Liang and Xiang Qinghong played the flute at the same time, and the melody of the dancing flute ignited the topmost rhythm for the ups and downs of the whole song!

At this moment; the distance between the two armies is less than ten miles!

Lin Chen jumped up and stood alone in front of Suona!

He breathed a breath, swallowed mountains and rivers, and suddenly blew a huge suona that was more than fifty meters long!

In an instant! The moment the two armies met, the momentum suddenly reversed!

The war drums are shaking, the flute is blasting, the arpeggio is like a wave, and the sound is long!

"Pride and arrogance; self-improvement!"

kill! !

An unprecedented shocking weather gathered from the body of 50,000 soldiers and suddenly broke out!

The momentum is like the galaxy, the moon, and the sun! Like ten thousand volcanoes, ignite in an instant!

A strong spirit of unprecedented strength is born from the heart of every soldier! It is stronger, tougher and more domineering than the soldiers in Tiandou!

Fifty thousand people seem to be connected into countless small groups, almost at the same time, spread out in their respective directions instantly, forming a subtle mysterious formation, fan-shaped spread out, immediately surrounded and counterattacked!

Bang~! Boom~! !

The collision was almost instantaneous, as if the ground reversed, and the sky collapsed!

The **** of the soldiers of the sunset empire in a moment, the past with more terrible momentum!

The feeling of this scene is as if the momentum gathered by the soldiers of the Heavenly Fight is likened to a huge wave turning over the sea, and the soldiers of the sunset empire are the waves of swallowing the heavens that are arrogantly superposed! Instantly reverse the past, drowning them all!