My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 93

Chapter 93: A Big Victory

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Chapter 93 !

Daoguang sword shadow, fighting spirit!

The soldiers of the sunset empire are brave and fierce, and they have a very calm and warm heart in their **** body!

Compared to the Heavenly Fighting Soldier who only knows not to be afraid of life and death, regardless of pain, and only knows to rush forward, the soldiers of the Sunset Empire have become more fierce, sophisticated, and more skillful!

The blades of light flickered; three soldiers of the sunset empire cut off each other's bodies with a heart-shaking heart; they stepped back and turned quickly.

They exchanged positions with the three people behind them, and when their comrades were exhausted, they suddenly switched their positions and urged the fighting to cut off a wave of knife-like air! Sweep all the enemies coming after you!

With such cooperation, it seems that every group has formed one body, it is natural, and it is seamless!

The front line of Tiandou collapsed instantly! The world is violently windy, and the situation is changing!

Gu Chenfeng and Bai Junhao beat the drums and sweated like rain.

Lin Chen was overwhelming the mountains and rivers, and the Suona Whistle was a little longer. The two men urged each other to shake their drums!

The drumming became louder, and the offensive of the sunset soldiers changed again, especially fiercely! If the violent dragon crosses the river, how can the dragon attack the dragon!

"Hey, what kind of music is this! It's so majestic, so vast and vast!"

The three princes and Master Na Jin were horrified at the same time;

This song incorporates several mysterious musical instruments, and each combination is perfectly natural. As the tiger grows, it is unstoppable!

The ground shook and the hoof turned over. The storm destroyed the sky and filled the sky!

Countless days of fighting soldiers fell under the siege and attack and defense of the sunset Empire soldiers!

The soldiers of the sunset empire are advancing and retreating into one body, switching the play in turns, and everyone is like a king of war! In a calm and fierce expression, there is a fighting spirit burning like a storm!

Falling back; falling back!

There is no power to parry! The 70,000 army was instantly chaotic and beaten with stray limbs; blood flowed into rivers!

The iron riders of the 20,000 Tiger and Wolf Division were toppled to the ground in a short period of time. The survivors were either forced to parry or were overwhelmed by waves of offensive, and the dead bones were not saved!


A breath of slaughter is bursting out on the battlefield! It was those warriors who were in Jiuzhong and Disha Realm who launched a fierce rush!

At present, only generals with more than nine levels in the battlefield can destroy and disrupt the battle formation of the soldiers of the sunset empire. They will be the key to the victory of this game!

"Children of the setting sun, let these invaders know our guts!"

General Song Shan led a group of generals into the chaotic area of the battlefield, and the high-end fighting power of the two sides began to heat up.

"Fire attack, burn these gang of bastards!"

The three princes shouted in response, and the archer behind the Tiandou soldiers urged the war to fire; together they pulled the bow and fired the sky and rain!

"Storm winds! Kai!"

The fire attack on the opposite side also had time to reach the area where the two armies were at war, and the violent winds of the sky roared.

Thousands of soldiers stood in a row and formed an S formation, and the violent winds of fighting gathered their fire back instantly!

The arrow rain fell, and the sea of fire suddenly fell, and the soldiers of the Heavenly Fight Dynasty suddenly fell into the sea of fire.

In order to resist the fire, the soldiers consumed their fighting energy particularly violently.

The fire took advantage of the wind, and the soldiers who were proficient in the fighting spirit of the water system were too late to extinguish the fire. The fire was increased by the violent wind!

"It's our debut!"

Ying Liang took eight boys from class 66, and suddenly he was killed from the side of the Tiandou army; take the opponent's rear archers straight!

Taking advantage of the momentum of the fire attack, the sunset empire launched a siege, and all the lineups were in a half-moon-shaped lineup to surround the area outside the fire, and came out to kill one by one, the battlefield victory and defeat, it is now clear!

"It's over, it's over! Our army is defeated!"

Seeing that the effect of "Jing Ling Xing" was lost, the man in the gold robe looked terrified, trying to control the goshawk to flee.

"You are the main characters, how can you be so easy to leave."

Yue Linlin and Sister Su Lan control the lions, eagles and beasts, and appear not far from the men in gold robe and the three princes!

"Not good! Your Highness withdraws quickly!"

The Jinpao man's face changed slightly; a cold drink!

"Isn't it just the three ladies, what are you afraid of! Take the prince down and bring them back to the harem!"

The three princes overbearingly laughed; they rushed towards the three daughters with the crotch eagle!

However... he didn't realize the seriousness of the problem.

The war lasted until dusk; the setting sun fell; the sky was full of smoke.

On the avenue of the Sunshine Fortress; many soldiers lost their helmets and armor, or surrendered directly.

The three princes and the man in gold robe were kneeled down on the ground and looked at Lin Chen in horror.

"This is still a prince, it seems to be a big gift, Liu Lin'er, give him something good. Put him in the fortress, maybe it will be useful later."

Lin Chen looked at the two playfully, and the golden robe man gritted his teeth.

He looked up firmly; he asked seriously.

"Being aware of falling into your hands is a dead end; but before dying, can you tell me where the terrifying war song you all played on the battlefield came from, and what is the name of the song? "

Everyone looked at each other and looked at Lin Chen together.

He took a deep breath, with admiration and a little memory in his eyes, and his voice was a bit proud.

"This song comes from my distant hometown, and the song title is "The Wave of Pride"! The song is intended to encourage men to fight hard, guard the mountains and rivers, and protect their homes. Only when there is a country can you have a home."

The golden robe gleamed in the eyes of the man; he muttered to himself: "Arrogance... A thousand waves! Unexpectedly, there are so many tunes in the world that are so degraded to magic, if it can be played in person, how great !"

The Jinpao man was full of regret, but Lin Chen laughed without thinking.

"Want to learn, I will teach you."

He was shocked and looked at Lin Chen in shock, "Aren't you killing me?"

"If you are willing to take our specially-made poison, I will not only kill you, but will also be pleased with you, and I can also teach you this arrogant wave, because even if you know this one; I I can get another one better!"

Lin Chen smiled confidently; the Jinpao man shivered and shivered.

"Dare to ask your name."

"Lin Chen!"

"Under Lin Chen, under Jin Xiao, I would like to work for you, and life and death are meaningless, but begging for a song "The Wave of Arrogance!"

Seeing Jin Xiao obeying the scene, everyone in Class 66 marveled and looked at Lin Chen longingly.

The war has just begun, and Jin Xiao, who can be transformed into combat power, will naturally not let go.

After dealing with the two men, the war officially ended; with the overall victory of the Fortress of the Great Sun as the result, with the amazing results of losing more than 8,000 people and injuring more than 10,000 people, the other party's nearly 70,000 soldiers were won!

After this battle, the soldiers fell into a state of mental fatigue, and some even fell to sleep on the ground, making it difficult for even the opposing deserters to catch up.