My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 94

Chapter 94: Arrived In The Tiandou Dynasty

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Chapter 94: Arriving at the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty!

Because Lin Chen's "The Wave of Pride" is countless times more clever than "The Command", it will not weaken the soldier's vitality, but it will stimulate its own potential with spiritual power.

In other words, mental exhaustion will be extremely serious.

This mental loss often takes several days to make up for it; so this hole card can only be used for life and death.

After that; Lin Chen took a few people to smash Huang Long and recapture Qingyang Fortress!

Five days after the First World War in the Sunshine Fortress;

At the edge of the Qingyang fortress wall; Lin Chenpan sat at the edge of the wall, opening the system while practicing;

[Host: Lin Chen

Cultivation: Triple Battlefield

Ultimate strength: 75,000 tiger power.

Qi and blood energy: 409.2 thousand points.

The essence of fighting spirit: 398.4 thousand points.

Spiritual strength: 71,200 points.

Essence of exercises: 122,000 points.

Mind Method: Five Spirits of Chaos (75%)

Xihui exercises: Tian Ling Hua Dan Pill, Eight Waste Xuanhuo, True Water Guiyuan Pill (41%), Tian Gang's fighting spirit, Taishi Bible (9%). Nine tactics (50%)

Possess a special treasure: True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing (10%)

Possess blood energy: Blue Dragon Blood Vessel (761 points), Purple Golden Eye Blood Vessel (10000 points)

Characteristic Runes: Slow Rune Level 1, Corrupt Rune Level 1, Recharge Rune Level 1 (Rune Energy 5800 points)

The energy of each element: 392 thousand points in the fire system, 311 thousand points in the soil system, 326 thousand points in the wood system, 722,000 points in the gold system, and 486 thousand points in the water system.

"Two wars in succession; let my cultivation base break through to the triple of the battlefield, and benefit a lot. It's physical training strength, and it has begun to fall into a bottleneck."

Lin Chen turned off the optical screen of the system, exhaled with full energy, opened his eyes, and looked into the distance.

Lin Chen was about to get up; from a distance thousands of miles away from the Qingyang Fortress, a beam of light rose straight into the sky!

"that is?"

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; there was a wave of rune-like energy in this light!

"Is it because a new rune is born. Which direction is that?"

Zijin pupil opened to the highest level; Lin Chen was able to detect the direction of the light beam's rising at more than 7,000 miles away.

"Brother, the Qingyang Fortress is settled. Because we resisted the Tiandou soldiers here, the other fortresses of the Sunset Empire barely resisted Tiandou's offensive. General Song Shan suggested that we return to the empire; consult with the waiters One-step countermeasures."

Ying Liang, General Song Shan, and others came to the wall; wondering what Lin Chen asked.

"General Song Shan, what area is more than 7,000 miles away east of Qingyang Fortress?"

"More than seven thousand miles, it seems that it has already crossed the fortress of the Tiandou dynasty. It is almost the capital of the dynasty."

Song Shan didn't think too much; he said.

"The location of the capital of the Tiandou dynasty? Well, Ying Liang, you tell everyone to prepare, then we will go to the capital of the Tiandou dynasty."

Lin Chen's words almost did not scare everyone to death!

Going to the capital of Tiandou Dynasty?

There are hundreds of thousands of strong soldiers stationed there, and the place is extremely guarded!

Although the dynasty empire in the world does not have enough details to create the Tiangang Realm, but there are many powerful people in the Earth Shage Realm; the masters are like clouds, Lin Chen is strong, and there is no strength in the Tiangang Realm, there is only one dead word to break into!

Seeing everyone's horrified expressions as if seeing ghosts, Lin Chen laughed and explained quickly.

"Relax, I'm not so arrogant to take you to single out the entire dynasty. I mean I want to get in with you to do something."

After hearing this sentence, everyone's heart was put down. I was about to breathe a sigh of relief and immediately raised it again!

Ok? Mix in and do something? If there is a case where the whereabouts are exposed...

Reminiscing that if all the masters of the dynasty besieged, the taste and sourness, everyone's mouth suddenly rushed...

This is no different from playing in the past!

"Okay~ I like to do things the most~"

Yue Linlin only applauded and clapped, fearing that the world would not be chaotic.

"Here, Lin En, why are you going to the Tiandou dynasty. Now that the two countries are at war, the capital of the Tiandou dynasty is heavily guarded, and ordinary caravans have to pass many checks if they want to enter."

Song Shan hurriedly persuaded; Lin Chen shook his head and waved, laughing.

"General Song Shan, you dont have to ask so much. Im determined; Ive decided to return to the empire about the return to the empire. The way she battled the battle array sold to your empire will help you better. Win on the front."

Lin Chen turned to everyone in Class 66 and smiled jokingly.

"If any of you are afraid, stay here or go back to the sunset empire."

"Who's afraid! I'm not afraid; this action counts me alone."

"Isn't it a heavenly fighting dynasty; there is not even Tiangang, do him!"

"Big Brother is going, Jun Hao will naturally say nothing!"

Everyone in Class 66 was passionate; they just got on with Lin Chen.

"what about you?"

Lin Chen turned to see Su Lan's second daughter.

"Isn't it going to the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty? There is nothing to dare."

Su Lan, a sister who had always looked like a frost, had a smile on Lin Chen this time.

See my sister agreed; Su Lan also nodded.

This battle, except for Xiang Qinghong, the master of formation; everyone agreed to go to the Heavenly Fight Dynasty with Lin Chen!

"Hey, since the Lin Enren decided to go, then I will not be reluctant to the old Song. If the Lin Enren arrived in the Tiandou Dynasty, if they had the opportunity to see our Seventh Princess; I also begged the benefactor to try to bring her back."

General Song Shan said sincerely; Lin Chen wondered: "Seven Princess?"

"Princess Seven is the most favored princess of the first emperor. The previous prince of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty had proposed to marry the sunset empire and named him to be married to the Seventh Princess. The great prince, but did not expect that they would wage war and ruin the contract in a short time. At present, the Seventh Princess is trapped in the capital of the dynasty."

Song Shan sighed deeply; Lin Chen slapped him on the shoulder and smiled and comforted: "Relax, as long as there is a chance, I will get your Seven Princesses back."

The next Shangguan Bihan seemed to stop talking, but finally shook his head slightly and smiled.

"Go, act immediately tonight!"


Three days later; the capital of the Dou Dynasty, the Dou Wang City.

The dynasty was fighting everywhere; the warlord city at this time was heavily guarded, and several psychic soldiers were strictly interrogating at the gate.

"What are these trucks that you are pulling? How are they diverse? Where did your caravan come from and which chamber of commerce are you registered with?"

A bearded psychic soldier checked the cargo in the carriage; the tone of his voice seriously questioned.

The old man with the first eight-character beard immediately laughed.

"This uncle soldier, we are the 66 caravan from the stand-alone chamber of commerce. The goods inside are all grass mud horses from Male Gobi. For example, there are grass mud horse meat and grass mud horse skin. These are all good meat products. And raw materials for clothing."