My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 95

Chapter 95: Dive Into The Imperial City

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Chapter 95: Dive into the Imperial City!

The little old man shoved a few gems of precious light into the soldier's waist. The latter lighted up in his eyes and accepted it quietly, then coughed and said in an official voice.

"Where did you come from the stand-alone chamber of commerce, I have never heard of it."

"Small chamber of commerce, recently established; someone like you must have never heard of it. Otherwise, Grandpa Bing, you can get some meat and go back to give some brothers a treat?"

The old Bazixu smiled happily; the latter said seriously: "No! Recently, it has been rigorously investigated. How can you collect your things? I'm really angry when you do this!"

"Government! Don't, you get rid of it, get rid of it!"

The old man took a dozen gold cancan gold tickets on his palm and patted the shoulder of Grandpa. The latter nodded with satisfaction: "Well, you little old man looks honest. Lets open the city gate!"

"Eh! Thank you, Grandpa Guan! Grandpa Guan can come to you and play in Hale Gobi if you have time, and you must entertain you."

The little old man made a haha and took his caravan to the city. The caravan just left, and the Grandpa recovered, and said to himself in doubt.

"My Male Gobi?"


"Poof! Brother Lin Chen, did you just want to laugh at us!"

"Look at the stupidity of the officers and men, I almost couldn't help it."

After entering the city; everyone in Class 66 removed the disguise and laughed.

"Okay, don't laugh anymore. You must settle down first. I will go out and investigate. I can't act rashly before I come back."

Lin Chen still maintained the appearance of a little old man, with a sturdy body, and escaped into many alleys in the capital.

Zijin pupil a little urged, Lin Chen avoided many eyeliners and sneaked into the outer area of the imperial city.

He followed the direction in which the beam of rune energy rose, bypassing the outer area of the imperial city.

After a large circle in the outer area, Lin Chen finally locked his destination, which is located in an imperial tomb in the edge of the imperial city.

In the tomb of the emperor's mausoleum, there were not many masters stationed; therefore, Lin Chen was now able to sneak in.

"The area where this rune energy is located is under the emperor's tomb under the entire emperor's mausoleum. It is not difficult to break in based on my cultivation, but the problem is that the sound of the break-in is not ordinary; the soldiers on patrol are not here. A few, its easy to be discovered in haste."

After observing the situation of the entire Huang Mausoleum, Lin Chen withdrew from the periphery of the Imperial City and returned to the capital.

"You must think of a perfect solution; you must open the emperor's tomb safely and take away the rune energy, but you can't let anyone discover it. And leave the imperial city safely..."

Lin Chen walked on the street; when contemplating, a few figures emerged from a luxurious restaurant.

"Oh, Grandpa Lee, the day of the crown prince's ascendance is imminent; if you can't come up with a few decent plans, be careful of your head~ after all, the crown prince likes big events from an early age. This is the most of our entire dynasty. A grand day!"

Several eunuchs of senior executives teased the orchid finger and said, leaving with a wave of dust; only Grandpa Li and his men stood in place, frowning.

Suddenly, seeing this scene of financial management has a plan! He walked over with the image of a crooked little old man with eight characters, and smiled with a fist.

"This Grandpa Li, the businessman of the stand-alone chamber of commerce below, Lao Lin. When I entered the city, I was worried that there was a big gift I don't know how to contribute to the big prince. It happened to meet Grandpa Li, how many days!"

Lin Chen's enthusiasm made Li Gonggong vigilant. He frowned, and asked with a sharp voice.

"The Chamber of Commerce I haven't heard of? Who are you, and what gifts are you going to give to the big prince. I tell you, the big prince is not just a mortal man, but will be impressed by these tacky businessmen."

"Don't make such a hasty conclusion~"

Lin Chen took out a strip similar to a wood stick from the Naling Ring and ignited the primer; a fuchsia flame blasted into the sky, suddenly exploded, and splendid fireworks attracted countless passers-by to stop and watch.

"This is the big gift you said? This kind of coaxing children, do you plan to let your father-in-law show it to the big prince?"

Grandpa Lee drew back his gaze and said disdainfully.

"Hey, don't worry, Grandpa Li. This is a trial version. This thing is called a firework. It is a special ornament of our chamber of commerce. If Grandpa Li needs it, we can make it bigger and more brilliant than before. Pyrotechnics, at that time, thousands of beams of fireworks will be lifted into the sky and spread all over the dynasty. Isn't it beautiful to celebrate the registration day for the great prince?"

Lin Chen's remarks, this time made Grandpa Li feel a little moved, "Can it be a hundred times or a thousand times bigger?"

"Yes! In addition to that, I have something to give the great prince."

Lin Chen called up an oil-paper lamp in the Naling Ring; lit the fuel lead of the base.

The firelight burned, the paper lantern slowly expanded, and began to lift off into the sky.

"This object is named Kong Ming Deng. In our hometown, there are customs of flying Kong Ming Deng to pray for blessings, wishing, and beg for peace. It is the second kind of gift specially prepared by our stand-alone chamber of commerce for the great prince. On the evening of the throne, fireworks are matched with tens of Kong Ming lamps. Full of congratulations on the congratulations of the crown prince and the dynasty, and lit together, the scene, Grandpa Li, what do you think?"

Lin Chen's tempting words suddenly let Grandpa Li's eyes shine!

"Perfect! Simply perfect!"

Lin Chen's mouth outlined a conspiracy arc, and then he laughed and laughed.

"Grandpa Li, our requirements are not high. I hope you can introduce these two things to the big prince in the name of our chamber of commerce. After all, we are just a small chamber of commerce. What is missing is visibility."

Lin Chen's typical businessman's face made Li Gonggong further trust his identity. He nodded in satisfaction;

"Well, yes. I will report these two things to the great prince in the name of your chamber of commerce. You will go back to prepare the materials first. It will be less than seven days before the day when the great prince takes the throne. The more Kongming lamps and fireworks I want you to prepare The better, I will report to the Crown Prince later."

The two hit it off; Lin Chen succeeded in gaining the trust of Li Gonggong, and even obtained an identity token for casually entering and leaving the Imperial City.

"Haha, plan to pass!"

Lin Chen who got the Imperial Jade Order; the corners of his mouth went up crazy!

At noon; Lin Chen returned to the Inn where everyone settled down; learned that Lin Chen even got the qualification to enter the Imperial City overnight, everyone almost thought that Lin Chen had his internal response in this day of the fighting dynasty!

Lin Chen purchased materials for making pyrotechnics and Kongming lamps all night long, first of all, he made a few models with everyone, and expanded the number of Kongming lamps and pyrotechnics several times.

Late at night; Lin Chen took the whole class to disguise as the previous caravan and entered the Imperial City.