My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 96

Chapter 96: Astonishing Plan.

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Chapter 96

The security in the imperial city is strong; only entering the outer area of the imperial city, Grandpa Li has to come out to meet him.

"How's it going?"

After Li Gonggong came out to greet the resignation of the guard, he rubbed his hands nervously and asked cautiously.

"Grandpa Li is at ease; I have modified the model according to your previous requirements. After you read it tonight, if you are satisfied, you can mass-produce tomorrow."

Lin Chen, who pretended to be a profiteer, smiled; he followed Grandpa Li into the palace and walked all the way to the palace of the eldest prince.

Along the way; there are no fewer than ten martial arts warriors who saw Lin Chen and others.

But although the masters in the Imperial City are like clouds, everyone in Class 66 is not a mortal; these lineups not only did not scare them, but gave them a novel sense of stimulation.

"Okay, you give me things. With you, you still have no qualifications and status to enter the palace of the great prince."

Li Gonggong said frankly that Lin Chen was quiet, and he had to first hand over the completed model Kong Mingdeng and fireworks to Li Gonggong.

Lin Chen and others were arranged to wait behind the door; Grandpa Li entered the mansion in person. Qin Xiaofeng couldn't help but whispered and gave up.

"Cut, isn't it a secular prince, what's so great."

"Oh, this man who grew up in the royal family has been familiar with the emperor's heart technique since childhood. He is careful and decisive, and it will not be normal for us strangers to approach their mansion."

Lin Chen smiled casually, it doesn't matter.

After a while; Grandpa Li came out of the mansion with joy and smiled.

"Very good, Lao Lin, you follow these two models. The eldest prince has ordered it personally; I have ordered 30,000 fireworks and 10,000 Kongming lamps for you. If there is not enough manpower for the production, then you will come to me at full cost. Come from our royal family!"

Hearing this news; Lin Chen almost shot his thigh!

It's done! Next is his home court!

"Grandpa Li, these are all okay. There is still a problem. We need a wider place with a wide view to fully appreciate the visual feast brought by fireworks and Kong Mingdeng."

Lin Chen suggested laughing; "When I came in with my father-in-law just now, I saw an area outside the training ground of the Imperial Guard. It was very ideal. If I could see the fireworks completely there, what did Grandpa Li think?"

"Well, there is indeed the most empty place in the imperial city, okay, then it is decided to be there, and I will go back and say to the eldest prince. Here is the deposit paid by the great prince to you. You have to do it well!"

At this time, Li Gonggong was full of enthusiasm, and smiled and handed Lin Chen a Naling Ring; if he planned this event, he would be a powerful confidant next to the great prince in the future;

Lin Chen took Na Ling's ring and swayed a smile.

The place he proposed just now is the empty area closest to the tomb of the Emperor's Tomb!

After obtaining permission and approval; Lin Chen and others began to act thoroughly. Their residence was arranged in the imperial city. Grandpa Li arranged for thousands of strong soldiers to Lin Chen to make Kongming lanterns and a lot of fireworks.

Lin Chen is also quietly carrying out his own plan. At the same time, he also inquired; when the great prince ascended to the throne, the seventh princess of the sunset empire will also be present!

In this way, a serial plan started quietly from Lin Chen's plan; although everyone in Class 66 was completely unaware, they maintained absolute trust in Lin Chen and always waited for his orders.

Six days; a flash.

This day; the Quartet. Many dignitaries and nobles, as well as other imperial ministers who had good relations with the Tiandou dynasty, arrived in the imperial city.

The imperial city, which had always been dead, was instantly lively. The dynasty began to hold an unprecedented grand feast to entertain everyone.

Lin Chen's fireworks show was arranged to entertain many guests and guests at night.

In the afternoon, Lin Chen began to officially confess his plan to everyone!

The whole class who learned that Lin Chen's overall plan was stunned!

"I was called a genius from a young age to a big one. I only met Brother Lin Chen today and I knew that I was no different from stupid..."

Ying Liang was amazed, and his admiration for Lin Chen was beyond words!

"Brother Chen, I'm hooked on you!"

Gu Chenfeng looked at Lin Chen seriously.

Even Su Lan, who had always been prejudiced against Lin Chen, couldn't help but feel admiration after listening to his plan.

After listening to the plan, her sister Su Lan was even more amazed;

"This is a terrifying idea! When not only do these forces visit the Tiandou dynasty, they will enter the ground of the emperor's mausoleum under their eyes, and at the same time rescue the Seven Princesses of the sunset empire, then save All of us will be taken away together!"

Yue Linlin turned her eyes away, looked at Lin Chen all over her body, her face flushed with excitement, and she was extremely curious, "How the **** is your brain!"

Everyone who knows this idea and plan looks at Lin Chen with a look at monsters. This is no longer a pure talent and strength. Even with this IQ, all of them are probably not as good as Lin Chen. Half!

Shangguan Bihan stayed quietly beside Lin Chen, watching him tenderly like water, and being able to act with him, perhaps the biggest surprise this world gave himself.

"Hey, I am actually very low-key, but this operation is still a bit troublesome, I can only use this last way to make a high-profile once."

Lin Chen pretended to be deep, shook his head and shrugged like a sigh, and looked like everyone was flattening him!

The night is coming; the banquet is coming to an end.

Before the plan began; Lin Chen secretly looked at the situation around the imperial city. Tonight, there were 200,000 elite soldiers stationed in the imperial city alone; besides, there were hundreds of masters in the world!

This lineup, unless it is a strong Tiangang Realm, or enter the Imperial City or escape without permission, there is only one way to die!

The Imperial Guard driving range; Grandpa Li pointed to Orchid and asked Lin Chen and others anxiously: "How are you! Are you ready? This visitor can't make mistakes!"

"Grandpa Li is assured of everything, only owes VIPs."

Lin Chen smiled indifferently, urging Zijin Tong to look at everyone quietly, and the entire class of 66 people were distributed in various positions. Once there was a situation, he could act immediately.

"Okay! You are going to prepare now. After a quarter of an hour, as long as all the VIP guests arrive at the Ziyue Tower, you will proceed as planned."

Li Gonggong happily supported the fan and nodded with satisfaction.

Lin Chen nodded with a smile, and then, a bustling atmosphere began to come from outside the driving range.

"Brother Chu swallowed the mountains and rivers, and the domineering side leaked. Only when the new king ascended the throne, the two countries have been settled; the true dragon is the future."

A group of high ministers climbed up and down the Ziyue Tower; the young robe in the center of the crowd laughed aloud.

"You are so polite, I am also blessed by all my ancestors, sweeping away the Yu Dang, who threatened heaven, and seeking a peaceful and happy life for this dynasty people."

Although the tone of the dragon robe youth is very polite, it is not so in the ears of the executives of other empire! But it was a sword with a smile!

The implication is that if they do not return to the sect of the heavenly fight, then they are the remaining party that threatens the dynasty of the battle!

The dragon robe youth is the new king of the throne, the great prince of the heavenly empire; Chu soul born!