My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 97

Chapter 97: Seventh Princess Turned Out To Be Her?

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Chapter 97

"That is, the Tiandou dynasty was born in conformity with the will of the heavens, and if it can eliminate those law and chaos elements, it is also due to heaven's luck!"

Some of those who slap the horse immediately laughed; they caused some of the neutral second-party sectarians to cast their contempt.

Hundreds of distinguished guests gradually climbed onto the Ziyue Tower; Lin Chen could see it at a glance, and the center of the crowd was the new king of the Tiandou Dynasty; the big prince himself!

"Under the age of 27, it is already a terrible triple. This kind of talent is also a first-class resource in the inner courtyard of the Tiange Academy. There is also the spirit of talking and talking, even some geniuses in the inner courtyard have not."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed; when he was planning to take the next step, his eyes were fixed on a beautiful shadow beside the great prince!

The beautiful woman's long skirt is like snow, cold and arrogant; out of the ordinary, like the snow lotus blooming on the top of the snow mountain, only the helplessness and struggle between the eyebrows reveals the beautiful woman's state of mind at the moment.

This woman; Lin Chen is no stranger!

"The Seventh Princess of the Sunset Empire turned out to be her? Isn't she the Nangong family!"

Leng Yanjia, who stood beside Chu Soulsheng, was the super treasure treasurer that Lin Chen had met at the treasure appraisal meeting before, Nangong Yuyan!

If this Nangong Yuyan did not help Lin Shang to help Shangguan family, she might be the first treasurer in this wasteland!

"Great, these seven princesses are still people I know."

Lin Chen laughed in his heart; then disappeared in the darkness, and everyone in the branch began to act in cooperation with Lin Chen.

On the Ziyue Tower;

"It's so beautiful tonight, Brother Chu gave up the opportunity to sing a song with me to wait for the moon, but he wanted to tell us a beautiful scenery on earth. I don't know where this great gift is."

The Tsing Yi youngsters from the second-rate sect were personable and smiled at Chu Soulsheng.

"Oh, it will be announced later. Grandpa Li, was it ready?"

Chu Hunsheng gave Yun Qingfeng a light smile; he said to Li Gonggong.

"Back to Your Highness, you can start after half an hour!"

Li Gonggong said respectfully; all the guests looked around curiously. There was nothing except the empty area in this neighborhood.

Just as everyone was talking and looking forward to it, a thunderous explosion like a flat thunder rang through the entire palace!


"What sound is this?"

"The guests, don't panic; please look over there."

Chu Soulsheng laughed; his finger pointed to the skyrocketing fireworks in the direction of the Emperor's Tomb!

Bang ~~! Pappa!

The huge beam exploded, scattering countless bright fireworks, and the crackling burning scattered!

"What a beauty!"

Many female VIPs sincerely marveled; male VIPs still had time to savor in the future, beams of light rising from the sky rose, and deafening explosions spread throughout the palace!

The fireworks that bloom in the sky are colorful and brilliant; like a colorful galaxy floating in the sky!

"What is this? It's so beautiful!"

Entering the imperial city has been depressed until the present Nangong Yuyan still can not help but exclaim at this moment, the splendid splendor in the beautiful eyes.

"Do you like it, Yuyan, the name of this object is: Fireworks. But one of the gifts I specially prepared for you!"

Chu Hunsheng saw the wind and rudder, and took the opportunity to win a wave of favor from Nangong Yuyan. The latter cast a disdainful look. Who is this Chu Hunsheng, she is still somewhat clear.

However; it is undeniable that this firework is really beautiful.

When everyone is silent in the beauty and splendor of fireworks; the direction of the emperor's tomb.


And the sound of a huge pyrotechnic explosion, and the shattering sound of the ground shaking!

In one of the edge corners of the tomb, Lin Chen punched the ground of the tomb with a punch and swept down to the ground!

Such a huge momentum was placed in the ordinary times, and it had already led to the investigation of the Imperial Guard. But this time is different!

Lin Chen specifically changed the design of the fireworks to dozens of times than the usual amount of gunpowder, increasing the sound of the explosion and the height of the fireworks projection by more than a hundred times.

This causes every firework to fire and cause ground vibration and loud noises!

At this time, he used his momentum to cover up; with his own fist, he easily opened a road to the ground of the emperor's mausoleum!

Not to mention the VIPs, even the guards who patrolled were silent for a while in the gorgeousness and beauty of the fireworks.


The emperor's mausoleum is below two thousand kilometers;

After Lin Chen infiltrated, he found that it was a huge tomb house; there were burials and a large number of burial items buried in it.

In addition, when Lin Chen urged Zijin Tong, he also discovered many dangerous secrets!

"This tomb house is quite dangerous. If you can't come in through the normal passage, just drop to any place may trigger several kinds of institutions."

Lin Chen's understatement was settled in the passage of the tomb house; Bu Ruoxi walked deeper into the passage.

These organs are quite dangerous to the ground, and they are designed for the precise technology of Tiandou.

But for Lin Chen, who has Zijin pupils, it is completely useless!

Near the left and right of this passage, all were buried royal tombstones. Lin Chen incidentally picked up several gray attribute light balls.

[Host gains 1500 rune energy, 2800 rune energy, 2150 rune energy,]

To Lin Chen's surprise, these gray attribute light **** scattered on the royal tombstone are all rune energy attributes!

"Good guy, it only took ten minutes to find the rune energy close to 10,000 points. I dont know what baby is waiting for me at the source of the beam of rune energy!"

Lin Chen rubbed his hands vigorously, striding easily to avoid the many organs hidden in the passage, and some places even required him to use the True Flame Purple Phoenix wings to pass safely.

After a quarter of an hour; Lin Chen reached the end of the passage.

The end point is an empty tomb with a height of more than a hundred feet. There are many tombstones standing; the name and identity of the burial person are clearly recorded on it.

Lin Chen finally found the beam of rune energy rising into the sky; in front of a crystal tombstone in the center of the tomb!

This kind of light ball, full of fists, is white. The rune energy fluctuation and light it releases are as bright as a round of the sun!

"Good guy, this must have tens of thousands of rune energy!"

Lin Chen swallowed, and was about to step forward to take this light ball.

Tear ~~!

The sound of the breaking wind screamed; the dark afterimage came like an electric thorn and pierced Lin Chen's head!

He was on one side of the figure; he easily escaped the shadow, just rubbed his hair tip, and there was no danger.

"Something strikes the boss, I don't seem to feel the breath of life."

Lin Chen patted his shoulder, and didn't rush to get the attribute light ball, his eyes narrowed, staring at the speedy black shadow in the void!