My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 98

Chapter 98: Blackpool Gun.

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Chapter 98. Black Abyssal Gun.

It was a black lance with a length of more than half a length, with two rounded half-moon blades on the left and right sides, and the tip of the gun was black and sharp.

The whole war gun exudes a dark wicked atmosphere, and the fierce and brutal atmosphere gives Lin Chen a sense of sight in the face of an ancient Warcraft.

"Tier 5 soldiers? Not right, Tier 4? Not right! How could Tier 4 weapons attack me by themselves!"

Lin Chen urged Zijin Hitomi to look up and down this strange weapon, but he could not distinguish its grade for a while!

"It happened that my soul-eating gun was broken, and you were short of a handy gun!"

Lin Chen grinned, charged runes to urge, and the four demon seals quickly formed!

The black war rifle went around in a circle and stabbed awe-inspiringly! The dragon-like hissing broke out, and the sharpness burst out in the air, even Lin Chen had to be treated with caution!

"Four Demon Seals and Four Seals in One!"

Lin Chen suddenly drank, the battle spirit in Dantian suddenly trembles, delivering four violent attributes of fighting spirit; Lin Chen slapped his head towards the black war gun!

A huge four-color battle seal like a heavenly **** seal, bombarded in front of the inky war gun!

~! Bang!

Under the superposition of energized runes, the power of this blow was terrifying, shaking the entire tomb trembling! The ground is constantly shaking, causing crustal changes!

If it werent for the fireworks outside, this blow would be enough to shock everyone outside!

However; when the sharp tearing sound resounded, the strongest blow that gathered Lin Chen's fighting strength was torn alive!

The inky war gun turned into a black lightning thorn; Lin Chen was caught off guard and suddenly urged "Tian Gang" to form a combat gas barrier in front of him!

Dang~~! Sigh~! Click!

Lin Chen's figure was blasted a hundred meters away, and Tiangang's fighting spirit was actually cracked by a black war gun to the front with a lot of cracks! A little sharp edge also bruised Lin Chen's arm and cheek!

The inky war gun is fierce and hit again!

"It's so strong?"

Lin Chen, who was running the True Water Guiyuan Jue, resumed his interest rate adjustment and recovered.

"It's not just a gun, just obey me!"

The blue light on the left arm flickered, Lin Chen liberated the blood of the blue dragon, and the vast blue dragon arm was born!

Because of the last release of the Blue Dragon's Soul Claw, the current Blue Dragon's arm has less than 400,000 tiger power!

But Lin Chen couldn't care too much. After the Dragon Dragon Offering sacrificed, it was a violent fight, and it was a chaotic hammer against the black war gun!

The violent tiger force hammered the entire tomb and began to collapse and shake, Lin Chen violently shot hundreds of black war guns.

After a long battle, it fell to the ground like a qi and hairspring, trembling continually, but finally it was difficult to fly back and attack Lin Chen again.

Lin Chen panted, and the dragon scales on the blue dragon's arm were also bloodied at the moment, and running the True Water Guiyuan Jue temporarily stopped the injury.

Putting away the green dragon arm, Lin Chen walked over and looked at the black war gun, scolding.

"This thing is more difficult to deal with than the terrible situation. Grandma's, what kind of weapon is this?"

Picking up the inky war gun, the gun body is imprinted with two simple characters Heiyuan!

It was at this moment; the vision was abrupt!

Roar ~~!

A sound of a dragon roared out of the war gun, and the magnificent dragon power was enough to shake all the warriors of the mid-spirit spirit into idiots!

However; after Lin Chen picked up many spiritual attribute light balls, his spiritual realm was close to the later stage of spiritual realm.

In addition, Lin Chen's green dragon arm is bred with pure dragon breath, and he was not instantly scared by this sudden dragon power, but was an instant general!

"Tai Shi Ling Hood!"

A spiritual hood shone between Linchen's spiritual platforms, and the sound of the dragon's roar could not penetrate Linchen's spiritual defense, and quickly returned into the war gun in a gray and gray manner; trembling slightly, he no longer felt any hostility.

"I have surrendered to me? Fortunately, Brother Chen, I have the spiritual defense of Taishi Bible, otherwise I will have to be punished by it."

Lin Chen picked up this Black Abyssal Gun and played curiously for a round. He could feel a spirit-like will lodged in the war gun.

But this will is too weak, it can only be regarded as a consciousness, can not be embodied.


At this time; the entire emperor's mausoleum began to shake violently!

"No! It's going to collapse here!"

Lin Chen secretly screamed, his green dragon arm and black abyss gun fired hundreds of times, and the building materials here could not bear such an offensive!

An arrow rushed up to take away the dazzling white attribute light ball, and Lin Chen's eyes popped up the system light screen.

[The host gains 60,000 rune energy.

This 60,000 rune energy frightened Lin Chen for a moment, and he couldn't care too much. After putting away the black abyss gun, he launched the True Flame Purple Phoenix Wing and fled the emperor's tomb quickly!


Inside the emperor's mausoleum; a crack at the edge.

Lin Chen changed back to his previous disguise, put on a human skin mask, and returned to the old man's appearance.

The first time he came out, he randomly found some gravel to plug in the channel he opened up.

Zijin Hitomi looked around, making sure that no one found himself, he was relieved and returned quietly to the driving range.

At this time, the fireworks were still spraying, covering the sound of the collapse of the entire underground tomb, leaving Lin Chen in a panic.

After all, it was Chu Soulsheng who ordered more than 30,000 fireworks. Lin Chen also added a few thousand more shots, fearing that it was not enough.

"If you continue at this time, you should still have half of the time; it's time for my Kongming lamp to go into battle."

Lin Chen's eyes narrowed, looking in the other direction of the driving range; can he save Nangong Yuyan this time, and escape with the whole class, all watching this Kongming lantern!

As long as there is a little mistake, Class 66 has to face the master of the entire Heavenly Fighting Dynasty!

The time to watch the fireworks seems to pass very fast, when all the VIPs see that the fireworks are nearing the end; it is already very late at night.

"Time flies so fast; the fireworks really look like it's not enough!"

Some young and beautiful female VIPs clapped their hands and laughed, and there was a kind of lingering aftertaste in the laughter.

"Pyrotechnics is only the first round, then please enjoy the second round; Grandpa Li..."

When Chu Soulsheng was about to wave his hand and told Grandpa Li, a hurried figure broke into the Ziyue Tower.

"I will see your majesty at the end!"

The armor figure knelt on one knee, and its expression was a little stern and panicked, and it just stopped.

When seeing the people coming clearly; Chu Lingsheng stopped the command to Li Gonggong and said indifferently to the soldier, "Let's say, everyone here is my VIP, there is nothing to say."

"Your Majesty Qi Jun, when we sent the messenger to hand over the Lieyang Fortress, we found that not only did the soldiers in my heavenly fight not only lay down the Lieyang Fortress, but also the Qingyang Fortress that was captured before was recaptured by the sunset empire!"

The words came out; shocked four!