My Skills Depend On Picking Chapter 99

Chapter 99: Stand Alone Wang Shuai Got A Batch

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Chapter 99 !

All the distinguished guests looked at the soldier in surprise and doubt.

They are all closely watching the battles of the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty, otherwise they will not come here to make friends with the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty.

"I even sent Mr. Jin Xiao, plus 150,000 soldiers, how did they regain the Qingyang Fortress."

Chu Soulsheng's palace was extremely deep. At this moment, instead of being angry, he asked calmly like water.

It's just that, from time to time, a pair of fierce eyes crossed a deep murderous intention!

"It's a hidden soldier hidden by the sunset empire! This strange soldier is quite terrifying; the 50,000 vanguard troops arranged in the Qingyang Fortress were wiped out by these people in one fell swoop, and the leader is a young man named Lin Chen!"

At the moment when I heard the name of Lin Chen, Nangong Yuyan on the side was struck by thunder, and Qian Eyes burst into incredible light and turned to the general.

The general who came to the report briefed all the guests in a concise manner, and briefly told the deeds of Lin Chen and the others; the expressions of all the guests became more and more exciting!

Especially when I heard that a group of Lin Chen had airborne more than 3,000 soldiers to the Qingyang Fortress; !

"There are such strange people in the world. I didn't expect such a big variable in the sunset empire."

"It seems that it is necessary to re-evaluate the relationship with the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty. There are such gods in the sunset empire. Even if the Heavenly Fighting Dynasty wants to win them, it will have to pay a heavy price!"

Nangong Yuyan heard the deeds of class 66; she lightly covered her lips, and her always cold and proud face showed a hint of excitement flushing!

After Chu Soulsheng listened, his handsome face was full of faint expression.

But in the end, he was patient! He even nodded lightly and waved.

"A young man is nothing to worry about. When I go to the battlefield personally in the future, I will definitely fight against this person!"

Nangong Yuyan actually raised her lips slightly; she has a general understanding between Chu Soulsheng and Lin Chen, and the latter's demon is not comparable to Chu Soulsheng!

"Okay, Grandpa Li, go ahead."

After retiring the reported soldier, Chu Lingsheng waved his hand and smiled indifferently.

Seeing his light-hearted appearance, many VIPs were astonished in their hearts. This Chu Lingsheng is also a ruthless person!

Under such a situation, he could still be so calm and calm, it is worthy of being able to kill a **** road among many princes; men who ascended the throne of the Heavenly Fight!

"Old slave obeyed."

Li Gonggong respectfully led the way; followed by a beckoning, he said loudly: "Lao Lin, let's start Kong Mingdeng!"

At this time; all the VIPs looked around and saw that under the night sky, under the entire training ground, there were batches of oil-paper lamps hidden.

Lin Chen's disguised old man jumped out and laughed aloud.

"The villain has seen all the princes; this Kongming lantern is a lamp of blessing, and it is a symbol of praying to heaven and making a wish. According to the regulations; the person with the deepest fuyuan on our site, that is, your majesty, Come and be the first person to light the Kongming lamp."

At this moment; the minister immediately yelled, "Dare mortal, when you see your majesty, how dare you not kneel? Are you despising the emperor of my heavenly fighting dynasty?"

Regarding this, someone Lin smiled unhurriedly; "This minister misunderstood the villain, in our hometown's regulations; this Kong Mingdeng prayed to heaven, naturally it was the greatest in heaven, when praying, only kneeling to heaven was considered Represents sincerity."

The minister was eager to speak; Chu Hunsheng raised his hand with a smile of interest.

"Liao Gaochen, this is no problem. Since we have chosen this Kongming lamp, we should respect its customs and regulations, otherwise it would be meaningless, right. Let me personally light this Kongming lamp!"

"Your Majesty is wise; the villain has specially prepared the largest Kongming lamp for your Majesty."

Lin Chen clenched his fists and laughed; Chu Chuansheng turned around and reached out his hand;

"Yu Yan, go down with me to light this Kongming lamp and pray to the heavens. How about it? When I swept through the Eight Wastelands and landed in the wasteland; I will surely allow you to be beautiful and beautiful.

Chu Lingsheng made a confession; let Nangong Yuyan frown on the eyebrows.

But she was curious about Kong Mingdeng. She didn't take Chu Soulsheng's hand, but jumped down from Ziyuelou platform alone.

Chu Hunsheng was not angry, but shook his head and smiled.

Nangong Yuyan is the top treasurer in the wilderness, and plays a decisive role in their heavenly fighting dynasty. Treating this woman can only be soft and not tough.

Ling Ling jumped, Chu Soulsheng jumped into the driving range.

"This beautiful lady, Your Majesty, please."

Lin Chen was neither humble nor overbearing, and took them to the biggest Kong Ming lantern.

Chu Soulsheng urged the fire with fighting spirit, flicked his fingertips, and lit the Kongming lamp led by him.

The firelight burned, and the Kongming lamp led by it quickly expanded to a huge size of ten feet, and began to take off quickly.

Kong Mingdeng also hung the banner of "Avatar of the Heavenly DominationUnified Wasteland". Under the rendering of Kong Mingdeng's fire, it seemed domineering!

"Your Majesty has personally lit the Kongming lamp and caught fire!"

Lin Chen gave an order; many Kongming lamps began to be lit one after another, and began to take off quickly!

The distinguished guests gazed at the many Kongming lanterns lifted off, and were amazed.

Thousands of Kongming lanterns were lit into the sky and flew high in the palace; shining across the imperial city, the lights were dimmed, the sky was shining, and it was beautiful.

"Hmm~~ This Kong Ming Deng is very good. After going back, we will get one for our empire."

"A lantern that prays to heaven, it's not bad."

Many VIPs praised them, and decided in their hearts that they would win over this businessman and give them a batch of Kongming lanterns.

At this moment; the pupil of Nangong Yuyan's beautiful eyes shrank suddenly!

Among the many Kongming lamps; there is a large ball that has not yet been lifted, and there is an oversized basket and several ladders under the ball.

At this moment, beside this large ball, there were still a few people who urged the fighting force to pull it with a thick rope.

Chu Lingsheng asked in doubt: "What is that? Is it also Kong Mingdeng? Why doesn't it look like it?"

"That was a surprise gift I prepared for Your Majesty. Your Majesty, please see this."

Lin Chen walked over smilingly and handed Chu Soulsheng a roll of jade dossier.

Chu Soulsheng opened the jade dossier; a few large characters were engraved on it!

Chu Soul gave a subconscious read out; "Single machine Wang Shuai got a batch? What is this...?"


Before Chu Soul's words were finished, Lin Chen suddenly broke up!

At the moment when the disguise was torn off, the whole body of tigers rushed away! Lin Chen faced Chu Soulsheng's face from a close distance, screaming and screaming throughout the driving range!

This palm is also a signal for the action of all 66 classes!