My Sweet Physician Wife Calls The Shots Chapter 121

Chapter 121: Acupuncture

"Then, do you have any ways to try to stop the worsening of the disease on the premise that he does not want to be hospitalized?"

Even though Qu Mingyi felt that his question was a little stupid, the military base hospital could do nothing. As he could only watch the commander-in-chief's condition worsen day by day, he could not help but ask the question.

It was not his fault that this commander-in-chief was so stubborn that he refused to be hospitalized.

"It would take a long time to cure Uncle Leng's condition with acupuncture. However, if we combine western and eastern medicine, there's a huge chance that it could work. Uncle Leng, since you're not okay with being hospitalized, are you okay with doing acupuncture two to three times in a week?"

"How long does each session take?" Leng Jinpeng cut to the chase and asked.

"Not long. Half an hour each ."