My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 100

Chapter 100: Its My Honor To Tell You
Chapter 100: Its my honor to tell you

It was already almost 10pm when they separated, but Yang Chen hadnt forgotten what happened that morning. He had been able to get out of the police station safely thanks to Lin Ruoxi, who had gotten Lawyer Zhang to get him out. A whole day had passed yet he hadnt gone to say thanks or explained the cause of it all, it cant be delayed. Even though Lin Ruoxi probably doesnt want to hear it, he still felt that it would be better if he went to meet her.

Therefore, Yang Chen drove to the hospital alone after getting back to his car.

When he was about to reach Lin Ruoxis ward, Yang Chens footsteps came to a pause, because he shockingly found out that there were two men in jackets standing by the door. Yang Chen could easily determine that the opposite party were soldiers.Based on his instinct, their posture and the way they surveyed their surroundings, he could feel the unique temperament of outstanding soldiers.

What kind of person was in the room? To even have soldiers like that guarding the door?

Yang Chen felt a bad premonition, he didnt choose to evade them and instead walked towards the door even quicker than before.

Halt! A man who stood by the door stretched out his hand to block Yang Chens path, Youre not allowed to enter!

Yang Chen frivolously smiled and said, Hey bros, Im here to visit the patient, theres no need to be so strict is there? Im very close to the person inside, if you dont believe me just open the door, and youll know when we come face to face.

The two men still stood their ground with solemn faces, and one peremptorily said, I said you cant enter, so you cant enter!

What if I insist on going in? Yang Chen smile immediately faded away, and a cold look took over.

A cold glint flashed through the mans eyes, he grimly laughed and said, Then you can get the hell lost!

As he said that, the man lifted his hand wanting to push Yang Chen away!

Get lost your mother!

Yang Chen was angered, he grabbed hold of the hand that closed-in on him, exerted some strength on it and directly made the man stumble by dragging his arm. With a *bang* the man crashed into the wall on the opposite side of the corridor!

The other man saw that Yang Chen had made his move, so he hastily brought out a knife and struck it towards Yang Chens head!

Yang Chen didnt even look at the attack, he just moved at a quicker speed, directly smashing his knee against that mans abdomen like a hammer!

Like he received an electric shock, the man curled his body like a shrimp and fell onto the ground, puking out all his stomach acids.

In a blink of an eye, of the two professional soldiers who were just treating Yang Chen with disdain, one was dizzy from crashing against the wall, and the other was spasming on the ground. They simply couldnt believe that as a member of the special forces their battle strength was so fragile!

Yang Chen adjusted his pants, and softly said, Why would I(laozi) need to ask for your permission to see my woman? Retards.

As he said that, he quickly opened the wards wooden door!

But right at the moment he opened it, Yang Chens acute senses warned him of an incredibly imposing aura charging at him!

Yang Chen on instinct moved three inches to the left, with a whistling sound of something tearing through the air, a punch bore through the location he was at a moment ago!

Right at that moment, the fist that missed its target transformed into a claw and closed in on Yang Chens neck!

In the narrow space, Yang Chens footsteps suddenly drew a weird arc. As he dodged that claw, his body shifted behind the ambusher, he raised his leg and was about to kick that persons butt!

But the ambushers reaction speed and agility were also astonishing, in the instant where he about to be hit he quickly leaped away. As one of his foot landed on the ground, the other performed a sweep kick at Yang Chen!

Yang Chen already had an approximate grasp on this persons strength, he confirmed that this person was of no threat, and no longer bothered to dodge. He just lifted up one hand to protect his chest


With a stifled sound like that of an explosion in the air, that leg was firmly blocked by Yang Chen. Yang Chens body didnt move a single bit.

At this moment, he could finally see how his attacker looked, it was surprisingly an old man who wore a gray chang pao. He had average looks and grizzled hair.

Seeing that it was an old man, Yang Chen immediately shouted in irritation, Hey old fella, I have no feuds with you, why are you trying to take my life with every move!?

Gray Robe, step down.

A thick and dignified voice came from the side close to the bed. The man who stood there looked slightly above fifty.

This man had a large build, he had a courageous face, well-developed muscular body, and jet black hair that was neatly combed to the back of his head. He wore a rarely seen dark-green chinese tunic suit, and his whole body emitted the meticulousness of someone high-ranking with a lofty and cold temperament.

The man addressed as Gray Robe looked strangely at Yang Chen, but obediently withdrew his leg. He then respectfully retreated to a corner.

Yang Chen turned around, and finally saw the worried Lin Ruoxi, who leaned against the bed unscathed.

Wearing a pure-white loose cotton pajamas, her head full of beautiful black hair was exceedingly attractive. She had a natural face with rosy cheeks and no makeup but looked as exquisite as carved jade, which matched well with the her smooth skin. She looked extremely tender and beautiful.

Two weeks of being nursed with Chinese medicine made the young beautiful CEOs beauty rise to a more breathtaking level. She was even more stunning than when Yang Chen first met her.

However, the Lin Ruoxi of this moment looked melancholic, as if she doesnt see a thing in front of her. Her eyes were slightly red, as if she had just cried moments ago, she apathetically stared out of the window, with coldness that would evoke pity.

You, must be Yang Chen. The man in the chinese tunic suit asked in a deep voice.

Yang Chen had no idea what was going on, but it was obvious that his identity couldnt be low when he had an expert like the old gray-robed man as a subordinate. Yang Chen nodded, You are.

Im Ruoxis grandfather, my name is Lin Zhiguo.

Lin Zhiguo? Lin Ruoxis grandfather!?

Although this man did look rather aged, he didnt expect him to be Lin Ruoxis grandfather!

Yang Chen even remembered that Cai Yan mentioned this person the last time she came by to the hospital, and he had been curious as to whether Lin Ruoxi actually had a grandfather. He didnt expect to meet him in person today.

Hes not!

Suddenly, Lin Ruoxi turned back with red eyes, and stubbornly said to Yang Chen, Hes not my grandfather, I dont know him. Yang Chen quickly chase him away! I dont want to see him!

This time, Yang Chen was stupefied. What the hell is going on?

Lin Zhiguo creased his eyebrows, and there was some sorrow in his eyes, he spoke in a grieved manner, Ruoxi, do you hate your grandpa so much? To the point where you wouldnt even let grandpa visit you

Ill say this once more, youre not my grandfather. Also, youve already seen me. You may leave now. Lin Ruoxi coldly said giving Lin Zhiguo nary a glance.

At this time, Gray Robe who stood at a corner tried to pacify her, Miss, these years have been hard on Master, he has always been concerned about you. When he heard that Miss had been hospitalized, and kept worrying about you. Everybody in the family was against Master coming to visit you, but Master still came despite the pressure from them. Miss, please dont blame Master Master has his own difficulties

Lin Ruoxi sneered and said, How could I dare blame the Lin Family head who holds great authority? Would you people please stop caring about an insignificant brat like me? I do not need your pity.

Lin Zhiguos expression changed greatly, he exhaled long and slowly, then nodded and said, Alright Ruoxi, since you dont want grandpa to remain here, grandpa will leave. However As he said that, Lin Zhiguo turned to look at Yang Chen who stood at a side who had a vacant expression of not knowing what to do. Lin Zhiguo said, However, youre a person of our Lin Family, the most pure and noble Lin Family blood flows through your veins, I definitely wouldnt allow you to marry someone who originally sold mutton skewers for a living because of a moment of negligence!

Yang Chen was pissed. What the hell is this old man saying? Whats wrong with selling mutton skewers? Its not like Im selling myself as a male prostitute I sell mutton skewers and Im proud of it!

Besides, I personally went to the Civil Administration Bureau to get a marriage certificate, and even did the lovely thing of sharing a bed and a pillow. Ehh. although it was because we were both drunk and practically forgot it all, were still a legally married couple arent we? How can this be called a negligent marriage? Its not like this is some random marriage by bowing to the moon like in Wuxia films or one where they had a baby before getting married.

But Yang Chen didnt dare to say these words, they were grandfather and granddaughter after all. He was an outsider and a junior, so he could only with bear it.

Based on what? Ill marry who I want to marry! Im not a part of the Lin Family, I am who I am, Im Lin Ruoxi. Other than this damned surname that I cant change, I dont have a single bit of relation to your Lin Family! Lin Ruoxi became agitated, and unleashed her anger.

Lin Zhiguos face frosted over, You can choose to admit, and you can choose not to, but you still have to divorce! A Lin Familys daughter can only marry to a successful man, and not a mutton skewer peddler that has nothing! Such a joke must not appear in the Lin Family!

Joke? Lin Ruoxi showed a grim smile that came from the bones, Is the relationship between you and grandma also a joke?

Shut up!!. Lin Zhiguo was angered to the core, like a lion that had his tail stepped on, he raised his hand with the intention of releasing a slap!

However, just as the palm was raised, Lin Zhiguo trembled all over, and slowly withdrew his hand with a complicated expression, he didnt proceed to slap. He sighed and said, It was I who let your grandmother down, thats my biggest regret in this lifetime. Which is why I have to take good care of you, I will not let the Lin Familys bloodline mix with someone who sells mutton skewers

Its my honor to tell you that its too late Lin Ruoxi ridiculed with a smile. It was unknown whether she was ridiculing Lin Zhiguo or ridiculing herself.

Lin Zhiguo immediately widened his eyes, and looked at Yang Chen in a way as if he could shoot lightning out of his eyes, with a trembling voice he asked, You what did you say you and him?

Why do you think I married him otherwise? Lin Ruoxi restrained her laughter as she replied him with another question.

Yang Chen who stood at the side felt a little awkward, he wore a naive smile and rubbed his nose. This woman is too much, discussing such a thing in front of her grandfather is so shameful! Doesnt she know that her husband is thin-skinned?

But the others couldnt smile at all, it wasnt just Lin Zhiguo, even Gray Robe who stood at the side revealed a shocked expression and took a long time to return to his senses.

Lin Zhiguo fixed his gaze on Lin Ruoxi who refused to speak more, then raised his head to glance at Yang Chen and said, I never thought that this would happen. However, Yang Chen I hope you wont do anything that lets Ruoxi down otherwise, I wont take things lying down.

Yang Chen finally heard a decent sentence towards himself, but instead felt a little distressed, About that that has to depend on whether shes willing to let me.

The Lin Familys iron law, whether male or female, they can only have one mate in their lifetime. You must treat Ruoxi well, you have no other option! Lin Zhiguo resolutely proclaimed.

Erm Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi who maintained her silence, and suddenly understood something in a flash. The true reason this woman married him is revealed, it seems like that contracted marriage matter was just an excuse! Because of some reason she refuses to admit shes part of the Lin Family on the surface, but in actuality she still acts like one the way this matter is handled is too contradictory!

Yang Chen felt incredibly conflicted in his heart, there wasnt just one woman by his side, so he vaguely replied, That is your familys rule, it has no relation to me.

Lin Zhiguo glared with flames in his eyes and said, Dont you dare think that I have no way of dealing with you just because you know some kung fu. If you dare do anything to harm Ruoxi, Ill be the first to come for you!

Lin Ruoxi on the bed coldly glanced at Yang Chen, Yang Chen, dont speak anymore, quickly make them leave

You dont need to chase me, Ill leave now.

Lin Zhiguo stared at Yang Chen with a profound look, then left the ward along with Gray Robe. The two men who were knocked down on the floor hastily kept up with them while staggering, they didnt want to stay for a moment longer.

All that was left in the room was the couple, they exchanged glances, but the atmosphere between them became rather weird