My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 103

Chapter 103: I Say You Arent
Chapter 103: I say you arent

Rose had shut her eyes, and no longer paid attention to anything. Although the one in front of her was the person closest to her, she was still rather conservative in this aspect. Even her usual alluring appearance was only because she wanted to make her man happy.

Right now, the area above Roses abdomen and below her chest was wrapped in a white bandage. It emitted the smell of Chinese medicine, which overwhelmed Roses body fragrance.

Yang Chen squinted, then took out a pair of delicate scissors from the bedside cabinet, stuck it a little into the bandage and made a cut. The bandage wasnt too tight, when it was cut it gradually fell onto the bed, uncovering Roses skin.

Hubby what are you doing? Rose felt awkward seeing this scene and asked in curiosity.

Yang Chen didnt answer, he just continued cutting until the bandage was completely cut loose. Then he carefully took it off, revealing Roses gunshot wound.

Although it was painful, Rose didnt think much of it. She just looked at her mangled wound that Yang Chen was looking at. Then she looked at him mournfully, worried that he wouldnt like it, no man would like their woman with an extra hole in her body after all.

To be honest, being hurt was no big deal to Rose, but if this gunshot wound left a scar on her belly, it would be hard for her to accept it as a young lady with a great body who loved being beautiful.

Yang Chen looked at the red wound in front of his eyes, then gazed tenderly at Rose and consoled her, Dont worry, its not like Im some pretty boy who has never seen blood. To me, gunshot wounds are like a military medal, Id only like it, I wouldnt loathe it.

But I dont like it. Rose softly answered, then turned her head away.

Yang Chen smiled, then suddenly raised the scissors in his hands, and cut the forefinger of his other hand!

After he cut his fingertip without any hesitation, red blood flowed out of Yang Chens finger, dripping onto Roses wound

Roses wound felt a chilling sensation after being in contact with the blood. She turned her head in confusion, and was completely shocked by what she saw!

Hubby what are you.

Dont speak! Dont move! No matter what you see and what you feel, youre not allowed to move! Yang Chen admonished Rose.

Rose saw how serious Yang Chens expression was and no longer spoke, she just stared at the blood dripping out of Yang Chens finger and onto her wound.

Very soon, Rose began to feel an itch coming from her wound. It was a special feeling that couldnt be put into words; it was as if something was pulling on her skin and she couldnt control it at all. The pain that she felt gradually faded away, and turned into a strange numbing warmth.

But the next scene was difficult for Rose to imagine

The cut on Yang Chens finger that he had just made just dozens of seconds ago began to visibly scab over and heal by itself!

Yang Chen creased his brows, and once again raised the scissors to cut open the wound that had just healed, allowing the blood to drip down once again. He treated his finger so harshly making it seem as if that finger didnt even belong to him.

In order to get the blood to flow down continuously onto the wound, Yang Chen kept cutting open his finger again and again each time it restored itself.

To keep injuring a preexisting wound, just how painful would that be!?

Rose finally understood what feel Yang Chen had been referring to; this was indeed hard to bear, though it wasnt the itch on her body. What was hard to bear was watching Yang Chen constantly use that cold pair of scissors to cut open his finger, so that his blood would drip down on her! Rose felt like that pair of scissors was actually stabbing her own heart instead!

But as she watched Yang Chen fully concentrated on dripping his blood onto her wound, Rose didnt dare move the slightest bit, she could feel the tears that she had just stemmed begin to surface again.

It was as if she was making up for the years of not shedding a single tear.

He constantly mutilates himself to cure me with his blood?

About seven to eight minutes later, Yang Chens finger healed for the nth time. When he saw that he had used enough blood, he put down the scissors and used a towel to rub his finger clean, as if his finger hadnt been wounded in the first place.

Rose lay dazedly on the bed staring at Yang Chen. It was not known when some color had returned to this pretty oval face of hers, but her jade-like face appeared a lot more tender now.

Alright, rest for ten minutes and you should be fine. Yang Chen laughed.

Rose seemed to finally have returned to her senses, she hesitated for a while before replying: What happened I was definitely seriously wounded a moment ago, but now I feel like the wound is completely healed

Dont think so much about it, just think of it as my blood being the most advanced medicine there is.


No buts. Yang Chen seemed oddly serene with his eyes gazing into the distance, I dont want to be looked at as a freak, so dont ask me about it, alright?

After seeing the sorrow on Yang Chens face, Rose immediately stopped. She had never seen Yang Chen display such a deep sorrow before. Just what secret did this mans body contain? Just what kind of past was haunting him?

Behind that powerful and suave back of his, just what kind of dull gray world exists?

Youre no freak Rose staunchly said.

My wounds can heal immediately. Even if I fall down from tens of floors high, I would be completely unharmed, saying that this isnt freakish even I wouldnt believe it

I say you arent, so you arent! Rose lifted her warm hand and put it on top of Yang Chens hand, as she spoke in a coquettish yet stubborn manner.

Yang Chen forced a smile, But others wont think the same way.

Then Ill be a freak along with you.


Warm and sweet tranquil times always pass exceptionally quickly, after kissing and touching each other in Roses room for a while, a knocking sound came from the door.

Other than Roses most trusted aides, nobody dared to knock on this door.

Come in. Said Rose in a rather lazy manner.

The one who slowly opened the door was Little Zhao. This round-faced lad had a solemn expression with his brows knit together, but when he entered and noticed Rose sitting up on the bed in her pure white pajamas looking perfectly alright, he suspected that his eyes were playing tricks on him. She didnt seem the slightest bit sick and was even smiling at him!

Big sis you why are you Little Zhao stuttered.

What, you dont like my fast recovery?

No no no Little Zhao immediately waved his arms in denial, he couldnt figure out why Rose had suddenly recovered despite having been unconscious and had only just received treatment. When he turned to look at Yang Chen who yawned by the side, Little Zhao couldnt help but make the conjecture that this was a miracle brought on by this mysterious man but Mr. Yang is no doctor, and definitely isnt Doraemon, so how could he suddenly cure Rose?

No matter what the reason was, Roses mysterious recovery made Little Zhao beam with joy, as their pillar was back.

Big sis, its great you woke up, otherwise we really wouldnt know what to do next. Theres someone in the bar who wants to see you. Little Zhao said.


Its its your father, West Union Societys Chairman Situ, he even brought several West Union Societys heads, saying that he wants to visit you, big sis. Explained Little Zhao.

There was a faint glint in Roses eyes. She then glanced at Yang Chen and saw that he wore an indifferent expression, so Rose nodded and answered, Little Zhao, you may go out to entertain them first, make sure our brothers do not carelessly make a move and make sure they dont start a dispute. Ill first take a shower before coming out.

Sure thing, big sis Little Zhao hesitated for a second, then decided to ask in concern, However, big sis, are you really alright?

Youll know in a moment.

Once Little Zhao left, Rose bashfully looked at Yang Chen, Hubby you can leave first, I want to shower.

I will help you keep watch. Yang Chen earnestly answered.

Rose rolled her eyes at him, seemingly immune to Yang Chens roguish style.

Realizing that he wont get to taste anything sweet, he could only walk out of the room grudgingly, towards the bars lounge.

Once he entered the lounge, he felt that the oppressive atmosphere that made it hard to breathe. At this time, there were quite a number of people sitting around in the bar. There was a large gathering with at least twenty or thirty people on each side, and they all had malicious or evil smiles as they looked at one another.

On one side of the bar was Little Zhao and several youngsters who were major figures of the Red Thorns Society. The Red Thorns Society had not been established for long, so although it has been rapidly developing, it was formed with youngsters as the majority. This is also why they confronted the people of West Union Society so bravely and fiercely, however they lacked experience and shrewdness.

On the other side were the people of West Union Society, headed by Roses father, Situ Mingze.

Roses facial features did not resemble Situ Mingzes, but Situ Mingze had average looks, wore a white floral shirt and a silver Rolex limited edition watch, looking just like any other middle-aged high level senior executive in the city. He didnt seem to possess the charisma of an underworld boss at all.

At this moment, Situ Mingze sat on a black sofa with his legs crossed. He held a clay teapot in his hand and sipped on tea, appearing as relaxed as one could be.

Sitting in front of Situ Mingze were several men in various kinds of clothing who looked like big shots. What made Yang Chen surprised was that the familiar Zhang Hu sat by Situ Mingzes side as well, and when he saw Yang Chen walk out, he didnt react all, as if he didnt recognize Yang Chen.

The subordinates of both sides stared daggers at each other, but the big shots of West Union Society seemed carefree and relaxed as they just quietly chatted amongst themselves. They didnt seem to take things seriously at all. It was clear that there was a large disparity between the West Union Societys leaders who had accumulated vast experience and these little children of the Red Thorns Society.

Yang Chen had only seen Situ Mingze in pictures before, this was his first time meeting him in person. On that note, this man who took good care of his health was his father-in-law as well, it was a pity that Rose had already fallen out with him so Yang Chen didnt need to put in effort to be a good son-in-law.

Little Zhao, why are you just sitting there and staring? Come here come here, make me a glass of Bloody Mary. Yang Chen curled his finger at Little Zhao who looked like a leopard ready to pounce. He couldnt care less about comparing loftiness with that bunch of people, hed rather have a drink while waiting for Rose.

Although Little Zhao felt a little awkward in this situation, he didnt dare ignore Yang Chens call, so he immediately got up from his seat and prepared a drink for Yang Chen with a smile.

This scene made everybody who was tensed up inside the lounge look at Yang Chen with weird gazes.

One of the leaders of West Union Society with a smoking pipe in his mouth raised his eyebrow. He had a thin face and looked to be the youngest among them. The man then took out the smoking pipe and pointed it at Yang Chen, asking with a smile, Brat, youre the pretty boy that slut is keeping?