My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 106

Chapter 106: What A Sham
Chapter 106: What a sham

In a blink of an eye, the weekend came again, it had been two weeks since Lin Ruoxi was hospitalized. Yang Chen lamented the passing of time because he had to pick Lin Ruoxi up from the hospital tomorrow..

Early in the morning, Wang Ma had prepared a sumptuous breakfast. She knew that Yang Chen had a big appetite, so she was used to preparing an extra portion of every dish. She even turned on the TV beforehand and changed it to the new channel for him. She was incredibly thoughtful.

In the beginning, Yang Chen wasnt used to this pampering and spoiling treatment, but he realized later on that if he didnt let Wang Ma do these things, then shed feel extremely uncomfortable and worried. In the end he still had to let her do what she wanted to do.

Young Master, Miss will be returning tomorrow morning. How about you buy some flowers to make the occasion more joyous? I think Miss will like it. Wang Ma happily suggested.

Yang Chen gulped down the congee, gnawed on the oat steamed bun, and muttered, Flowers? Which kind of flowers?

Carnations! Wang Ma suggested, But if Young Master buys roses, I think Miss will like them too.

Although he didnt know what carnations meant in the language of flowers, he at least knew what red roses meant. He revealed a smile and said, Wang Ma, with Ruoxis personality, even if I bought her a bouquet of flowers, I reckon that shed just think of it as me squandering money.

Young Master. Wang Ma had the face of an experienced person as she persuaded, All women like flowers, even if Miss pretends to not like them on the surface, she would still be very happy inside. I watched Miss grow up, how could I not understand her?

Yang Chen found those words reasonable, but still felt that buying flowers for his wife was a little strange. In the end he still decided to buy some flowers before going to the hospital tomorrow. Not the red roses though, those were too sappy, instead the carnations were a better choice.

Right at this time, the doorbell rang.

Who would come to visit this early?

Yang Chen may have only stayed at Dragon Garden for a short period of time, but he learned from Wang Ma that only Ruoxis close girl friends would come by occasionally because she rarely appeared in public. Therefore, without even mentioning the frequency of visitors, very few people knew about this villa.

Wang Ma quickly walked to the door and glanced at the webcam monitor by the door. She was very curious as to what was going on and opened the door.

The people that stood by the door were a man and a woman. The woman looked to be about seventeen or eighteen years old. She wore a pink hairband, had an adorable appearance and an innocent charm in her beautiful eyes. She wore a light yellow short-sleeved shirt and shorts that had a white cartoon design. Her shorts exposed her long fair legs and displayed her outstanding butt as well, making her body seem exceptionally well developed, which didnt really match her cute face.

As for the man, he wore a pair of sunglasses and suit. He was obviously a bodyguard or something similar because he had a solemn expression as he followed behind the young lady.

When Yang Chen glanced over, he immediately frowned, the visitors were actually the brat TangTang whom he hadnt seen for a while and that silly bodyguard named Little Yong-ge.

[TL: Im just gonna use big bro = ge, big sis = jie. Its the same as nii and nee in Japanese.]

On the day that the Yamata Sect made their move, they just happened to implicate TangTang. Afterwards, Flower Rain, a member of the Yellow Flame Iron Brigades Group of Eight had her sent home, and Yang Chen was too lazy to contact her. Originally, he thought that this matter was over and that this brat would have learned her lesson to keep her distance from him, but who couldve known that she would appear at his door early in the morning!

TangTang clearly hadnt forgiven him and even found out where he lived!

Hello Miss, who are you looking for? Wang Ma amiably asked. Anyone who saw a cute young lady like this would speak nicely to them.

TangTang sweetly smiled, Auntie, Im looking for Yang Chen.

Looking for my familys Young Master? Wang Ma became all the more confused by this girls identity. She didnt think of her as Yang Chens mistress. Wang Ma never thought in that direction because she was still so young.

When TangTang heard Wang Ma address Yang Chen as Young Master, a strange glint appeared in her eyes. She peeked behind the door and saw Yang Chen sitting down on the western dining table having breakfast.

Uncle! TangTang happily called and waved.

Yang Chen suddenly had the urge to bury his face in the ground. Why hasnt this little demoness let me go? At least shes affectionate to me, one shouldnt hit someone who smiles towards you. So he had no choice but to get up and walk over, Why are you here this early in the morning?

TangTang pouted, which made her appear exceptionally cute, The last time we met was when I was nearly frightened to death, you didnt even call to console me. After having no contact for so many days, is it wrong of me to come looking for you?

Im not your dad, how can I care for you that much? Moreover, its not like Im the one who harmed you. There was still a half-eaten bun in his mouth as he impatiently said.

TangTang saw Yang Chens expression of indifference, and her originally happy mood turned into a sorrowful one. She pursed her lips and looked like she was about to cry.

When Wang Ma saw how this pretty little brat had put on such an expression, she felt endless sympathy for her, so she softly urged, Young Master, this young lady is so considerate, dont say such a thing, shes about to cry

Cry? Previously when she drove her Porsche and nearly slammed into my BMW, I didnt see her cry at all! Yang Chen didnt take TangTang seriously.

Hey! Our Miss made this trip to specifically look for you. Thats your blessing, be more polite when you speak! Little Yong-ge angrily said.

Yang Chen didnt give a damn about him. After seeing TangTang appear like a bullied child, he only felt jittery in his heart. His originally great weekend mood had been ruined. He sighed and said, Alright, dont make such an expression, you look like youve been thrown away by a man. Speak, what have you come here for?

TangTang pouted and sniffed, then anxiously looked at Yang Chen, My my Dad wants to meet you.

Your dads wants to meet me? Yang Chen couldnt make heads or tails of what was going on, and asked, Huh, why would he want to meet me? Im already married. Does he plan on making me his son-in-law?

TangTang blushed and shook her head as she replied, Thats not it, because Uncle saved me previously, Dad had always wanted to thank you, but because he has been busy with work, he decided to invite Uncle to meet him.

Yang Chen lightly snorted and said, Your dad wants to thank me, its not me thanking him, why on earth would I have to go all the way there to meet him?

Because TangTang was speechless, he indeed had a point, this was impolite.

Little Yong-ge who was at the side proudly said, Dont think too highly of yourself! My familys master wanting to meet you is your blessing, an average person cant meet him even if they wanted to!

My apologies, Im an unaverage person, but Im uninterested in meeting him. Yang Chen made a wave with his hand, signalling the two to leave, Im on leave today, and Im too lazy to go out, you should leave, never come back here again.

Little Yong-ge was overwhelmed by anger, with a flushed face he shouted, You better not fail to appreciate kindness! Although you were lucky to save our Miss once, it was just a fluke! Our Master only invited you only because hes kind and has a big heart, who do you think you are!? You think youre a big deal!?

Yang Chen yawned, he sincerely didnt want to wrangle with him, so he said, You may leave, I still want to continue with my breakfast.

TangTang saw that Yang Chen was about to close the door, so she immediately went up to hug Yang Chens waist, and anxiously shouted, Uncle dont be like this! My My father really wants to meet you, but because it isnt suitable for him to come so so

So what? Yang Chen saw how helpless the girl looked, and couldnt be too hard on her.

So can you please meet him, Uncle? Take it as me begging you, Ive never begged anyone ever, Im only begging you because youre the Uncle I like the most TangTang softly and gently pleaded, her pair of bright eyes seemed a little moist. This pitiful look of hers would make anyones heart ache.

There are two things Yang Chen cant stand, the first is an innocent ladys tears, the other he hasnt thought of yet.

Are you sure you arent acting, why are you like a small white flower on the edge of a cliff with dewdrops on it? This isnt like you. Feeling vexed, Yang Chen rubbed his head.

TangTangs expression turned more pure and innocent. She looked like she was about to turn into a sesame filled white glutinous rice ball as she stammered, Uncle, would you please come with me? f you dont come with me, Daddy would definitely think that Ive done something bad to make you angry. I might even get grounded with my allowance stopped, Ill be stuck alone at home

Wang Ma who stood at the side was nearly moved to tears, she pushed Yang Chen, Young Master, this young lady is so pitiful, just go with her on a trip. There isnt anything urgent to attend to anyways, maybe its truly inconvenient for her family?

Since even Wang Ma had spoken up, Yang Chen couldnt continue to let TangTang snivel in front of him, so he nodded, Alright, Ill go with you, so stop showing such an expression.

Hearing this, TangTangs downcast face suddenly beamed, as if all the dark clouds had been swept away. She revealed a pair of sweet little dimples as she clung onto Yang Chens arm. She delicately smiled and said, I knew youre the nicest, Uncle! I knew youd come with me!

Suddenly turning like this, how was she pitiful at all! Shes simply a little demoness!

Yang Chen finally realized that his cultivation levels had dropped, even a brat who hadnt matured yet could trick him!

What a sham!!!

TangTang was sent in a black Audi A8, it looked like it had been modified. At the very least, from one glance, Yang Chen could tell that it had been through bulletproof treatment, it seemed like TangTangs father was also afraid of something happening to her.

Little Yong-ge sat at the front passenger seat, while Yang Chen and TangTang sat in the back. For the other two Passats, one was upfront and the other behind. There were several bodyguards wearing black in them as well.

Yang Chen was a little astonished, it seemed like TangTangs family wasnt just some ordinary well-off family, just this team of bodyguards alone could compete with the leaders of some small countries. They were evidently afraid because of the kidnapping before.

Recalling previously at Maple Forest Leisure Centre, Zhou Dongcheng said the attack was orchestrated by him, Yang Chen began to think that such measures were necessary. Afterall, Zhou Dongcheng represents Dongxing, to force the crown prince of Zhonghais east regions underworld to personally send people, the issue must be pretty big.

After the three cars drove out of Zhonghais city centre, it drove towards the coastal area in the southeast area. They drove till they arrived at a leisure villa close to the beach, then slowed down and entered a manor facing the sea.

The bright and beautiful sunlight, the salty sea breeze, and the unending blue sea.

The building was styled like a western garden, with a round roof, short Roman-styled pillars, with safflowers and green leaves intertwined as decorations. On the pure white house, there was a gaudy balcony extended outwards with yellow flowers and vines hanging down on it.

Yang Chen followed the proud Little Yong-ge and the others into the manor with TangTang. He realized that there were over ten bodyguards in the living room, and they all wore stern expressions, as if a fight might break out anytime, they couldnt let down their vigilance.

When they reached the staircase, a man wearing a deep blue short-sleeved shirt walked over expressionlessly. He had short hair, thin lips, bulging muscles, like he was carved with a stone, and had a gaze like a sharp sword.

Master is waiting for you upstairs, come with me. The man indifferently glanced at Yang Chen, after speaking, he didnt even wait for Yang Chen to keep up. He just turned around and climbed back up the staircase.

Facing the indifferent mans commanding tone and look of disdain, Yang Chen creased his brows, and remained standing where he was, motionless