My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 111

Chapter 111: Didnt Recognize You For Real
Chapter 111: Didnt recognize you for real

Early in the morning on Monday, Yang Chen left the house half an hour early out of habit to go to the west regions market to buy breakfast. Taking advantage of the fact that the roads hadnt started to overflow he drove to the office on time.

When he entered the PR departments hall, a bunch of well-dressed PR ladies were already expectantly awaiting with their heads raised. They looked at Yang Chen with a gaze that was similar to the way a hungry tigress looked at a fat sheep.

Yang-gege youre finally here, I havent eaten breakfast bought by you for two days and felt hollow inside!

Quickly give it to me, my soup dumpling!

Some pretty girls had already learnt to go up and pick up the bags from Yang Chen. This made Yang Chen feel very gratified, being surrounded by a bunch of beautiful ladies with him in the centre, which man could enjoy such a wonderful treatment!

Zhang Cai who was the biggest eater was usually the one who grabbed the most, she tore open the bag and stuffed a bun into her mouth. Her sultry lips munched on the food, causing the already round face of hers to change its shape even more. She didnt look the slightest bit like a virtuous woman as she spoke and said at the same time, Yang Chen, I think my appetite has been spoiled by you, the breakfast I have at home feels so tasteless now.

One of the sisters who was close to her ridiculed, Caicai, I think it isnt that your breakfast was tasteless, its the man you have at home that feels tasteless, right? Just follow Yang Chen, hed feed you full everyday. With a full stomach, everything else can work too.

These words were pretty ambiguous, Zhang Cai blushed as she pinched the back of that pretty girls hand, What are you saying! Im not a silly little girl like you, other than my stomach being empty, everything else isnt empty. Only a person like you who doesnt have a man is empty everywhere!

Who are you kidding? With your figure and age, youre not far from becoming a hungry cougar, that university professor you have at home whos as skinny as a monkey is focused on books all day, how can he satisfy you? That pretty girl spoke with doubt.

Zhang Cai bared her teeth against her with an angry face, but she was speechless.

Zhang Cai, so your husband is a university professor? This was the first time Yang Chen heard of this, he smiled as he sized Zhang Cai up, I couldnt tell that youve actually married a university professor.

He was my senior in university, and he treated me well, so I ended up marrying him in a daze. Zhang Cai rolled her eyes as she said.

At this point, Liu Mingyu who wore a purple suit gracefully walked over with a cup of coffee, her beautiful eyelashes fluttered as she said, When Zhang Cai first said that she was getting married, we were all incredibly shocked. This girl got married like it was a joke, so impulsive.

Zhang Cai stuck out her tongue, then continued to eat her bun without a word.

Yang Chen chatted with the ladies for a while, then returned to his desk to turn on the computer while gnawing on the youtiao.

Zhao Hongyan who had always been the closest to him was usually here before him, but for reasons unknown, this beautiful female colleague hadnt come yet. Yang Chen wasnt used to this.

As he thought of this, the familiar figure of Zhao Hongyan appeared at the door, she wore a white blouse, with a necklace of fine pearls in front of her chest. Her hair was let down, covering her well-developed figure, but this revealed a sense of beauty that has never been seen before.

Once she entered, while short of breath, Zhao Hongyan asked everyone, Did anyone see the man standing at the entrance on the ground floor when coming in?

Man? Which man? The pretty ladies bewilderedly asked, Hongyan, youre already married yet youre thinking of men?

What are you saying! Im talking about that man in ragged clothing whos yelling there. Zhao Hongyan urgently said.

The bunch of female PR workers were baffled, Never noticed, whats wrong with that man?

Zhao Hongyan had a worried face, When I just reached the office, I think I heard that man yelling our Department Head Mos name, and even said something along the lines of ungrateful, cruel and unscrupulous anyway anyway there were a lot of unpleasant things said, there are many people who have gone down to spectate!

A weird man whos speaking maliciously of Mo Qianni!?

Leaving aside the fact that Mo Qianni was occasionally a little strict, she was still a beautiful and capable person. She was a perfect and strong city woman who earnestly took care of her responsibilities. Even if its someone whos here to throw dirt at Yu Lei Internationals brand, this wasnt a place where anybody could just come in and cause a scene. There are also security workers, so how could there be no one around to deal with it!?

All of the female PR workers immediately stood up. Filled with curiosity, amazement, shock, anger and worry, the ladies quickly left their seats to go to the elevator, intending to see what was going on.

Yang Chen squinted his eyes, he more or less knew who that man was, but never thought that Zhang Fugui would come up with such an idea. This was truly an act of desperation by someone who has nothing to lose, one mustnt lower ones guard.

But after some careful thought, if this is really done by Zhang Fugui, then it would be too suspicious. It was unknown if he had the capability to think of such an evil scheme, but how could it be that nobody has dealt with him?

Mo Qianni hasnt come yet, so if Mo Qianni bumped into him, things would get troublesome. Yang Chen stood up without any hesitation, and ran towards the staircase.

The others took the elevator, so he took the stairs. He would be quicker than the elevator anyways

Yang Chen practically went down the stairs with leaps. When he arrived at the companys hall on the ground floor, the women were sure enough still on the way down in the elevator. There were already at least thirty Yu Lei International employees outside the main entrance. There were young and old, men and women, all pointing at someone while whispering to each other.

Yang Chen walked out the door, shoved aside the crowd that was in the way, then saw the man who was surrounded in the center. As expected, it was the filthy Zhang Fugui.

As of that moment, Zhang Fuguis eyes were bloodshot, his cheeks had sunken, and his hair was in a disarray as he sat down on the cement ground without a care, constantly yelling at the people surrounding him.

Mo Qianni is ungrateful! Mo Qianni doesnt care about me after earning some money! I(laozi) will curse that bitch who sells her body in those days it was I(laozi) who painstakingly took care of her and her mother, for her to have what she has today Mo Qianni your conscience must have been fed to the dogs

The crazed Zhang Fugui constantly declared his kind deeds towards Mo Qianni, and how heartlessly Mo Qianni treated him, loving the rich and resenting the poor. How she wanted him to get the hell out of Zhonghai, and wanted to break off all relationships between them.

The people surrounding increased. From the people watching this scene there were those who didnt believe anything Zhang Fugui was saying, but there were also those who were jealous of Mo Qianni and began to think of ways to convince the other onlookers that it was true that Mo Qianni was such an evil beauty, one who had a human face but a devils heart.

When Zhang Fugui saw Yang Chen appear, he suddenly scuttled to Yang Chen, and grabbed ahold of his trousers, and shouted, Everybody look!! This man is the accomplice of that slut, Mo Qianni! That day they ganged up to bully me at the construction site The pitiful me is a bag of aged bones, how could I possibly beat a youngster my life is so miserable

Zhang Fugui cried as he shouted, like he was a father with a truly bitter life, arousing suspicion from many who initially didnt believe to direct strange gazes at Yang Chen who just appeared.

Yang Chen creased his brows, then kicked Zhang Fugui away, You think you can redeem yourself like this? Youre too naive, if you really want the truth to be out, I dont mind bringing you to court.

Zhang Fugui rolled once on the ground. When he heard about going to court, his face immediately paled.

Theres no need!

A familiar voice came from behind, the crowd slowly opened a path. Mo Qianni who wore a dull-blue knitted coat, white muslin top, and a black short skirt walked over with an unkind expression. Her graceful face was covered in frost, as she stared straight at Zhang Fugui who fell on the ground. She sneered and said, You said Im cruel and unscrupulous? You said I bullied you?

Zhang Fugui seemed to be very afraid of Mo Qiannis grim expression, he slightly shifted backwards, then forced himself to say, Yes thats exactly the case! You think I really wouldnt dare to say it!?

Fine then, since you dare to say it, I can only bully you for real. Saying that, Mo Qianni walked up front, and suddenly stomped her foot on Zhang Fuguis thigh!


The flesh on Zhang Fuguis thigh was hurt by the stab from the heel, directly knocking him out from the pain!

Everybody present was stunned, they never expected Mo Qianni to be so upfront the moment she appeared, and dealt with this stranger in such a vicious way. The gazes at Mo Qianni became a lot more fearful, as if they didnt recognize Mo Qianni.

Mo Qianni pulled back her leg, there was even a red stain of blood on the heel, dripping onto the ground, looking sinister and cruel.

At this point, the female employees of the PR department all got to the scene. Watching this scene, they cried out in alarm, like they couldnt believe that Mo Qianni had done such a thing.

Mo Qiannis ice-cold gaze swept past the people in the surrounding, and it landed on Yang Chen in the end. Revealing a mysterious smile, she walked up to Yang Chen, and with a fragrant breath she closed-in on him and asked, Yang Chen, you arent hurt, are you? This mad dog is randomly biting others, if you were bitten, I would be hurt.

This sentence wasnt softly said, everyone present could hear it, and they began to believe one accusation; Yang Chen and Mo Qianni were having an affair!

Yang Chen smiled, then pointed at Zhao Hongyan who was the closest and who had a startled expression, and asked, Department Head Mo, do you recognize her?

Mo Qiannis expression changed, she glanced at Zhao Hongyan, then chuckled, Annoying, why mention other women?

The Mo Qianni in front of his eyes emanated an unprecedented sexy allure, but Yang Chen wasnt in the mood to appreciate it, he shook his head, sighed, and said, I feel like we should go somewhere empty to have a proper chat, what do you think?

Alright, come with me. Mo Qianni straightforwardly agreed, then led the way towards the car park.

When Yang Chen followed Mo Qianni away from the scene, the employees present all turned to look at each other, and began to discuss in puzzlement.

Zhang Cai couldnt understand what was going on, so she asked the others around her, What happened to Department Head Mo? Its like she turned into a totally different person, also, since when was she together with Yang Chen? Isnt Yang Chen married?

I dont know, its so weird, I dont understand them anymore. The other female employee nodded to agree.

The conversation between them was really weird.

Zhao Hongyan was the most confused of all, she asked Liu Mingyu who was beside her, Mingyu-jie, why is it that Department Head Mo didnt seem to recognize me? Could it be that she was pretending?

Liu Mingyu frowned and pondered over it, then shook her head and said, Doesnt seem like it, I feel like, she didnt recognize you for real