My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 114

Chapter 114: Answer
Chapter 114: Answer

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When Yang Chen arrived at the deepest parking lot on the second floor, Mo Qiannis red Audi A4 was there as expected, but the car was locked. As the cars windows were tinted, one couldnt see the interior.

When Yang Chen walked over, and knocked on the car door, there wasnt the sound of any activity inside.

Revealing a profound smile, Yang Chen pretended to turn around and leave

Yang Chen!

The back door of the car immediately opened a tiny crack, Mo Qiannis beautiful and rosy cheek stuck out a little as she nervously shouted Yang Chens name.

Yang Chen pretended to be shocked as he turned around, Yo, Department Head Mo, youre really inside huh. I was wondering why you havent come to work this morning. So you were hiding in your car, are you playing hide and seek?

Hide your ass! Mo Qianni was going mad from anxiousness, without the demeanor of a virtuous woman, she couldnt help but shout, What the hell is going on! Why have I become like this for no reason?!

Become like what? Yang Chen smiled mischievously as he asked.

Mo Qiannis pretty face blushed, she stammered, That is why have my my my clothes all disappeared?

Mo Qianni felt like she was living in a nightmare, she was originally in a good mood today, because of Yang Chens suggestion, she was able to resolve a bunch of problems at home. However, right when she arrived at the company and was about to get off the car, she suddenly felt dizzy, then her vision darkened, and she didnt know what happened afterwards.

When she woke up again, she realised that she was lying on the back seat of her car naked, even her black pantyhose had all been stripped off! Not a single piece was left!

God damn it! Im not a female MC of a horror film, whats this!? Such a strange phenomenon doesnt even happen in movies!

Yang Chen didnt continue joking with her, it seemed like his pretty lady superior had a great mental endurance, and didnt break down in this situation. Therefore he calmly said, If you want to know the cause of all this, I can tell you, but this matter is rather bizarre, so its up to you to believe it.

Say it first. Mo Qianni had rarely seen Yang Chen being serious. Although she didnt have any clothes on and felt awkward hiding in the car, she still stabilized her state of mind to look at Yang Chen through the crack of the door.

Yang Chen sort out his thoughts, then began to slowly narrate what happened this morning.

The gist of the story was, there were a bunch of evil people who wanted to steal something valuable from Yang Chen, but Yang Chen didnt actually have this item, so he couldnt give it to them. Therefore, they thought of using the people close to Yang Chen as a bargaining chip to force Yang Chen to pass it to them. However, they never expected that they werent able to defeat Yang Chen in the end, so their scheme failed.

As for the matter regarding Zhang Fugui at the companys entrance, it was harder to explain, so Yang Chen could only explain that, before those evil people decided to use Mo Qianni, they had already investigated Mo Qiannis background. After knocking Mo Qianni out, one of them who was an expert at disguise, to the point of being able to completely change her face, pretended to be Mo Qianni. She even imitated her perfectly, then used their chess piece Zhang Fugui to bring Mo Qianni and Yang Chen trouble. They didnt just affect Mo Qiannis image, they even made Yang Chen appear to be Mo Qiannis lover. But the matter didnt turn out too bad, because Yang Chen quickly dragged the woman away, the only problem was that the gossips would probably circulate for quite a while.

After hearing all that, Mo Qianni remained silent for a good while, then raised her head with uncertainty and said, That thing is actually in your hands, isnt it?

Yang Chen was stunned, What thing?

The thing that they are trying to steal, its actually in your hands. You lied to them, right?

Yang Chen promptly shook his head, How can that be, I really dont have it.

Mo Qianni gave him a queer look, then asked again, Fine then, lets say for example that you had it, and wasnt able to defeat them today, would you use trade that thing in exchange for my life?

This sudden question caught Yang Chen off-guard, he felt his heart shake despite his great mental strength.

Would I? Would I Use the Gods Stone to trade for this womans life?

This I feel that I have no need to answer, theyre no match for me. Yang Chen equivocated.

What Im asking is what if you cant defeat them. I want you to answer me now, right now! Mo Qianni stubbornly asked, the flush on her face gradually receded, there was a nervous and fidgety look in her eyes, but there was even more anticipation.

Yang Chen silently stared at her, a totally different image appeared in his mind

During the recruitment process, that graceful figure with that confident smile When sending him to the hoodlum company, that crafty and tyrannical look Her cute face of shock when she received the check he brought back When accompanying Lin Ruoxi by her bedside, that gentle and simple rear view When she kidnapped by Lin Kun, how she strongly resisted and cursed

At the roadside stall, the woman poured and drank the strong alcohol herself, telling him the stories of her past At the construction site, the womans depressed and helpless tears, and her tenacity to hold on to her bag when her inhumane stepfather tugged on it

Some time ago, this woman suddenly hugged him, and even gave him a moist and trembling kiss. The kiss contained that sweet taste of alcohol that seemed to still linger in his mouth.

These scenes became a short yet unforgettable movie, constantly surfacing in Yang Chens mind.

Seeing Yang Chen deep in thought, a depressed emotion showed in Mo Qiannis eyes, and she lowered her gaze.

Forget it, if you dont want to answer

I would!

Yang Chen suddenly revealed a bright smile and raised his head, with clear eyes he looked at Mo Qianni, I would trade it if I really had that thing. However, I believe that day would never come, for theyre really no match for me.

Mo Qianni felt her heart pounding, she could hear it rapidly thumping from her ears. Her face blushed all the way back to her ears, and her eyes began to glisten with tears.


The car door was quickly shut, Mo Qianni shrunk back in again.

Yang Chen expression turned wooden. He was wondering what happened, so he immediately knocked on the car door, Miss Mo, what are you doing? Youre not a tortoise, what are you shrinking inside for?

Youre the tortoise! Mo Qianni angrily opened the door again, she resentfully pouted, her eyes were red like she had just rubbed away tears.

Yang Chens eyes immediately stared straight at Mo Qianni, it turned out that this time the crack between the door was too big, allowing Yang Chen to see Mo Qiannis supple and well-developed body in the back seat.

Although the lighting in the car was very poor, her exquisitely smooth and snow-white skin could still be seen. Her two large buns of flesh swayed like ripe fruits. Below the alluring tight waist was her round plump buttocks and her beautiful long legs. Since Mo Qianni bent her body from her sitting position, her whole figure seemed especially exquisite and attractive.

This womans figure isnt inferior to Roses in any way. Yang Chen secretly thought.

Mo Qianni realized that the situation wasnt right. She cried out in alarm, closed the door again, and yelled from inside the car, Yang Chen quickly find me clothes! You sex maniac!! Lecherous pervert!!

Yang Chen quivered all over. This womans temper was still as explosive as ever, so uncute, its not like shell get pregnant just from being looked at.

Shaking his head and releasing a bitter sigh, Yang Chen hesitated over where he should go to get Mo Qianni some clothes. He wasnt just buying a piece or two, even her underwear had been stripped away, this would be his first time buying underwear for a woman.

Right at this time, Mo Qianni opened the rear car door by a crack again, squeezing the Audi car key through it and dropping it onto the ground.

Open the cars boot, theres a black Abercrombie and Fitch bag, inside the bag contains clothes that I can change into. Go take them out and pass them to me. Mo Qianni grouchily said.

As if he had received amnesty, Yang Chen quickly ran to the back of the car and opened the trunk. Sure enough, there were a large bunch of clothes inside. This makes sense, after all, in such a high-level working environment, how could she not prepare some clothes to change into?

After he placed the bag beside the car door, Mo Qianni said, Turn around and walk further away, I want to take the bag.

Yang Chen obediently moved a distance away, he then heard the sounds of Mo Qianni taking the bag in.

Once he thought about the beautys splendid figure in the car being less than six meters away from him, Yang Chen reflected on how he was indeed an innocent and kind youngster, he managed to endure this!

After approximately ten minutes, Mo Qianni was finally done putting on her clothes, she opened the car door and walked out.

She wore a gray suit, and inside she wore a white flowery blouse with a creased design. Her hair was tied up, as she once again became the capable, confident and charming Department Head Mo.

The way Mo Qianni looked at Yang Chen was a little strange, though she didnt seek to dodge eye contact. The many years of working experience gave this woman an unimaginable level of psychological control over herself. Despite having been seen naked by Yang Chen a while ago, she was still able to maintain a good mood, and say Thank you to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen didnt dare accept this thanks, if it wasnt because of him, she wouldnt have experienced something like that, so he could only awkwardly shake his head, No need for thanks, Ill thank the heavens as long as you dont hate me.

Mo Qianni glared at him, then asked, Earlier, you said that Zhang Fugui came to the company to cause trouble, where is he now?

If nothing unexpected happens, he should be in the hospital by now, whats up? The matter between you and him hasnt be settled?

A look of determination showed in Mo Qiannis eyes, Following your suggestion, I lied to my mother saying Zhang Fugui wanted to divorce her. Sure enough, she didnt get angry, she didnt mind it at all. So I was able to confirm that Mom didnt actually love him at all.

Then have you gotten Zhang Fugui to sign the divorce agreement?

I have the evidence you gave to me at the construction site previously, if he doesnt want to sign it, hed go to jail, he has no other choice. Mo Qianni sneered, Although he came here to make a ruckus today because he was incited by the bad people you mentioned, he brought me trouble as well, but thats also fine. This way, I can totally give up on him. Today I will go to the hospital to tell him, if he tries to make anymore trouble, I will see him in court.

This method is pretty good.

As expected of a successful career woman, she does things swiftly and decisively. Yang Chen rubbed his chin in thought, then asked, Then what about the other matter? Youve now become a mistress, were now lovers, this wouldnt be good for your reputation, right?

Mo Qianni blushed, and said with a thin voice, Its alright

Whats alright, this isnt even true, as a man I wouldnt care, but a young beauty like you would lose out. Yang Chen seriously said.

Mo Qianni pursed her lips, Earlier, you said you would, so I dont mind.

Yang Chen couldnt make heads or tails of what she was saying. What did she mean by would, so she doesnt mind?

It seemed like Mo Qianni didnt want to explain herself, she had already walked towards the the exit of the car park. But after a few steps, she suddenly stopped, turned around, and said to Yang Chen, Yang Chen, once my mother has completely cut off all relationship with Zhang Fugui, I would find some time to move her to Zhonghai to live, so that itll be convenient to take care of her. When that happens, I want you to go to my hometown with me, you arent allowed to reject!

There was a coquettish tone as she spoke. Once she said her piece, the woman gracefully turned back and walked off in quick steps.

Yang Chen stood alone where he was, fiercely grabbing his own hair. He suddenly thought of one matter

A few years ago, a famous presenter in the US interviewed one of the most intelligent scientists in the world, Stephen Hawking. He asked Hawking, what in this world does an intellectual figure like yourself find impossible to understand?

Hawking who sat on the wheelchair with his head slanted answered without any hesitation. Women!