My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 116

Chapter 116: Teacher Student
Chapter 116: Teacher, student

When Yang Chen arrived at Zhonghais Yizhong, it was still not time yet for his appointment with TangTang. Yang Chen leisurely got off the car and smoked in front of the schools entrance alone, while thinking about some matters.

Many of the students and teachers who came and went saw this young man stand beside a brand new BMW while smoking to wait for someone, and they had some thoughts about it. They obviously thought in the direction of a sugardaddy or something similar.

Yang Chen wasnt very knowledgeable in this aspect, he only saw a lot of people looking towards him, so he thought that they were attracted towards him because he was dressed exceptionally stylishly on this day, and had a despotic aura.

When Yang Chen finished his first cigarette and was about to smoke his second, a refreshingly dressed slim figure walked out of the school. This person wore a bluish-white checkered shirt, and a dull three-quarter skinny jeans. While the jeans exhibited the beautiful curves, the pair of white calves were exceptionally attractive.

Jingjing. Yang Chen called out to the lady. He was initially considering whether or not to take a look inside the school, it was a surprise for him to coincidentally bump into Li Jingjing.

When he previously met Old Lis family together with Jiang Shuo for a meal in the restaurant, he had already noticed the irregularity in Li Jingjings mood, but since Old Li and his wife were present, it wasnt right for him to say something about it. Besides, Li Jingjing herself didnt seem to want to speak to him.

Because he had been busy over the last few days, he forgot to take the initiative and contact Li Jingjing. Perhaps he himself didnt have the habit of contacting this lady himself, so he didnt clear away the doubts he had.

Li Jingjing looked at Yang Chen with pleasant surprise in her eyes, she walked up and asked in a hopeful manner, What are you doing here, Big brother Yang? Were you waiting for me?

Seeing the girl full of anticipation, Yang Chen felt that he was very cruel, but he still spoke the truth, Erm Im waiting for someone, its a student in a school, weve an appointment to go play games.

Oh Li Jingjing lowered her head with disappointment, then stood where she was without a sound.

Yang Chen awkwardly smiled, Its just a wimpy kid, and I was free anyways, so were going to play some games. Actually, Im not very familiar with this kid either.

Li Jingjing forced a smile, Big brother Yang, youre being a bad influence for my schools students, as a teacher shouldnt I chase you away?

That kid took the initiative, Im being passive. Yang Chen defended himself.

Is it a boy or a girl? Li Jingjing softly asked.

A girl, just a stinking brat. Yang Chen didnt cover up the truth.

Li Jingjing grudgingly looked at him, Big brother Yang, this isnt right of you, youre already married and shouldnt get involved with too many girls. Furthermore, shes a highschool student, theres still a long life in store for her, she should be studying properly, what youre doing may interfere with her studies.

It isnt what you think it is, were just normal friends. She said that she didnt have anymore classes today, thats why shes accompanying me to play games, I wouldnt lead someone astray, please be rest assured, Teacher Li. Yang Chen said with an embarrassed smile.

Li Jingjing nodded, but turned silent again. Anybody could make out the feeling of being wronged that she held inside from her little face.

Yang Chen sighed, then asked: Previously, I bumped into your family having a meal with Jiang Shuo, is it about you and him?

Li Jingjing bit her lip, Yep Dad and Mom wants me to formally go out with Group Leader Jiang. Group Leader Jiang has been wooing me all this time, I I dont know what to do.

Do you like him? Yang Chen asked.

I I dont know Li Jingjing shook her head, I dont hate Group Leader Zhang, although he sometimes does things too boisterously, I dont view him as a bad person, he has always treated me well. Dad and Mom have been through hardship their entire lives, I want to provide them better living conditions, and I dont have the heart to reject them, so so I am still considering.

Your mom shouldve told you to never come into contact with me again, right? Yang Chen asked with a smile.

Li Jingjing raised her head in shock, Big brother Yang, how did you know that?

Because youre not someone who tells lies. That day, I watched your expression change, yet you forced yourself not to speak to me, so I guessed that you had a load on your mind.

Li Jingjing unhappily said, You knew that I had a load on my mind yet you didnt take the initiative to give me a call I thought you were angry at me, Big brother Yang, I thought you planned to never care about me ever again

This soft voice made Yang Chen feel guilty inside, it seemed like he was indeed not caring enough towards the women around him. Perhaps this was the dilemma of a great man, always feeling like there wasnt a need to think too much about things, and barely taking a ladys sensitive feelings into consideration. He never knew that Li Jingjing had been brooding over this phone call he hadnt made.

Actually, things arent so bad. Perhaps its because Im not used to it, and someday I may really fall in love with Group Leader Jiang Li Jingjing said, After all, something like feelings can be slowly fostered, I cant possibly hold on to an unrealistic happy ending my whole life, I must have my own life.

Yang Chen stared blankly at her, he never expected to hear such words from Li Jingjing all of a sudden. Hearing such words, he didnt have anything to say, when all was said and done her path had to be decided by her herself. Despite finding Jiang Shuo unworthy, he couldnt just blabber it out. While feeling a little ashamed, he said in a relieved manner, In the short time youve been a teacher, the way you speak has changed, but I feel happy for you.

Li Jingjing mischievously rolled her eyes at him, I have to be this way, I cant possibly be bawling my eyes out the moment I see you, right?

Looking at the girls bright and charming face under the warm sunlight, Yang Chen had the urge to give her face a pinch, but immediately felt that he shouldnt. After all, he wasnt a family member or a lover to her, if he kept doing such intimate actions yet wasnt able offer an explanation, he wouldnt even know what to call himself. So he put his hands into his pockets.

The atmosphere between the two was unusually awkward, even a pair of strangers who were meeting for the first time wouldnt have such difficulty conversing.

Right at this time, a young lady ran out of the school wearing a yellow jacket and a black skirt. Seeing Yang Chen, she happily waved and shouted, Uncle! Whore you chatting with!?

TangTang who was bursting with youth seemed exceptionally happy, she practically hopped her way to Yang Chen, but when she noticed Li Jingjing who stood beside Yang Chen, TangTangs supple red lips formed an o, like a frightened little rabbit.

Teach Teacher Li whyre you here haha TangTang laughed in an incredibly awkward manner.

As if she had understood something, Li Jingjing said with a smile, So the student Big brother Yang is waiting for is TangTang, what a coincidence.

Yang Chen gave a start, then seemed to understand in a flash, This girl is your student?

I am her form teacher. Li Jingjing playfully stared at TangTang, revealing her dignity as a teacher, TangTang, how many times have I told you, you have to work hard as a third year high schooler, dont keep thinking of playing games. If you keep this up, Ill have to give your mother a call yknow?

Ehhh TangTang stretched a hand and hugged onto Li Jingjings elbow, then rocked it coquettishly and said, Teacher Li, Ive already completed the computer exams today, so Im going out to play with Uncle a little. I guarantee that I wont just care about having fun, Ill definitely hand in all of my assignments on time. Besides, didnt I get into the top ten of my whole cohort? Ill definitely do well, dont you worry. You always use my mother to oppress me, thats being too cruel to me!

One shouldnt become arrogant when they succeed, it wont do for you to be this conceited! Li Jingjing seriously lectured.

TangTang raised both her hands in surrender, Fine fine, Teacher Li, Great Beauty Li, please let me off, Ive already made an appointment with Uncle. Besides, youre acquainted with Uncle, Teacher Li, give Uncle face and let me off this time As she said then, TangTang moved to rock Yang Chen back and forth, signalling him to speak.

Yang Chen creased his brows, he secretly came to the conclusion that this brat was hiding something, but at this point he could only cooperate and say, I think you can let her pass this time, Jingjing. Its important to occasionally let loose as well, Ill supervise her and not let her go overboard as she plays.

Li Jingjing didnt want to fall out with Yang Chen, so she could only nod and say, Fine then, but TangTang, you have to return home on time. Dont make your mother worry anymore.

Alrighty. TangTang giggled, I guarantee that I wouldnt disappoint Teacher and Mom, its fine like this, isnt it!

Li Jingjing laughed and scolded her for being a sly sprite, then said nothing more.

TangTang was like a runaway convict, she dragged Yang Chen away and rushed towards the car, afraid that Li Jingjing would go back on her words and force her to stay in the school to study.

Yang Chen bitterly smiled and said goodbye to Li Jingjing, then got into the car.

Watching the car disappear into the distance, Li Jingjing who quietly stood there sighed. She turned around and walked off, her figure from behind seemed rather dejected.

On the other hand, TangTang who sat in the car patted her chest, What a close shave, Uncle youre too much, how could you coincidentally know Teacher Li? You nearly frightened me to death!

Im friends with your Teacher Lis father. Yang Chen explained.

Really? TangTang spoke with disbelief, But why is it that I find the way Teacher Li stares at Uncle seem rather vengeful? Uncle, you couldnt have done something bad to Teacher Li, right?

Was it? Yang Chen hadnt noticed such deep vengeance in Li Jingjings gaze, he dryly laughed and said, How could that be, Im a married man.

TangTang pouted and said, Uncle you can stop pretending, in this day and age there are too many men who are cheating on their wives. My mom said it to me before, there arent many good men, especially in the city, theyre all fellows who have the face of a human but the heart of an animal.

Hey, dont slander me, Im not that sort of person. Yang Chen said with an upright face. In his heart he muttered: This is all for the kid

TangTang chuckled happily and said, Uncle, what are you panicking for? Those words werent even directed at you, but to be honest, it would be good if Uncle could successfully woo Teacher Li, when that happens I wouldnt need to act so timidly anymore. Uncle, you have no idea, ever since Teacher Li became my form teacher, Ive been watched strictly. Furthermore, Teacher Li contacts my mother often, this is so unbearable!

Yang Chen didnt expect that Li Jingjing was this good of a teacher, her greatness was plain to see from the fact that she managed to actually control this problem child. He smiled and uttered, You can stop grumbling, tell me where to go.

TangTang frowned, her fair face displayed beautiful dimples, Zhonghai eSports Centre.