My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 117

Chapter 117: Rookie And Elder Sister
Chapter 117: Rookie and elder sister

If TangTang didnt bring Yang Chen there, then Yang Chen would have been kept in the dark for his whole life that there were people who earned a living by playing games professionally; these people were definitely not part-timers who played while being an office worker, they were the countrys cream of the crop athletes at video games. In a nutshell, they play considerably popular games and take part in competitions for those games. They usually take part in competitions as part of a club, while for world-class tournaments they are usually in the national team when they take part.

Yang Chen knew that sports like soccer and basketball which had incredible popularity had such communities, but he didnt expect games to also have them!

In the Zhonghai eSports Centre, the professional eSports team here naturally belonged to Zhonghai City. The design was avant-garde, and the inside of the spacious feeling sports centre was split up into different sections of training ground. However, the area here didnt have sports or exercise equipment, there was only row after row of high specced computers.

The never-ending flow of people who entered and left the centre was mostly youngsters, many of them looked to be approximately twenty years old, and there were even some who looked like they were fifteen or sixteen. Without even mentioning their brimming youthfulness, many of them spoke and possessed a bearing which was a lot more mature than ordinary people.

Inside a different part of the centre, there were groups of contestants rapidly tapping on their mouses and keyboards, Yang Chen simply couldnt understand why they were tapping so much; Concentration only required one to use the mouse.

Youre saying all these people play games as a job? While walking, Yang Chen looked around in disbelief. Theres such a beautiful job in the world? To be able to play games and get paid for it?

TangTang looked at Yang Chen with a tinge of disdain, Uncle youre so outdated, eSports has already become a recognized professional sport all over the world for years. Dont you look down on them, they seem sixteen or seventeen but theyre all second-class athletes at the bare minimum, some of them are even in the national team. In the eSports circles they are even rather famous.

This profession is great, I wanna switch to it. Yang Chen said with envy, and inside he thought: I wonder if Concentration has professional players?

TangTang didnt know what Yang Chen was thinking, if she knew, shed die from puking blood. She explained, Uncle, dont you dare think that its simple to be a professional player, lets just take the teams in this eSports centre as an example. Although they all have some companies sponsoring them, they definitely cant be compared with other hot sporting teams, itd be considered pretty good to receive an investment of several millions a year. When the money is split amongst the members, the amount of money each person receives isnt even on the same level as ordinary white collar workers. The ones who could truly make big sums are the finest athletes, without even mentioning their high salaries, their spokesperson and competition prize money would add up to several millions every year. But for majority of the participants, they could only barely earn enough to pass their days.

Yang Chen understood now that this was a professional that followed the laws of the jungle. Yang Chen thought about the welfare and wages in Yu Lei International, the legion of beautiful ladies, and managed to quickly dispel the notion of becoming a professional player. He inquired, Where are you bringing me to?

TangTang jovially answered, Uncle, do you remember who else was present the first time we met?

Yang Chen pondered over this question, then answered, Are you referring to the two followers of yours? Why havent I seen them ever since then?

Not them! TangTang angrily said, Those two silly kids are too boring, Ive long booted them and never brought them out to play. Im referring to Yuanye-ge, who is also the leader of that pack of bodyguards who came.

Yang Chen remembered him, That youngster who drives an Audi R8? What about him?

Yuanye-ge is the boss of the Zhonghai Warcraft team, and is also the leader of the team. TangTang boastfully said with pride.

Hes also one of those professional eSports player you mentioned? Yang Chen didnt know whether to laugh or to cry, He already has the money to drive an R8 which costs over two million, why even bother to be an athlete?

Because he likes it. Yuanye-ge likes to play Warcraft, but his family members object to it, Im the only one who supports him. TangTang brandished her little fist as she spoke.

Rich children would often squander more than poor children, and be less successful. This isnt them being stupid, its because they lack the drive to succeed. Being born with a silver spoon in their mouth, they foresaw a life of extravagance ever since they were little, a whole life of high positions and great wealth. Their efforts seem powerless and unnecessary, the path they ought to take would be provided for them, as for the inheritance is all being donated to charities said by parents, thats all bullshit! Those are just excuses to dodge inheritance taxes!

Yuanye too was wealthy since childhood. In fact, to the great Young Master Yuan, money was practically no different than a number to him, but Yuanye wasnt misled into taking the wrong step of squandering his money and youth. He became infatuated with eSports, fell in love with a game like Warcraft, and spent money to build a Warcraft team in Zhonghai. In addition, based on his own best efforts in training and innate talent, he successfully entered to become one of the countrys best in his profession, and became a well known player.

Although he was still far from his dreams of being world champion, Yuanye led a much more fulfilling life in comparison to other fuerdai. He didnt seem like he was wasting his time either, at least he had his own career.

But a success like that wouldnt change the opposition his family had towards his gaming career. Despite Yuanyes persistence and the absence of fierce interference from his family, he didnt have the support and understanding of his family, which was still a painful thing in the end.

Luckily, Yuanye had a little sister from a family which was friends with his family since childhood, this girl was precisely TangTang.

What could possibly more heartening than having a career this young man loves and receiving the support of the girl he loves?

But when this young man who expectantly awaits for a beautiful future with this girl whos still in puberty notices this girl gradually speaking of another man to him repeatedly, and even bring this man to meet him, it goes without saying that this young mans heart felt discomfort.

The Yuanye of this moment was the same, when he noticed TangTangs brilliant smile as she pulled Yang Chen into the spacious training room and walked towards him, Yuanye felt his heartstrings being pulled, a mysterious sense of danger emerged.

Yuanye-ge, look who Ive brought. Tangtang who was in a good mood didnt notice the minute change on Yuanye.

Hello, we meet again. Yuanye who had good upbringing quickly withdrew the abnormal reaction he had, and offered a handshake to Yang Chen in a scholarly manner.

Yang Chen made a simple handshake with him, he noticed that instance of nervousness and guard Yuanye put up, and was smiling inside, You dont seem to be very happy to see me.

Thats not it at all, Im just very curious as to why TangTang brought you here. Recently, TangTang has mentioned you often, thank you for saving TangTang before. Yuanye sincerely said.

Yang Chens opinion of Yuanye rose a little again. Without a certain amount of experience in society, one wouldnt be able to maintain ones cool towards ones love rival, and even speak with such sincere gratitude.

TangTang found the way the two spoke to be very courteous, and impatiently cut straight to the point saying, Yuanye-ge, Uncle is too outdated, even the games he plays are meant for little girls. I brought him here to watch you guys play Warcraft, so he can expand his horizons.

Hearing a reason like this that makes one confused whether to laugh or to cry, Yuanye felt a lot more at ease inside, he felt like he still had an advantage. With a warm smile he answered, Alright then, TangTang, you may bring Mr. Yang to take a look around, our team is having training right now, but itll end in around an hour, Ill come find you guys to play then.

Yang Chen naturally didnt mind, he was already rather interested in the vibrant and detailed game on the monitors. Following TangTang, he went on to an empty computer and listened to TangTang explain things.

TangTang may not be a professional gamer, but under Yuanyes influence, she was still an above average player in games. She taught the rookie Yang Chen the basics to Warcraft, and coached him on how to play, everything she said sounded clear and logical.

Yang Chens ability to remember far outstripped the average joe. Although there were many things he couldnt understand, he could forcibly commit it to memory after hearing it, so after half an hour, his knowledge of the games theoretical basics were solid.

While stunned by how a game could be this complicated, Yang Chen began to feel an itch to try.

TangTang could make out Yang Chens thoughts, and asked with uncertainty, Uncle, do you really wanna give it a try? All of the things I spoke about were all theories, and itd be a huge difference from actually playing it. Control, awareness and tactics are all vital.

Let me give it a try, I more or less understand it. Yang Chen said in a reserved manner.

The opponent for his first try was obviously the Computer, the main reason being to familiarize with the controls. Yang Chen was too lazy to choose a race and used random because each race had its own interesting points, they were all worthy to try out, and there was no such thing as which was suitable for him to play.

TangTang sat beside Yang Chen, she was initially thinking about properly coaching Yang Chen, as beginners would always forget many things. It would usually be forgetting to construct buildings or forgetting to send troops, but once Yang Chen started the game, TangTang realized that there wasnt even such a need!

It was like Yang Chen had the steps on the back of his hand, every click he made adhered to her teachings earlier, and as time passed, his other hand began to proficiently tap on the hotkeys on the keyboard, just like a seasoned player!

Uncle, are you toying with me? Youve known how to play all along havent you!? TangTang slapped on Yang Chens shoulder while sulking.

Yang Chen shook his head, his sight never left the computer screen, Definitely not, I only learned about this game today, but it seems pretty fun to play.

Ten minutes later, Yang Chen completely eliminated the AI opponent by commanding a bunch of low grade soldiers. He stretched his fingers and said to TangTang with a smile, Seems like Ill have to play with medium difficulty AI.

It looked as if TangTang was looking at a freak, her pair of beautiful eyes were filled with shock, Uncle, youre the first person Ive met who could defeat the AI in his first try.

Time seemed to speed up after, under TangTangs undivided attention, Yang Chen rapidly advanced from a rookie to a tyrannical gamer, the amount of time that took didnt exceed an hour!

Actually, Yang Chen realized that the core of the game was accurate time calculation and micromanagement of troops. Yet these two factors could be easily dealt with by his brain and reflexes, so it was incredibly easy for him to master.

When Yuanye was done with the teams training, he came to Yang Chen and TangTangs side, Yang Chen was already on online PvP mode with TangTangs account, and was already close to victory.

Yuanyes brows creased, TangTang, didnt you say that Mr. Yang doesnt know how to play? He seems very proficient.

TangTang had already watched to the point that she was turning dazed, Yuanye-ge, havent you always been looking for a genius at Warcraft? Uncle seems to be one

Next, TangTang began to make a simple recount of what happened in the past two hours, when she spoke of the later parts, even she felt that it was inconceivable.

Yuanyes gaze was filled with disbelief, seeing that Yang Chen had just finished the game, he said to Yang Chen, How about Mr. Yang try playing a game with me? I think youve pretty much grasped the game.

Yang Chen was just at his peak of excitement, and nodded without another word.

Once the two got into the game, in a few minutes, all sorts of harassment and restrictions began. TangTang who stood at a side watching was a little dazzled, but was incomparably shocked inside. If it was Yuanye teasing Yang Chen, that would be fine, but no matter how she looked at it, the two were trading blows and looked equally matched!

Yang Chen definitely just learned it!

When the large scale battle of this game reached its end, Yuanye depended on his economic advantage and finally achieved a hard-fought victory against Yang Chen, then made a long sigh.

TangTang who was watching was incredibly excited as she couldnt help but ask, Uncle, why didnt you open a mine? If you opened a mine youd have had enough money to continue battling!

Yang Chen scratched his head, then said with an awkward smile, I forgot that I could open a mine, I wont next time.

These words finally made Yuanye conscious that Yang Chen was a beginner, but for a beginner to reach such a high level of skill in such a short amount of time, isnt he too godly!?

Yuanye may feel shocked and unwilling, but there was even more excitement. He could obviously make out that Yang Chens potential was way higher than this, if he could get Yang Chen to join his team, then wouldnt becoming the national champion and even highly ranked on the world championship be possible?

Mr. Yang, I wonder if you have ever thought about joining team competitions? I think you definitely have that capability. Yuanye couldnt care less about being rude as he anxiously said.

Yang Chen smiled, Im just playing a game, I dont have any other intentions.

I can offer a very high salary, way beyond your current jobs wages! Yuanye urgently added.

Yang Chen became a slightly discontent, but he knew that the other side didnt have any ill-intent, I dont lack money.

Yuanye finally noticed that he had been impolite, and apologized with a smile, My apologies, I was too excited. Then could you give me your contact details, Mr. Yang? I hope I could practice with you if I have the chance. Only by competing with experts could one continuously improve.

This was obviously no problem, Yang Chen was even thinking about looking for others to play with, so he straightforwardly gave Yuanye his msn email which the company provided and his own cellphone number.

Right at this time, TangTangs phone suddenly rang, TangTang looked at the number, and picked it up in an aggrieved manner

Hello, whats up now, Jiejie Alright, I got it, Im not fooling around with bad people, Im playing at Yuanye-ges place Okay okay, Ill go back now

[TL: I may occasionally use Jiejie or jie rather than elder sister(or oneechan), they mean the same thing but less awkward imo.]
TangTang dejectedly ended the call, then showed Yang Chen a helpless smile, Uncle, I have to go home now, otherwise my elder sister would flip out. Please send me back.

Yang Chen looked at the time on the wall, it was unexpectedly five in the afternoon, and was indeed time to return home, so he stood up and bade farewell to Yuanye.

Yuanye felt mildly regretful that he couldnt play a few more rounds with Yang Chen, but he was more bothered by the fact that TangTang actually asked Yang Chen to send her instead of him.

Yang Chen took the chance when TangTang wasnt paying attention and patted Yuanye on the shoulder, he softly said, Dont misunderstand, Im an uncle to her. Its impossible between us, you have to put in more effort.

With his worry being seen through, Yuanye couldnt help but blush, but he still nodded at Yang Chen with gratefulness.

Sending them off all the way out of the eSports centre, Yuanye didnt forget to repeatedly remind Yang Chen to stay in contact, he had evidently considered Yang Chen a true friend. Perhaps to Yuanye, someone who would play Warcraft with him would be considered a good friend.

Yuanye was very much in love with his profession.

When they got back to the car, Yang Chen suddenly remembered something, he asked TangTang in bewilderment, Didnt you say that youre a test tube baby? How is it that you have a sister? Did your mother actually give birth to two test tube babies?

TangTang chuckled, The elder sister I mentioned is my mother.

Your mother? Yang Chen was dazed.

Yeah. TangTang had a stubborn face on her, and said with pride, When my mother gave birth to me she was still very young, so when I left home with her then, she made it clear that Im not to call her Mama, and have to call her Jiejie as she was afraid of being looked at as old. I may have been young then, but I was very angry. She was obviously my mom, why must I call her Jiejie? Could it be that I cant have a mother? So when I grew up and became more sensible, I only call her Jiejie, Jiejie. She then began to see that there was something wrong with that, and wanted me to call her Mama, but I refused to listen, I continued to call her Jiejie, and she has been wracking her head over this problem!

The corners of Yang Chens mouth slightly raised. Looking at the teenage girl who was full of this little happiness, he suddenly felt envy towards this young and clowny mother-daughter pairs warm relationship

Having a mother is a very happy thing, isnt it? Yang Chen thought inside.