My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 118

Chapter 118: I Lose Appetite
Chapter 118: I lose appetite

Because it was time for people to get off work, the traffic was at its peak, so when Yang Chen arrived at the west suburbs villas area which TangTang mentioned, over an hour had passed and the skies were gradually darkening.

The greenery in the west suburbs were extremely lush, the shade from the trees covered the roads, causing the white BMW to seem incredibly conspicuous. But obviously, all high-class villa areas like this one had the same problem; theres no one else on the road.

According to TangTangs directions, they drove up to a small courtyard. The house was brightly lit, there was someone waiting at home.

Okay, thanks Uncle, Ill have to start concentrating on my studies soon, so you gotta think of me. Unwilling to part, TangTang blinked her large eyes at Yang Chen as she spoke.

Yang Chen rubbed the young girls soft hair, then jokingly scolded, Why would I think of you for no reason? Get off the car, little girl, dont keep your elder sis Uh no, your mother waiting.

Tch, Jiejie is Jiejie, she can forget about making a comeback as my Mama in this lifetime! TangTang stubbornly snorted. After getting off the car, she even cutely blew a kiss to Yang Chen before closing the door and running towards her home.

Seeing TangTang peacefully open the door and enter the house, Yang Chen sighed in relief. Thinking about how he still had matters to attend to during the night, he then looked at the time on the dashboard, it was close to six in the evening, so he immediately stepped on the accelerator and left this area of villas

While softly entering the house, TangTang stepped onto the mediterranean rug on top of the pine wood floor. TangTang took off her pink flat canvas shoes to reveal the cute white socks with cartoon prints she wore, then walked towards the sofa in the living room.

TangTang bent her body sideways little by little and saw a familiar figure lying on the leather chivas sofa. This persons wavy hair was draped down to the floor, she had a curvy body, and the radian of that pair of outstanding buttocks was enough to make a vast majority of women gnash their teeth in jealousy.

The graceful and charming lady held the book Tokugawa Ieyasu and lightly flipped over a page. She suddenly spoke, Since when has our heroine TangTang become someone who returns home so quietly and cautiously?

Its not being careful, its to guard against attacks

Come on in, there are no landmines. The lady said with a smile.

Seeing that the lady wasnt angered, TangTang patted her chest in relief. She wore a calm smile as she walked to the ladys side, and gently caressed the ladys smooth hair, My great Jiejie, youre truly getting younger and prettier, in another few years our ages will have to be swapped.

Cunning brat, you knew you came home late, and even learnt to boot-lick. The lady reached out her white finger to dotingly tap on TangTangs nose. She looked at the teenage girl with vast amounts of gentleness, How many times have I told you, call me Mama, not Jiejie!

Its you who wanted me to call you Jiejie, Im not going to call you Mama, Mama sounds so old. Jiejie youre so young. TangTang pouted as she spoke.

The lady stood up, put down her book, and pulled TangTang down to sit with her on the sofa with both hands. In a dignified manner she said, That was when you were younger. Back then, I was young and insensible, but this isnt right. Now that youve grown older and have become more sensible, how can you keep calling me Jiejie instead of Mama? Wouldnt it be embarrassing if someone heard?

Thats no big deal, I like to say Jiejie, Jiejie is great, theres no generation gap with Jiejie! TangTang showed a witty smile.

TangTang be obedient, call me Mama! The lady continued to dispute.

Im disobedient, I just want to be your little sister

I am your mother, how can you refuse to listen to me? The lady said angrily while creasing her brows.

TangTang pouted and shook her head, No, youre not my Mama! Ill only call you Jiejie, Jiejie, Jiejie

How am I not your Mama?! The lady panicked, her voice elevated quite a bit, You bad luck child! What can I say about you! Do you know how long you were in my tummy? Ten months of pregnancy, flesh and blood that came out from my tummy, how can you not call me Mama!?

Nuuuu TangTang cutely rejected, threw herself into the ladys bosoms, and hugged the ladys soft and exquisite waist, I just dont want to call you Mama Even if I call you Mama I dont have a Papa Like I was born from a rock Its more soothing inside to call you Jiejie, at least I wont feel lonely since I have a sister..

The stammering soft voice was like raging waves smashing onto the shore. The lady gave a jolt, and her eyes gradually became moist. She stroked her daughters back with one hand, and lightly kissed TangTangs hair.

Im sorry, TangTang, Mama brought you into this world, yet I cant give you a Papa, Mama has let you down

By the table lamp, the young mother and daughter tightly embraced, silent and serene.

When Yang Chen returned home, he could already smell the fragrance of food drifting out from the house. Yang Chen who had been starving for the whole afternoon couldnt wait any longer, he quickly parked the car and ran for the house. Sure enough, Wang Ma had already served the dishes onto the table, winter melon pork ribs, cauliflower with tenderloin, grilled eggplant and several other dishes that exuded steaming fragrance.

Lin Ruoxi who sat on the sofa noticed Yang Chen charging into the house. Her delicate brows faintly creased, but she didnt speak a word. She quietly stood up, walked towards the dining table and sat down, then called out to the kitchen, Wang Ma, stop working, come out and eat.

Yang Chen felt warm inside, he asked with a smile, Waiting for me to eat together?

Its Wang Ma whos waiting for you and not me, Im waiting for Wang Ma to eat. After Lin Ruoxi said it in a rather roundabout way, she began to eat without a care for Yang Chen.

Wang Ma who walked out of the kitchen amiably smiled and said, Young Master need not listen to Miss drivel, Miss has actually been waiting for you.

Hearing this, Lin Ruoxi felt rather annoyed, but she didnt refute this because she knew Wang Ma had good intentions, so she just continued to eat with her little mouth.

Yang Chen was already used to the cold silence between them, he gratifyingly smiled at Wang Ma, added more dishes onto Wang Mas rice bowl, then began to take dishes for himself.

The atmosphere at the table was rather awkward, Lin Ruoxi kept silent, as if she didnt exist.

Wang Ma kept trying to mend the relationship between the two by urging them speak to each other more, but seeing the terrible mood Lin Ruoxi was in, she didnt know where to start.

Yang Chen loudly raked in the food. Wang Mas craft made him have no mood to attend to Lin Ruoxis exceptional coldness today. In a short while he emptied the whole bowl, then went to fill it up with rice again.

Young Master, if the rice isnt enough, I can cook some noodles too. Wang Ma happily said, afraid that Yang Chen didnt have enough to eat.

Yang Chen shook his head, Its enough, I will be full after this bowl.

Lin Ruoxi was displeased and said, Wang Ma, why treat him so well? He just eats and doesnt work, if he eats more its just a waste of the countrys grains.

Wang Ma found those words incorrect, and urgently said, Miss, how could you say such a thing, Young Masters great appetite is a good thing.

His appetite is good, but I lose mine!

Lin Ruoxi slapped the chopsticks onto the table, stood up, and walked towards the stairs.

She had been restraining all that anger in her since the afternoon, this fellow didnt put in effort at work, played games during office hours, and now he even went out to find people to play games!

Fine, he didnt explain that matter with Mo Qianni to me, didnt express even a little bit of his opinion, and I endured it! But that wasnt the end, he played games outside till it was so late before coming home, yet didnt know to call home beforehand, causing me and Wang Ma to blindly wait for him. Then when he returned, he didnt even explain himself and began to rake in the food!

Lin Ruoxi wished she could stuff the bowl into that fellows mouth, and see if he would have enough to eat then!

Everything happened too quickly, Yang Chens mind wasnt able to figure out what just happened before Lin Ruoxi had already gone upstairs and shut her door with a bang.

Wang Ma, have I done something wrong again? Yang Chen was puzzled, could it be that shes angry just because he eats a lot?

Wang Ma shook her head with a bitter smile, Maybe its because Miss saw you return home so late, yet you didnt leave her a message, so she panicked. Young Master, dont think too much about it, Miss only got so angry because she cares about you.

This care is pretty terrifying. Yang Chen showed an embarrassed smile.

Wang Ma hesitated for a while, then carefully prodded, Young Master, actually, Miss didnt get so angry for no reason. In the past there was only Miss and I, so Miss never had to wait for anyone. She could eat when she wanted, and leave when she wanted. But now theres one more person in the family. Miss cares about you, yet you, Young Master, neglect her feelings. You didnt send her a message and returned home an hour late. Miss may feel that youre not respecting her, so she got angry.

Yang Chen was speechless, it seemed like he was really at fault, and guiltily nodded, How about this, Wang Ma, as a person Ive been used to being negligent. Ill put in effort to change, but in the future, if its past meal time and Im still not home, please do not wait for me. I occasionally get into messes and forget to call.

Wang Ma consented with a smile, and added more dishes onto Yang Chens bowl with satisfaction.

When he was full, Yang Chen took a look at the time. It wasnt yet seven-thirty, and there was enough time to get to ROSE bar. He didnt dare forget the matter on this night, otherwise he wouldnt be able to be at peace for the rest of his life if any mishap happens to Rose.

After simply telling Wang Ma that he had to leave home for something, Yang Chen quickly drove out of the villa.

Lin Ruoxi who was in the study doing her work heard the sounds of the cars engine from the open window. Creasing her brows, she put down her fountain pen and walked out of her study, looking around downstairs. Sure enough, Yang Chen was nowhere to be found.

Wang Ma, whered he go? Lin Ruoxi hesitated, but still asked.

Wang Ma was in the middle of wiping the table, when she heard this, she revealed a gratified smile and said, Seems like Miss still cares about Young Master. Actually, young people should chat more, theres nothing worth getting angry about.

Lin Ruoxi didnt reply, she didnt want to say some things that would make Wang Ma worry.

Wang Ma was used to Lin Ruoxis way of conversation, so she continued to answer, Young Master said that hes going to participate in a friends banquet. He says that he may not come home tonight, and told us not to wait for him.


Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath to make herself feel a little better. Like she was talking to herself, she sneered and said, Wait for him? There was never a need to wait for him!

With that said, Lin Ruoxi turned around and returned to her study, and once again closed the door with a bang.