My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 121

Chapter 121: I Am A Beast
Chapter 121: I am a beast

The faces of Situ Mingze and Zhou Guangnian turned green while Yang Chen and Rose laughed. Zhou Dongcheng ehh no, Miss Chanels stunning appearance and perfect performance made the two overbearing godfathers seem like deflated balloons.

Bastard Are you trying to kill me with anger Zhou Guangnian pointed his finger at Chanel, Get the hell out! Get the hell out of my sight immediately! Dont embarrass me any further!!

Why are you so agitated father? Its such a beautiful night, I still want to dance with Mr. Yang. Chanel retorted coquettishly like she had been wronged.

The guests present couldnt help but smile, but they didnt dare do it too brazenly. After all Zhou Guangnian was here. This scene, however, was just too dramatic. Who wouldve thought that the prince of a criminal gang would appear as a breathtaking crossdresser, a graceful and lovable one at that?!

Rose gazed at Yang Chen peculiarly and softly inquired, Hubby, you and Zhou Dongcheng couldnt possibly be having a

What are you thinking! Yang Chens face changed as he immediately vetoed the thought. How would I know that he would be like this? I only met him once by coincidence.

Rose patted her chest from hearing this, If you really dare to like men as well, I would leave you! Evidently, she could accept it if the man she loved did it with other women, but if he were to do it with men, this would make her go crazy as a woman.

Zhou Guangnian took long strides to get in front of Chanel, with a dark and strict face, he bared his teeth as he said, Have you come here today to go against me, your father!?

Why would you say such a thing, dear father? Dont you hope for your daughter to be pretty?

Youre a man! A fruit from my loins!!! Zhou Guangnian suddenly shouted. This made the surrounding guests subconsciously take a few steps back.

Chanel gracefully twirled her gold locks, Who knows better about whether Im a man or a woman than myself? If Lord Father wants to insist that Im not a woman, then it seems like the only thing I can do is to take off my underwear in front of everybody

Having said that, she gave expressive gazes towards the men and women around her. And with their shocked gazes, she lifted her fluffy skirt which revealed her smooth, shaved legs and her exquisite calves

Hes really going to take off his underwear!!!

But nobody turned their gazes away, because Chanels beautiful legs were like those of a perfect catwalk model, dazzlingly long and like jade, causing others to be mesmerized. It didnt matter whether it was the male or female guests, all of them were ashamed inside because they were staring at the legs of a man who was crossdressing and they were looking forward to seeing him take off his underwear!


Zhou Guangnian couldnt bear it anymore and he slapped Chanels left cheek!


A red handprint instantly appeared on Chanels cheek that had been slapped. Only then did she slowly let go of her skirt which was pulled up to her thighs. Straightening up her body, she touched her cheek and looked at Zhou Guangnian with a bitter expression. Just like a professional actress, her eyes became puffy and tears fell. Father, you actually hit me I I dont care about you anymore! She said while sobbing.

After she was finished speaking, Chanel, who looked like a pink cloud, ran towards the banquet halls main exit holding up the bottom of her skirt and wiping away her tears!

Although the events which had unfolded shocked everyone, the sudden departure of Chanel made many feel awkward. What the hell! She just came, and is already leaving!?

Zhou Guangnians face turned green from anger after seeing his own son sob like a little girl while running out of the banquet hall. He could no longer maintain the mild expression he had before. Zhou Guangnian gave a profound gaze to Situ Mingze who was wearing a gloomy expression, and loudly said, This Zhou is in a bad mood today. Ill leave first to discipline my unfilial son, everybody please continue!

Over ten of the elite Dongxing bodyguards immediately surrounded Zhou Guangnian and they left the banquet hall in a majestic manner.

In just a short while, both the father and the son of the Zhou family had left. Although many of the guests that were present felt rather saddened, they felt like they had just witnessed a great play.

Yang Chen didnt know if Zhou Dongcheng had purposefully made a ruckus at the perfect moment, but this made the situation a lot less tense. With only Situ Mingze left, there was no longer the need to be apprehensive towards Dongxings forces.

Situ Mingze obviously knew this as well, but his decades of hardships had already made this old schemer capable of maintaining a calm expression in any situation. With a pair of gloomy eyes he glared at Rose and Yang Chen and said, Mr. Zhou may have left, but our topic remains. I believe everybody here present would be happy to see the Situ family and the Zhou family linked together by marriage, right?

This question seemed to be directed towards the guests, but all of the guests unanimously chose to lower their heads in silence.

Situ Mingze didnt seem to feel awkward by this response, and continued to say, My daughter, dont you want us to have a proper home together?

Ive already made myself clear President Situ, you should leave your good intentions to yourself as Miss Chanel is a beautiful woman. Rose dully smiled.

The matters of Young Master Zhou surprised me very much as well. Situ Mingze wasnt angered by Roses reply. He sighed and said, I believe Young Master Zhou was just being a little too playful. Youngsters like you often make mistakes. When making a mistake, one just needs to correct themselves, but if one continues to make mistake after mistake, that would be horrid.

What if I just like to persist in wrongdoings without feeling any regret? Rose brilliantly smiled.

Then Ill help you regret it. Situ Mingzes face darkened as he made a hand signal to a robust man who was following him in silence. This man was the newly promoted West Union Society elder, Zhang Hu.

Zhang Hu nodded understandingly and shouted to all of the guests, Mr. Zhou has left early, so todays banquet will end here. Of course, if you wish to stay to watch the next show, well also be very happy! Zhang Hus lips curled up in a malicious grin as he said this.

The guests immediately panicked and they all rushed towards the main door. How could they not know what this show meant? They originally came because they were forced to participate. Who would dare to linger around for another moment?

In a blink of an eye, all of the guests left. All that was left inside the large and bright hall were a bunch of West Union Societys members and Roses group of four.

Little Zhao, who wore a waiters uniform, retreated to Roses side. He had an angry expression with no fear of death. It was clear to the youngster as to how bleak this situation was.

As for Chen Rong, she had been stuck in the shock from a few scenes ago. The pure girl would never have thought that there would be a bunch of people living like this in their circles. She didnt know what would come next, but she still nervously gripped her skirt with both hands.

Several of the West Union Societys underbosses had brought in their subordinates from the outside as they proudly surrounded Roses group. This battle had gone on for long enough and was finally about to come to an end tonight. This couldnt be interpreted as anything other than great news for the elders.

Situ Mingze and Rose, father and daughter, stared at each other. The looks they exchanged were filled with too many meanings.

How long have you been planning this move? Rose asked.

Situ Mingze received a lit cigar which had already been clipped. Inhaling a breath of smoke, he calmed his nerves and said, Actually, from the very beginning, Ive been in contact with Mr. Zhou, and we both had a tacit understanding of each other.

You mean that you are birds of the same feather. Rose grinned and said, Zhou Guangnian initially did drug trades and human trafficking to broaden his finances. The things youve done in the past few years have at least been on par with him.

Tch tch, how can you say such a thing. Situ Mingze shook his head and said, Daughter, I only say such things because youre my one and only daughter. In any profession, one must do things that fit that profession. For someone in the underworld, if one doesnt sell drugs and arms, that would be considered incompetent. As for the human trafficking you mentioned, it requires willingness from both sides, Im just doing others a favor, and cant be blamed

Do you want to know what made you lose? Situ Mingze held the cigar in his mouth while asking with a tone of a winner.

Without waiting for Rose to answer, Situ Mingze spoke with widened eyes, You lost from being too humane!

Its important to have some human compassion, but too much isnt good. You think that selling drugs and human trafficking is inhumane and is harmful to the world. But if nobody wants to buy, why would I sell it? If nobody sells, what would the prospective buyers do? Look at things from a different perspective, and you wont need to split hairs. Situ Mingze strolled around like he was a professor lecturing on an important topic, Back when you betrayed me, you called me a beast, you wanted to put a line between us, did I refute this? No! I didnt refute it! Have you wondered why!? Its because I am a beast! I dont give a damn about being humane!!!

Situ Mingze threw the Cuban cigar in his hands to the ground forcefully and fiercely crushed it into a paste with his foot. He raised his head with a weird smile saying, See, this is how useless being humane is, its gone just by stepping on it once.

Tonights banquet is something I have discussed with Brother Zhou, if you hadnt come, that would have been a declaration of war against us. In actuality, you didnt need to come at all. Sooner or later we would have to battle, but just for your subordinates, you would definitely take the risk and come here. Furthermore, you wouldnt bring your men here, and why is this? Its because youre afraid of sacrificing all of them. Look at how humane you are being but what use is there being humane? Havent you gifted yourself to my doorstep?

Thats my choice, I dont need your lesson. Rose said without a care.

Situ Mingze snorted, I know, youre definitely guessing that this is obviously a banquet for murdering a guest. If I do what everybody think Id do which is to take this chance to kill my own daughter, that would be so tasteless, so lacking in morality. I, Situ Mingze, have been in the scene for so many years that Im already considered a well-known and respected figure in Zhonghai who definitely wouldnt do a thing like that but, Ill do it! Ill go against all expectations and do it!! Beasts never follow rules, Im not afraid of losing face or respect. I dont even care about being humane, whats there to stop me!?

Rose looked at him with some sympathy, How unfortunate, I never expected that my opponent wasnt a human all this time.

What you should find unfortunate is that half of the blood in your body came from this beast. Situ Mingze voice gradually became louder, his gaze were like two sharp knives stabbing into Rose, Today, you can choose to listen to me obediently, or Ill personally send my daughter to the netherworld

With that said, Situ Mingze slowly received a Glock pistol handed to him from behind and pointed the black muzzle right at Roses proud head!