My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 129

Chapter 129 1: Can I Not Say?
Chapter 129-1: Can I not say?
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Yang Chen just got off the phone, and didnt notice where Wang Ma went. Shaking his head he asked, Why are you looking for Wang Ma?

Lin Ruoxi creased her brows. She seemed to be considering something and remained silent while biting her lip

At this time, Wang Mas voice was heard from the second floor, Miss, whats the matter?

Both Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi raised their heads at the same time and were dumbstruck.

They saw Wang Ma who had changed into a set of white pajamas and had her hair untied. She stood by the railing on the second floor. There was a pure white facial mask on her face, she was in the middle of maintenance for ladies.

Lin Ruoxis cheeks reddened. With a slightly blaming tone she said, Wang Ma, when did you start using facial masks? Also, have you forgotten what day it is?

While giving her face a small massage, Wang Ma pondered and said, Oh! well Miss, Ive been getting older and my memory is getting worse, I forgot about the matter you mentioned.

Yang Chen looked at Wang Mas face which was totally white, and found that it was rather refreshing. No wonder Wang Ma managed to look like she was in her forties when she was over fifty. It turns out that she does proper maintaining work on herself. But come to think of it, it made sense since she was overseeing such a large house. When she wasnt busy during the day, other than performing maintenance on herself there was practically nothing else to do.

Hurry up Wang Ma, Ill wait for you. Lin Ruoxi helplessly said. She was sulking like a little girl that was bullied by her elders.

Yang Chen felt rather baffled. What matter was she attending to that required Wang Mas company?

Before Yang Chen could ask, Wang Ma said, Miss, you dont need to wait for me. In the past there were only us ladies in the house. Now that Miss has married Young Master, it should be Young Master who accompanies you to Book City to shop for books instead. I still have much more maintenance work to be done. Miss, just go with Young Master.

No! Lin Ruoxi immediately said defensively, Wang Ma, I want to go with you.

Wang Ma walked down the stairs while chuckling, her hands were still rubbing her face as she said, Miss, Im pretty old now, and cant always accompany you. In the future, youd still have to spend days together as a couple. If I accompany you to buy books, I wont be able to help much. The most I could do is to help you carry two bags of books. Young Master on the other hand, is different. Youre both youngsters, you could chat and exchange opinions. Besides, when leaving the house at night, its always good to have a man by your side. Ill be at ease with Young Master protecting you.

Yang Chen understood and nodded. This woman wanted to go to Book City to buy books. Although they hadnt known each other for long, he knew that Lin Ruoxi was fond of books. He had previously seen her collection of books that were in her study. This made it look like a small library. Every week during the period of when she was hospitalized, a large number of books needed to be sent to the hospital for her reading pleasure.

It was unexpected that this CEO who had a cold and distant character insisted on Wang Ma accompanying her to buy books from Book City. It was like a little girl who wanted her mothers company to shop.

Lin Ruoxi was immediately speechless. What Wang Ma said made sense. Although she felt rather stifled inside, for unknown reasons, she felt a little inexplicable anticipation towards Wang Mas suggestion.

Wang Ma smiled, then said to Yang Chen, Young Master, Miss had few friends since childhood. She loves reading books which is why she practically needs to go to Zhonghais Book City every month to purchase a ton of books. In the past, when the Old Mistress and Mistress were around theyd accompany Miss there. Now that theyre gone, theres only an old lady like me who could accompany Miss. She is not used to going there by herself. But its good now. With Young Master here, I can retire honorably from this duty.

With that said, Wang Ma gave Yang Chen an encouraging gaze and slowly went back upstairs.

Lin Ruoxis little problem was pointed out by Wang Ma and she felt unsettled around Yang Chen. Luckily, with her usual cold expression there was no awkwardness that could be noticed.

Yang Chen knew that she was thin-skinned, so he didnt continue asking questions. He said, Lets go, it isnt safe for you to go alone at night, let me accompany you.

Do you know the location of Zhonghais Book City? Lin Ruoxi asked.

I dont, but you can just lead me there. Yang Chen replied.

Lin Ruoxi slightly shook her head, Ill drive then.

Is that very important? Yang Chen was baffled.

Lin Ruoxi solemnly nodded, and with a serious look on her face she said, Its very important, I dont want to die on the road just because I want to buy books.

Half an hour later, sitting in Lin Ruoxis black Mercedes SLK that was from the collection in her garage, the two arrived at Zhonghais Book City.

The whole Book City filled a building that was over twenty storeys, and books of all genres could be found here. The number of neon lights and the traffic flow in this area was much more sparse than in other areas. Nonetheless the number of people traversing in and out of Book City were many.

Despite the materialistic life being incomparably abundant in this era, the mysterious invention called books never died out. Several scientists have proclaimed that books would be eliminated by e-book readers and other tools and paper would sink into the rivers of history. However, the fact was that books had a place in this world that was irreplaceable. From the ancient times till today, books were one of the few things that havent been eliminated by progress.

The reason is very simple, when a person sees an e-book reader, they usually have only two choices, to read or not to read. However, when faced with a book, a person can choose to casually flip through. One only needs to flip through the pages to have a rough understanding of whats in the book. This was something the e-book readers couldnt achieve.

Yang Chen stuck beside Lin Ruoxi, and entered Book City.