My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 130

Chapter 130 1: Forgot To Hide It Properly
Chapter 130-1: Forgot to hide it properly
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Yang Chen sighed, Youre the one whos forcing me to say it, alright

Dont waste time, go on. However, Im warning you, technology is very advanced now. I can use a translation tool to find out if youre speaking nonsense. Therefore, if you cant do it, just give up now.

Yang Chen looked at her strangely, cleared his throat, and began to translate:

Joseph came, he opened my bedroom door gently. I could hear my heart beating, it was filled with the thirst for love I didnt know if I should have gotten up to stop him. Ciel was right next door. Hes Josephs elder brother and my husband, but in this moment, we have both betrayed him

When the translation reached this point, Lin Ruoxi was staring blankly, but she remained silent. She looked at Yang Chen suspiciously, unable to judge whether he was speaking the truth.

Yang Chen could only continue translating helplessly:

Joseph kissed my earlobe, and I could feel my body heating up. How long has it been, oh My dear Joseph, youre like a warm furnace in the frigid winter, a shady tree in the summer, and I cant break away from you Oh, my beloved, kiss me, take me Forget about who Daphne is, forget who you are, were just a pitiful pair of lovers Arthur kissed my breast


Finally, Lin Ruoxi could no longer continue listening, her blush reached her ears. After closing the book, she said through clenched teeth, Why are you like this!? Even if you cant translate, dont just make something up. Its fine if you make something up, but why did you use such vulgar words!?

Yang Chen didnt know whether to laugh or to cry, I didnt make anything up, thats whats written in the book.

Who would believe you! Youre definitely lying, how could there be such content in this book? Could it be that the people who did the inspection dont know about this?

How would Yang Chen know how a book like this got here? However, it was surprising that Lin Ruoxi couldnt accept a story like that. It seemed like his wife was indeed very conservative in this aspect. She should know that such descriptive writing was totally normal overseas.

It was at this moment that a tall, gray-haired old man wearing a gray sweater and reading glasses walked over from the other side of the bookshelf and spoke amiably to Lin Ruoxi, Miss, this lad wasnt speaking nonsense. Ive seen that book before, there really are such passages in the book.

Lin Ruoxi looked at the old man in confusion, You are

My surname is Zhao, you may call me Old Zhao. I specialize in researching Indo-European languages, so I understand Albanian. What this young lad just translated should be correct. I remembered that this book was mainly about a Serbian woman who was worrying over whether to betray her marriage, and her name should be Daphne. Old Zhao explained.

Lin Ruoxi obviously wouldnt think that a kind-looking old man would join forces with Yang Chen to cheat her for no apparent reason. Although she now knew that she had wrongly accused Yang Chen, when she looked at the smug look on Yang Chens face, she felt rather stifled inside. How was it possible that this fellow was so smart, how does he even know such an obscure language!

Thank you, Old Zhao. Are you here to look at books too? Yang Chen was rather grateful to this old man. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to explain himself.

Old Zhao shook his head with a smile, Im here to read books to my wife. After saying so, he pointed at an old lady in a wheelchair at the other end of the bookshelf. She looked to be over sixty as well, and seemed to be rather frail.

My wifes cataracts couldnt be treated properly, so she became blind and can no longer read. In the past, we worked in the same research centre. We didnt expect that she would go blind when we grew older. In our line of work, being unable to see basically means becoming useless. My wife has been staying at home these past few years, and started to develop Alzheimers. I was worried for her, so I quit my job and started bringing her here everyday to read her books. I also bring her for walks. By doing this, she might be able to keep from becoming muddleheaded, and she might remember more things. When Old Zhao touched on this sensitive topic, his eyes became a little moist, Last year, she asked me what my name was. She remembered that my surname was Zhao, but she couldnt remember my full name. Thinking back to when we were young, my wife was also a famous specialist in the research institute. Who would have thought that she would forget my name when we got older. Theres no way I wouldnt be worried

With her pure mind, Lin Ruoxi felt very sad for this elderly couple after listening to their story. She consoled him, Old Zhao, dont be sad, Mrs. Zhao will get better.

Haha. Old Zhao laughed without restraint and said, Its difficult for her to get better. Ive already accepted this, whether or not she remembers me, Ill remember her. Ill remember our decades of trials and hardships, and thats enough. In a few more years, well be reduced to a pile of ashes, but since well be together to the very end, thats fine.

When Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi heard this, they became silent. This old mans words sounded carefree and ordinary, but they were full of what was most precious in this world.

Old Zhao suddenly gave the two a look with hidden meaning, and said, The two of you are a married couple as well, right?