My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 131

Chapter 131 1: Not A Math Problem
Chapter 131-1: Not a math problem
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After having her little secret exposed, Lin Ruoxi was embarrassed but not to the point of hiding like other girls. She immediately controlled her emotions, grabbed the delicately covered guidebook away from Yang Chens hands, and said, What are you blankly staring at, its not for you to read.

With a smile that wasnt a smile, Yang Chen remained silent and picked up another book that Lin Ruoxi bought from the trolley. The title of this book was even more blunt: The 100 rules for married couples to get along.

You Lin Ruoxi couldnt defend herself now, she bit her lip, snatched it away and put it into her bosom, Hurry up and load them into the boot, Ill get in the car first!

As she said that, Lin Ruoxi rushed into the car like a cool breeze, and slammed the door shut.

Yang Chen rubbed his nose, he found this scene comical. It was unexpected that Lin Ruoxi would buy two books like this, it didnt seem like her style at all.

On the way back home, Lin Ruoxi regained her poker face and was even colder than before. She didnt speak a word at all, she didnt know what to say.All she wanted to do was to quickly get back home, hide under her blanket and be alone!

Yang Chen saw through her nervousness, she looked like she was about to face a great enemy. He couldnt help but laugh and say, Do you need to be this serious about it? Isnt it just two books regarding the relationship between couples? Its not some forbidden book, theres no need to hide it or tuck it away.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly turned on the directional lights, drove to the dimly lit curb on the quiet road, and turned off the engine.

There was a street of small shops in a car-free zone, but it was totally silent now as it was night and there werent any pedestrians or cars which made the place seem really gloomy.

The lights in the interior of the car turned on by itself, the warm lights shined on Lin Ruoxis face, giving off a hazy feeling.

Its funny, right? Lin Ruoxi suddenly asked.

Yang Chen was puzzled as to why she stopped the car and asked such a question, he replied in a bewildered manner, Whats funny?

Lin Ruoxi thought he was playing dumb, and revealed a grieved sneer, Do you think Im really stupid? I dont even know how to be a wife or how to get along with a man.

Yang Chen was stunned, he was about to say nope, but he suddenly thought of how they got along with each other over the last few days, it certainly didnt seem good. But Yang Chen didnt think that the sole problem was Lin Ruoxi, therefore, after being asked this question he began to ponder what they lacked.

Lin Ruoxi took this as his tacit approval, and her eyes became a little sore, Did you know that when we saw the Zhao couples situation earlier in Book City, I felt very sad for them, but I also felt that they were very blessed. Although Mrs. Zhao could no longer remember the name of her lover, Old Zhao still stayed by her side. He put down everything he had to accompany her, to spend the rest of their days together. I really envy them

Youre still young, why think about such things? Said Yang Chen.

People will eventually grow old, and people all want to have a proper home. Lin Ruoxi continued to speak, Im thinking, if one day I cant walk anymore and my mind is unclear, would you still stay by my side?

Of course I will, were husband and wife after all. Yang Chen said with a smile, I at least have that much humanity in me.

Lin Ruoxi shook her head, That may be the case right now, but what if this isnt the case in the future?

Yang Chen found this words really strange, What do you mean by may be the case right now and not in the future? Isnt it your Lin Familys precept to only have one lover? Is it possible that youre thinking of changing husbands?

Although the twos relationship was very ordinary and wasnt that good, if one day Lin Ruoxi says that she wants to be with another man, Yang Chen felt that he would definitely kill that man. No matter the ethics and morality behind the situation, he wont tolerate it.

Ive said this long ago, Im not a part of the Lin Family, and Im not related to that old fogey! I also didnt get married to you just because of those ridiculous precepts! Lin Ruoxi was slightly furious and spoke in a solemn tone.

Smiling, Yang Chen said, You cant possibly have made me sign that two-year contract just to be a shield, right? I feel that my use as a shield has practically become unnecessary.

Lin Ruoxi faintly shook her head, I admit that I was deceiving you at that time, but theres also another small reason for what I did.

What other reason could it be? Yang Chen asked.

Lin Ruoxi suddenly blushed, she pursed her flowery lips, I Im a very conservative woman.

The mood in the car instantly became ambiguous, Yang Chen forcefully endured the urge to smile, and pretended to be serious as he asked, Erm I didnt hear that clearly could you say it once more?

Lin Ruoxi gnashed her teeth endlessly for this man had begun showing his rogueness. It was unknown from whence her courage came from as Lin Ruoxi decided to unleash it all!

I said! I am a conservative woman!! Lin Ruoxi shouted, with every word being clear and concise, My granny educated me since childhood to be faithful till death, I cannot bear giving away my first time to a stranger!

Yang Chen smiled, he looked at this fuming woman, Theres nothing embarrassing about that, you shouldve just made things clear a long time ago.

Dont pretend to be courteous, you definitely think Im a silly woman. Lin Ruoxi solemnly said, Silly for caring so much about my first time in this day and age, but I just cant get over it, I cant ignore everything that happened. Even after learning that youre someone who sells mutton skewers I still thought of marrying you.

Yang Chen was speechless, he looked at this dejected woman, then asked, Are you regretting that decision?

Unexpectedly, Lin Ruoxi shook her head, I did in the beginning, you were crude, rogue and unambitious, whenever you spoke you just sounded indecent Totally different from the ideal mate in my dreams However, ever since the day you rescued me from that warehouse by the harbor, I had already made the decision to be with you for the rest of my life.