My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 132

Chapter 132 1: Looking For That Feelings
Chapter 132-1: Looking for that feelings
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After being busy for a few days, Yang Chens life finally returned to normalcy.

Rose was busy reorganizing the west regions forces. Like a proud queen of the underworld, she got rid of all of the useless leaders and members, and established the new order she had hoped for. On the other hand, Dongxing of the east region was a lot more low-key. Other than expressing goodwill towards Rose, there wasnt much movements there; as if they had accepted the uprising of the new overlord of the west region.

Situ Mingze was sent to an inconspicuous north European country by Rose. Over there, an old deaf and dumb couple would take care of him for the rest of his life. Not much money was given, but it was enough for him to stay alive. The home wasnt big, but was enough for him to have a sofa and a television.

When leaving Huaxia, he heard from Little Zhao that Situ Mingze sullenly begged Rose not to send him away. He said that he knew that if he went hed lose everything.

Rose didnt let her kindness take over; she knew how important her decision was.

This matter had finally reached an end.

Li Jingjing had invited Yang Chen to a place where she said was mysterious, but they could only go a few days later. She also told Yang Chen that after her mother had striked off the Jiang family, she started to look around for a new boyfriend for her. This gave Jingjing a headache and she felt like moving out.

As for Jiang Shuo and his father Jiang Meng, ever since they received the video which was anonymously sent, they became extremely careful. Every time they saw Li Jingjing in school, the two would smile like tamed pets, and try to curry favor with her. Li Jingjing just pretended not to know whats going on.

That girl TangTang was finally in her third year in high school. Although she occasionally disturbs Yang Chen with phone calls, shes been thoroughly controlled by her mother and had no way of coming out to play. This made Yang Chen feel like laughing, for that girl who always acted like a grownup finally learned to be obedient.

The whole of Yu Lei International once again became bustling after the return of Lin Ruoxi, with the approaching autumn fashion show and change of fashion products for the next season, they had to rush. As one of the top fashion companies in the country, Yu Lei International mustnt lose face.

However, amidst the bustle, something rather insignificant happened.

In the PR Department, the only male other than Yang Chen, Chen Bo had resigned. Comrade Little Chens reason for resignation was that PR work didnt suit him, and he had already decided to work at a publishing house; being an editor suited his character more.

Yang Chen was very clear, the main reason was of Chen Bos sister, Chen Rong, who had profited from being by Roses side. She had even become Roses prospective successor. Therefore, the problem Chen Bos family was facing has been solved, and he no longer needed to work for a job he didnt like for that little bit more money.

Before he left, Chen Bo expressed his gratitude to Yang Chen with tears and snivel, in the end he almost offered his fragrant lips as well.

Chen Bos departure didnt cause much sadness to the office, perhaps his presence wasnt that strong.
Ever since Liu Mingyu took up post as the PR Department Head, she became extremely enthusiastic at working, and no longer had time to idly gossip with the other sisters. An executive must have the prestige of an executive. At the very least, she had to put on airs during working hours.

As for Mo Qianni who was working in the Finance Department, there were very few chances for Yang Chen to bump into her. They bumped into each other in the elevator several times, but all they did was greet each other.

With regards to Mo Qiannis coldness, Yang Chen felt slightly at a loss, but didnt mind it too much.

When a pretty lady is helpless inside, an incredibly free man came to her rescue, provided a chest for her to rest on, and let her conveniently wipe the oil on her onto him. When the matter was settled, neither owed the other anything; this was how Yang Chen saw their relationship.

What made Yang Chen not know whether to laugh or to cry was naturally his great wife. In the company, this cold female CEO totally ignored his existence.

That night, Lin Ruoxi originally said that she wanted to be a good wife that wouldnt let Yang Chen leave her. But unexpectedly, after being provoked by Yang Chens you inside me, she fell out and no longer gave a damn!

She who had a mind so pure that was unlike a grown woman seemed to truly have gotten angered. From her point of view, Yang Chens mind was utterly filthy! Therefore, Lin Ruoxi began to distance herself again. If Yang Chen didnt say anything, Lin Ruoxi would totally ignore him, so theres no need to mention any activity in terms of getting closer.

She remained expressionless the all day everyday, and immersed herself in work. The two textbooks which Lin Ruoxi bought had been ruthlessly thrown under the bookcase.

Yang Chen asked her, Do you still want us to be a couple that loves each other?

Lin Ruoxi directly answered, Yes.

Then why are you fighting a cold war with me?

Lin Ruoxi seriously replied, Im looking for my feelings.

Yang Chen felt that if he wanted to settle his physical needs with his wifes body, there wouldnt be much hope left in this lifetime.