My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 133

Chapter 133 1: Sibling In Law
Chapter 133-1: Sibling-in-law
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Intuition told Yang Chen that Zhao Hongyan mustve met with trouble. Although the other ladies were drunk and didnt notice a thing, Yang Chen still noticed the discomfort that appeared on Zhao Hongyans face.

It was already autumn and cold wind blew through the streets. Not many people were willing to stroll through the streets at this time. Occasionally, people would walk by, but they passed by quickly.

Walking out of the bar, Yang Chen looked around, but he couldnt find the figures of Zhao Hongyan and Yu Hui anywhere. This gave him a headache, as he had no choice but to search everywhere

At the same time, several streetlights illuminated the small car park behind the bar. Zhao Hongyan was wearing a gray knitted coat and a black folded skirt and her black stockings matched well with her mature charm. But right now her face was filled with anxiety, and she seemed to be in a bad mood as she walked to a corner in the car park.

After some hesitation, Zhao Hongyan took out her small phone and prepared to make a phone call. But after finding the phone number, she didnt dare to dial it and make this call.

Whats going on, my dear sister-in-law? You dont dare to call my brother?

Yu Huis voice was heard from behind Zhao Hongyan and it sounded extremely playful.

Zhao Hongyans body shivered, and she slowly turned around to face Yu Hui. With a nervous tone she said, Little Hui, why have you come out? I was just about to make the call.

Its late and Im afraid that something would happen to you if I left you alone, my dear sister-in-law. Thus I came out to keep watch. Yu Hui nefariously smiled.

Im your sister-in-law, not your little sister. What could possibly happen to me? Zhao Hongyan lowered her head and made an embarrassed smile. She stroked her hair while her gaze drifted about, afraid to look directly at Yu Hui.

Yu Hui walked a few steps closer, till there was only a meter distance left between him and Zhao Hongyan, and said, I only have one sister-in-law, and my brother only has one wife, how can I not be worried? Sister-in-law, dont mind me, its better if you gave my brother a call and let him be at ease.

You you return first, Ill make the call. Zhao Hongyans breathing was disorderly.

Why must I go in? Are you saying that you have to conceal something from me when calling my brother? Or are you guilty because you didnt plan to make the call at all?

Yu Hui! Zhao Hongyans face was flushed. She raised her head to stare back at the young man who wore a strange smile, What do you mean by that!? How can you speak to me, your sister-in-law, like this!?

Yu Hui didnt seem to care about what she said as he snorted and replied, Sister-in-law? Im only calling you sister-in-law because Im showing you respect Zhao Hongyan, you really think that by marrying my brother youve become our Yu Familys mistress? What are you pretending to be mighty in front of me for? Why dont you think about what your status actually is?

I never thought about it like that, dont slander me! Zhao Hongyan shouted back, her eyes were moist with tears from being wrongly accused.

Yu Hui became more excited and complacent, I dont care what you think. I just know that if I tell my brother you went drinking at a bar without informing him, and that theres a man with you, how will he react?

Were just colleagues, is there a problem having a drink together!?

The key point is that my brother wouldnt think the same way. I seem to recall that he hates that you go to bars and clubs the most. Dont tell me that you told my brother that you were going to a restaurant today or something.

Zhao Hongyans pretty face paled, her lips were slightly parted, yet she couldnt say a thing. She had indeed told her husband that. But it was truly unexpected that Yu Hui happened to appear in the same bar

Once she imagined what would happen if her husband found out that she drank at a bar, Zhao Hongyans mind was overwhelmed with fear. She felt that her legs couldnt stand stably.

Yu Hui walked two steps closer, seemingly about to stick his body against Zhao Hongyans. He sniffed the mix of alcohol and body fragrance on Zhao Hongyans body. With a mean glint in his eyes, he asked, Do you know what would stop me from telling my brother?

Zhao Hongyan blushed. She was able to make out what this man was referring to and she quickly took two steps back. However, behind her was the cold and solid wall. She was cornered

Yu Hui coldly snorted and fiercely pushed both his hands forward. He pressed Zhao Hongyan against the wall, making it difficult for her to move.

The distance between the two of them was so close that they could feel each others breath.

Under the dim lights, Zhao Hongyans fair and slim face was flushed as she was both nervous and humiliated. The way her tears filled her eyes evoked pity from others. Her full breasts repeatedly heaved and revealed a captivating arc. The fragrance of her slightly tipsy body was unendingly released to the air.

Yu Hui greedily sized up his mature sister-in-law, Speak, do you want me to tell my brother, or will you yield to me?

Zhao Hongyan shook her head bitterly, Little Hui, you cant do this, Im your sister-in-law