My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 147

Chapter 147 1: What Do You Like About Me
Chapter 147-1: What do you like about me
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After suffering for 15 minutes, the airplane finally welcomed shaking from turbulence, the seat belt lights on the plane lit up. A voice broadcast urged passengers to return to their seats and put on their seat belts.

Yang Chen faintly smiled, took off his seat belt, and quietly stood up. He calmly opened the curtain behind the business class seats and walked out.

Mo Qianni who had been dozing off heard his movement, and looked at the curtain with suspicion. However, she didnt make a sound, and just closed her eyes.

So as to save space within the airplane, all lavatories within an airplane are usually available to both men and women, unless its a specially designed luxury plane.

At this moment, Yang Chen very much appreciated this design of the airplane, because he wouldnt need to feel awkward for entering the ladies toilet like this.

As the plane was facing turbulence, there was obviously nobody in the lavatory. After quickly getting into it, he locked the door.

In less than a minute, knocking was heard from the outside

*Knock knock knock*

After three slow knocks, Yang Chen opened the door.

The sexy figure in an azure colored uniform was like a light and soft cotton candy as it threw itself into Yang Chens arms the moment the door was opened!

The space within an airplanes lavatory was only barely enough to squeeze five to six people in standing position, though the two were hugging, it still felt squeezy.

After Yang Chen locked the lavatory door again, he hugged An Xins soft waist, and put his other hand on her firm and round butt. He pinched them with force, causing An Xin to release some moans.

Yii be more gentle, it hurts yknow.

That softly charming tone was enough to make men crazy. Yang Chen covered the beautys fragrant lips with his own, and An Xin immediately responded passionately. Although they had only spent a single night together previously, they werent lacking at all in the knowledge of each others bodies. That was because that one night had been too memorable; their physical interactions had been etched deeply into their memories.

An Xins tender petal-like lips were pressed into all sorts of shapes and her cherry lips were dominated by Yang Chens aggressive tongue. She could only let out sounds of enjoyment at the moist exchange.

An Xins body weight seemed to be as light as a feather in Yang Chens arms, the hot and moist kiss continued, and Yang Chen directly pressed her against the wall of the lavatory. An Xin involuntarily became like an octopus with her arms hooked around Yang Chens neck, massaging his back, and her well-developed legs tightly wrapped around his strong waist. Her thighs which were covered by the black lace stockings was soul-shakingly beautiful.

An Xin kicked off her shiny, black heels. Covered in those black lace stockings, her feet were curled, showing how tense their owners body was at the moment.

With a single hand, Yang Chen very quickly undid the buttons of An Xins stewardess uniform. Her collar was pulled to one side, and after undoing the three buttons on the white shirt inside, her embroidered violet bra was revealed. The snow-like luster of the skin of An Xins chest was set off by that violet bra; the intense visual stimulation dazzled Yang Chen for a short moment.

Its truly hard to imagine, youre simply a gift to me from god. Yang Chen grabbed onto An Xins boob with one hand, that bundle of soft flesh was pinched into various shapes, but its softness made Yang Chen hold himself back from using too much force, as if it would be ruined if he used too much force.

Hearing the man she liked offer such blunt praises, An Xin blushed, but her eyes were filled with emotions of love and lust.

At the same moment that Yang Chens gentle groping was making her pant delectably, she finally couldnt resist moving close to Yang Chens ears and gently biting on his earlobes. With a moist, fragrant breath, I like it when you go hard, how about it?

Im just afraid that you may not be able to handle it.

Please pull out your spear, my knight.

An Xin sweetly smiled, and suddenly moved her hand downwards to grab onto Yang Chens erected dragon!

After getting provoked like that, how could Yang Chen continue holding himself back? An evil smile surfaced on his lips and he abruptly stopped pressing An Xin against the wall, letting her slide to the floor.

An Xins legs went weak and she sat on the floor. Just as she was puzzling over what Yang Chen was trying to do, she saw that he had quickly removed the things hindering his lower half, and revealed the ferocious beast within

Seeing the sudden appearance of the weapon of terror, An Xin felt some apprehension growing in her heart. She raised her head and looked at Yang Chen pitifully. As someone who had watched quite a few porn videos, she knew what it meant when a man pushed a woman down and placed their thing in front of the womans mouth

Its too big, I dont have any experience Its impossible

How would you know without trying?

After saying so, Yang Chen used a little force to hold the womans head. Held at arrowpoint, An Xin couldnt help but shut her eyes and open those moist, red lips obediently

Yang Chen who hadnt been able to enjoy such treatment for over half a year moaned in pleasure. An Xins techniques were incredibly amateur and she had no idea how to please a man, but once he looked down to see her azure colored air stewardess uniform and her beautiful appearance adorned with makeup, and thought about how a woman like that was providing such a service to him, the pleasure of having accomplished this was greater than what he received physically.

After ten minutes had passed, An Xin was close to suffocating, her tear-filled eyes were full of grievance.

Yang Chen also felt a pang in his heart. He carried her up and kissed her as a reward before pressing her against the wall again. From behind, he pulled down her skirt and revealed that most mysterious secret place.

Anxious and expectant, An Xin closed her eyes and raised her butt slightly, revealing the extremely mesmerizing curve of her back. Although it was her first time in such a shameful position, she felt that it was arousing to toss away all of her reservedness.

When Yang Chen went past the final obstacle, he no longer remembered that they were ten thousand feet above ground, or that they were in an airplane lavatory. Other than the feeling of intimacy between their flesh and soul, there was nothing else.

After half an hour, the tempest of pounding finally ceased. An Xins legs could no longer stand, so she collapsed softly into Yang Chens arms. She had a lovely red blush on her cheeks and her clothes were in disarray. She was as warm as a hot spring, as she enjoyed the sweet afterglow with panting gasps.