My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 153

Chapter 153 1: Importance
Chapter 153-1: Importance

The so-called biochemical bomb wasnt an ordinary bomb which would create intense heat from detonation which would expand a large radius, reaching its goal of destruction. Biochemical bombs uses various kinds of special viruses, bacteria, and microorganisms; when detonated, they would spread out in all directions and invade the body.

This type of poison would usually make one rather die than live, even if they managed to survive, they would only be barely alive or have permanent incurable illnesses from it. Its an inhumane weapon thats been banned by the entire world.

The electronic voice on the phone was incredibly arrogant, but this sort of arrogance left one helpless, because everyone present felt fear towards death, not to mention it was a way of death that came with a lot of suffering!

Since you didnt directly activate the bomb, you definitely have a goal, say it! Li Deshen said.

The voice on the phone remained silent for a while, then said, Chairman Li is still sharp. What I want is very simple. 20 million of Huaxia currency, I want it by tonight.

You want money? Li Deshen glanced at everybody around him, many of them seemed to breathe a sigh of relief. After all, this person only wanted money, so theres a chance to mediate the situation.

To the filthy rich Li Family, 20 million should be easy, right? I can control the situation within the villa at anytime, if I find out that you dared to call the police or large sums of people leave the villa, I will immediately detonate the bomb

Li Deshen forcefully held back his anger, Thats easy to say, even if we have the money, 20 million isnt something that we can bring out just from a word. However, I agree to pay this 20 million, I hope that you abide by the rules of your game. Do you want the money to be transferred or withdrawn?

Transferred!? Do you think Im stupid or do you think youre stupid? I want cash, within an hour, send it to Jinzewan piers third warehouse. It has to be either Chairman Li or the Second Young Master of the Li Family who sends it. Whoever else that sends it doesnt count, I will directly press the detonation button! Also, if I notice that theres any staff or police following, I will also detonate the bomb! Done with talking, the call was cut.

Several of those present gasped, this terrorist had actually demanded that people of the Li Family personally bring the money over. How is this demanding for money? This is obviously demanding a life!

Dad, its better to believe there is than to assume it doesnt. Li Muhua said with a stern expression.

Li Deshen sighed, I know this, we cant take this gamble. The money has to be sent over.

Of the important guests in Twilight Villa, there was at least over a hundred. If even one or two of them were killed by a biochemical bomb, the consequences would be unimaginable, the Li Family couldnt take this risk!

Right at this time, a sissy voice was heard from afar, loudly shouting as he charged over, Out of the way, out of the way! Get lost! Let me see my father!

Li Mucheng wore a pair of silk pajamas, and charged through the crowd of people while staggering. He fell in front of Li Deshen, and wailed in panic, Dad! I heard someone say that there is a biochemical bomb in the villa!? Is this true!?

Hmph, you got this frightened just from a bomb? Pathetic! Li Deshen angrily said.

Li Mucheng had an ashen face, Dad, you have to find a way to deal with this, Im still young, I dont want to die! Wuwaa

While talking, Li Mucheng actually began to wail.

Bastardly bastardly thing other than crying and wailing, what else can you do!? Li Deshen was incredibly angered, at such a critical juncture, he had such a silly son, how could he not be angered!?

Im already about to die, cant I be allowed to cry!? Wuwaa Li Mucheng had snot and tears as if he was at a funeral.

Li Deshen truly couldnt bear to look at him again, he waved his hand at several of his bodyguards and said, Take this useless thing back to his room!

Several bodyguards immediately walked up, Li Meng who was the personal bodyguard of Li Mucheng helped him up, and quickly pulled Li Mucheng out of the tea room, but Li Muchengs wailing sounds could still be for a long time after.

Li Muhua watched his brother being dragged away, then sighed and said, Dad, let me send the money.

You? Li Deshen frowned, No way, you still need to lead the Muyun Corporation in the future, the Li Family cant afford to lose you, while that useless brother of yours is beyond hope. With just my old bones, theres no point in keeping me around, its better that I send the money.

No way! Li Muhua seriously said, Dad, I can listen to you when it comes to other things, but not on this matter. As your son, if I watch you leap into danger like this without being able to stop you, if anything happens to you, I wont know how to live on anymore!

Fool! Cant you judge the order of importance!?

Li Muhua knelt on the floor without hesitation, and stared straight at Li Deshen who sat on the wheelchair, Father, theres nothing more important than you in my heart!

Everyone present became silent at this point, Li Muhuas words reached deep in their hearts. In this moment, Li Muhua wasnt just a talented and intelligent CEO who was young and great at managing, he wasnt just the heir to a powerful family, he was most of all a simple and straightforward filial son.

Although Li Deshen always maintained a strict demeanor, hearing his favorite son say these words, he couldnt help but tear.