My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 159

Chapter 159 1: Left Hand
Chapter 159-1: Left hand
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The light of dawn scattered into the beautiful old-fashioned guest room. On the intricately carved bed and under the thin quilt, Mo Qiannis head rested on a soft and white pillow, releasing soft breathing sounds in her sleep.

Her exquisite facial features were illuminated under the gentle sunlight, with graceful lines seemingly otherworldly, like a sleeping concubine of the emperor, revealing a sexy yet indolent aura.

Suddenly, the rooms door was pushed open slightly. Yang Chen who had changed into a black suit and maroon tie carried piping hot breakfast in.

Yang Chen placed the congee and the side dishes onto the bedside cabinet, then stood up to look at the woman who still had her eyes closed.

With a helpless smile he said, Hey, we have proper business to do today, are you planning to stay asleep all day?

Mo Qiannis long eyelashes trembled and her face blushed. Finally unable to endure Yang Chens direct gaze, she opened her eyes and quietly sat up on the bed.

You knew I was awake?

The moment I entered, your body clearly trembled, your skill at feigning sleep isnt good enough. Yang Chen teased.

Im Im sorry I Mo Qianni lowered her eyes, she didnt know what else to say.

Yang Chen indifferently said, Dont blame yourself, any regular person who saw last nights scene wouldnt be able to take it either, and would develop fear. If you dont feel a single thing, I would instead suspect that youre a female devil or a homicidal maniac or something.

Yesterday what happened after I fainted? Mo Qianni softly asked.

When she watched Yang Chen kill a person, Mo Qianni fainted. She didnt even know how she returned to the villa. After waking up, she had been in a panicked state. Other than the deadly mysterious attraction this man gave her, she also felt afraid So when Yang Chen entered, she didnt dare to open her eyes immediately.

Yang Chen pulled over a chair, sat down, and crossed his legs. He spoke in detail, After negotiating with Li Muhua, he agreed to exchange forty percent of Muyuns share in this collaboration for his life. Which means that alongside our initial twenty-five percent, Yu Lei will receive sixty-five percent of the total profits from this project.

Ah? Mo Qianni raised her head in shock, disbelief was written all over her pretty face, Sixty-five percent? Isnt that this number is too

She was aware of the economic benefits this project might bring, if this was really the case, Yu Leis future growth would be unprecedentedly high.

Isnt this good? At least Junior Lis feeble life remained. Yang Chen said with a smile.

Mo Qianni looked at Yang Chen with a complex expression, for this man always did things that shocked people. Like she was mustering all of her courage, she asked, Then what about the others?

You mean the other two bodyguards? Yang Chen indifferently said, Theyre dead. Their existence would only be a hindrance. Furthermore, the matter of Li Muhua personally shooting Li Mucheng yesterday was reported to the police as Li Mucheng being the mastermind, while Li Muhua killed him in self-defense. A large sum of the Hong Kong Polices pay comes from the Li Family, so this matter just needs to go through official procedures for show. As for the two of us, we were never there, so you can be relieved.

Mo Qianni maintained silence for a moment, then anxiously asked, Arent you afraid that Li Muhua would go back on his promise after youve treated him like that?

Yang Chen showed her a relaxed smile, I am confident in myself, and Im also confident in Li Muhuas rationality. He should be very clear of how things would end if he goes back on his promise. He cant beat me, so he would definitely choose to suffer losses so as to avoid calamity.

Mo Qianni forced a smile, You always give people the feeling that you have ignorant confidence, yet youre right every time.

Thats the charisma of a man. Yang Chen winked at her.

Following that, the two didnt have much to talk about, as Yang Chen didnt want to explain anything, while Mo Qiannis mind was in a chaotic state.

In the end, Yang Chen noticed the suffering and struggle in Mo Qianni. He understandingly sighed, You dont need to force yourself, nothing actually happened between the two of us. You dont have any responsibility in trying all kinds of ways to absolve what happened yesterday. As you have seen, Im a person whos proficient in killing, and when I kill someone, I dont even bat an eyelid. I will not explain to you why I know how to kill, I will not tell you about what I used to do either. All I will tell you is, everything you saw was real, I have things I dont want to tell you, but I have never covered up the truth.

Mo Qianni looked up into Yang Chens calm eyes. She suddenly felt that the man who was sitting right beside her began to distance himself away from her again. The intimacy that was built up yesterday had vanished

She felt a sharp pain in her heart, this was more painful than killing her.

He seemed so natural, so free, and smiled so casually, as if nothing really mattered However, Mo Qianni felt a deep loneliness in him, there was a negative energy which was deep inside him, like a poison that gave constant torment.

Yang Chen will you stretch out your left hand please Mo Qianni pursed her rosy lips and softly said.

Yang Chen was confused, but he didnt hesitate and stretched out his left hand.

Mo Qianni reached out her soft hands, and slowly held Yang Chens hands in them, her delicate fingers massaged on his slightly coarse skin, scratching and rubbing it.

Last night, you used this hand to take away Li Meng

Yang Chen was speechless. Thats right, last night, he used this hand to take away Li Mengs life, he grabbed Li Mengs esophagus and pulled it out In the past years, this hand had been stained by fresh blood, that stench of blood had soaked deeply into his bones. Sometimes, it even made Yang Chen feel like his hands had already been soaked scarlet.