My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 16

Chapter 16: The Father In Law Appears
Chapter 16: The Father-in-Law Appears

Startled by Yang Chens sudden appearance, Lin Ruoxi jumped from the sofa and struggled to escape from his arms. She glared at Yang Chen: You are not allowed to touch me.

Hey now You dont have to overreact that much. Yang Chen grimaced while shrugging his shoulders. I was just teasing you. If I actually kissed you, Im sure in the middle of the night Id be hacked into pieces like in the movie Psycho.

Lin Ruoxi ignored Yang Chen as she pressed a button on the TV remote. As the TV turned off, her face began blushing knowing that Yang Chen has now figured out her guilty pleasure of watching Rom-Coms. She gave Yang Chen an angry look: I heard from Wang Ma that you went to pack up your old belongings. Dont you dare bring those dirty things into my house.

Dont worry, its just a few articles of clothing, Yang Chen replied while pointing toward a small bag at the foot of the stairs. Though, my greatest woe is that after living here, what will happen to my mutton skewer stand?

You still want to open your stand!?! Lin Ruoxi growled as she looked at Yang Chen as if she was staring at a freak. No matter how much she tried to understand him, she could never understand his obsession with selling mutton skewers.

Blinking his eyes, Yang Chen replied What of it? Our marriage contract didnt bar me from selling mutton skewers right?

Gnashing her teeth, Lin Ruoxi responded: In no way would I allow you to sell your mutton skewers. Tomorrow, you must go out and find a job, preferably a respectable job in an office building.

Yang Chen scratched his head while looking perplexed. To be honest, with a degree from Harvard University, which he easily obtained, it would be very easy for him to enter a majority of the top companies, but he is not used to sitting in an office with AC. In his eyes, this type of career could never match the joy of selling mutton skewers on the street.

You dont need to think of an excuse, this is mandatory. Interjected Lin Ruoxi.

Looking at Ruoxis if you dont switch your job, youre dead gaze while remembering her previous suicide threat, Yang Chen felt a sudden cold sweat and quickly consented Okay okay Ill listen to you. Tomorrow, Ill go and find a new job.

Hearing these words, Ruoxi approvingly nodded. Appearing to suddenly remember something, she took out her bag and retrieved a new smart phone from it. Handing it to Yang Chen, she said: Here, take this phone in case I cant find you when you go out.

Yang Chen excitedly received the phone. Seems like this is a profitable marriage: A mansion, a sports car, and even a free phone. Even though this wife looks a bit distant, she is very attractive and well-mannered.

Looking at Yang Chens blissful expression, Ruoxi couldnt do anything other than to give him a contempt look. Stifling a yawn, while making a tired stretching pose, she said: Well, Im off to bed. You can go prepare for tomorrows job hunt.

Just as Ruoxi started climbing up the stairs, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Wang Ma, who was busy in the kitchen, dashed out while wiping her wet hands on her apron, and opened the door.

Master, youve come

Hearing Wang Ma saying Master, Ruoxis face suddenly became pale as she elegantly turned around to look at the middle-aged man walking into the house.

The mature man wore a dark blue shirt while giving off a refined aura with his well-shaved beard. The only way you could tell his age was by the wrinkles near his eyes, and the countless strands of white hair. One can clearly tell that he is Ruoxis father from his appearance alone.

At the same moment Lin Kun entered from the door, his expression became extremely ugly. Giving dagger-looks at Ruoxi, he quickly swept his gaze around and glanced at Yang Chen.

Father Ruoxi weakly called out. His arrival didnt garner much surprise. It was almost as if he was a stranger without any feelings.

Father? Lin Kun coldly laughed: In your eyes, do you even see me as one? Without any warning, you just married this strange brute. Do you even see me as a father?

Lin Kuns roar caused the whole room to shake and echo.

Wang Ma, standing at the wrong place and time, was scared silly. Never would she have expected that her young Miss would marry someone without informing her father.

Ruoxis eyes began to turn red as tears started welling up inside. However, she fought back, saying, As Ive said before, my marriage is my decision. So what if he is a brute? I would rather marry this guy than Xu Zhihong.

You Is this how you talk to your father? Lin Kun sneered: Great, what a waste raising you up. Dont ever think that just because your grandmother gave you the company, I cant educate you on what to do! Dont forget, I still have 30% of the shares in the company. I am a major stockholder. Even more importantly, I am your biological father!

Father? Ruoxi bit her lips and wept: Ever since I was little, only mother and grandma was by my side. I never even caught a glimpse of your shadow back then. Furthermore, I dont like Xu Zhihong at all. You dont have to waste your time thinking about this.

You dont like him? So what? It wouldnt hurt to be engaged to the next CEO of the Donghua Science & Technology Co. And are you telling me that you actually like this brute? Lin Kun said while pointing at Yang Chen who was standing still.

From the moment Lin Kun entered till the father-daughter conversation, Yang Chen understood most of what was going on, it seemed like it was because of this ill-tempered fathers forcing, that Lin Ruoxi had chosen to marry him. But of course, the series of unfortunate events which led to their man-woman relationship is a big reason that caused this marriage too.

Being called a brute more than once, even the heart of a clay Buddha would feel uncomfortable. Yang Chen, who had not taken the role of that mans son-in-law, looked at Lin Kuns finger and said Uncle, I advise you to put down your finger. It might be dangerous.

Lin Kun sneered, You prick, even you are talking back to me? Im aware of who you are! I have already assigned people to investigate clearly. Youre just a wet markets mutton skewer vendor. Even though I dont know what you did to my daughter to make her marry you, but in my eyes you are just a pile of shitHey! What are you doing?

In a flash, Lin Kun, who was acting all high and mighty, suddenly pulled his finger back in pain. Holding his finger, you could see droplets of sweat rolling down his forehead.

Yang Chen You Ruoxi had seen it clearly. Yang Chens hand had instantaneously shot out and pinched Lin Kuns extended finger. And then he pulled his finger back so quickly that it seemed as if he didnt move at all.

Yang Chen showed a calm expression, and he turned to Ruoxi while grinning: Its nothing serious, I just dont like it when people point fingers and curse at me. Especially when I already advised them not to. His finger is broken. Itll take around 10 days to a month to heal.

If it was the previous him, just now, that man would have had his head broken.

Lin Kun resisted the pain and roared Just you wait bastard. I wont let you die a peaceful death. I will find somebody to deal with you

Father Stop talking What happened to your hand Although Ruoxi hated her father, blood is thicker than water. At this moment, looking at Lin Kuns painful expression, Ruoxis heart soften as she squatted down to help support him.

You slut! Dont touch me! Lin Kun screamed as he suddenly pushed aside Ruoxi, throwing her down on the ground.

Father! You Ruoxis complexion turned pale, as she could not believe that her father would actually call her a slut. Ruoxis eyes grew dimmer as she is about to faint.

In the corner, Wang Ma was already in tears, but this was not her place for a servant to speak up. However, upon seeing Ruoxi on the ground crying, she quickly went up to console her.

Lin Kun hobbled back up as he glared at Yang Chen. Youngster, remember how you hit me. I, Lin Kun, will make sure you are unable to comprehend your death!!

Noticing Ruoxi who was thrown off to the side, Yang Chen felt his heart being clenched involuntarily. No matter how cold she may be, on pen and paper, she was still Yang Chens legal wife. Anger started welling up inside of him.

While Yang Chens face seemed tranquil, only his lips betrayed his demeanor, with them arcing up showing a contemptuous look.

Ill only say this once. I never go around looking for trouble. I dont know what happened between you and my wife, and I dont care to know. But I have a principle. I hate being threatened.

Without waiting for Lin Kuns reaction, a lightning-fast palm struck onto Lin Kuns left cheek.


The whole living room became deadly silent as the crisp sound started echoing around. Just then, the recently standing Lin Kun got slapped unconscious with a single hit.

Young Masterabout this Wang Ma stammered as she didnt notice Yang Chens outrageous strength. How should we deal with this? Look at this commotion.

As for Ruoxi, she had already collapsed in Wang Mas embrace as she looked at these past events with not even a trace of concern.

Yang Chen said in an indifferent tone: Wang Ma, just take care of Ruoxi. Let me deal with this stupid pig.

After saying those words, Yang Chen picked Lin Kun from the ground and dragged him out of the house. After having walked a short distance, Yang Chen arrived at the dumpster site, lightly threw Lin Kun into it, and subsequently closed the iron lid.