My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 160

Chapter 160 1: Teachers Teacher
Chapter 160-1: Teachers teacher

The internal affairs of the Li Family didnt spread too quickly. Although the old man Li Deshen had fainted because of this matter, there was Li Muhua to take control. Everything seemed as neat and orderly as before.

The bomb scare in the villa was completely eradicated under Li Muhuas wise directions, to everyones great admiration.

Yet, Li Muhua felt like he had suffered unspeakable hardship. Once he thought of that mans terrifying smile, he felt worse than death

It was a whole half of the total profits! Given away submissively just like that!

Although he felt unresigned, Li Muhua, who had walked the line between life and death, didnt dare take the risk of offending the man who could even dodge bullets!

At ten in the morning, in the conference hall of Twilight Villa, Li Muhua feigned calmness as he shook hands with Lu Tao, Yang Chen, and Mo Qianni. Under the watch of several executives of Muyun Corporation, the details of the business talks ended.

As for the allotment of profits, it wasnt something that would be decided just from this meeting. They still needed to wait till after visiting the research lab before starting the negotiations, so there wasnt much impact.

Yang Chen and Mo Qianni were different from Lu Tao. They could sense the fear in Li Muhua when he looked at Yang Chen. The two were thinking the same thing, but just smiled without speaking a word.

After smoothly concluding the mornings work, everybody had a sumptuous lunch together. However, this time, Chairman Li had already been put on a drip. His physical condition had worsened after the news of his eldest sons death, hence he could no longer be present. Therefore, Li Muhua took charge of everything.

Everybody understood in their hearts that Li Muhua had actually completely replaced Li Deshen and had become the true master of the Li Family and Muyun Corporation thanks to this matter.

In the CEOs office on the top floor of Zhonghais Yu Lei International Headquarters, Lin Ruoxi sat in her leather chair as usual, focused on looking at all kinds of reports and statistics that had come in this morning.

These reports were things that those on the managerial level wouldnt pay attention to, but the young CEO Lin Ruoxi was very clear that no matter how much charisma and ability one had in managing, if they didnt understand the detailed data, they couldnt truly be qualified to hold an executive post. Therefore, she never avoided these complex data.

After looking through the reports for a while, Lin Ruoxi looked up to check the time on the computer screen. It was already eleven in the morning.

It had been three days since Yang Chen and Mo Qianni left for Hong Kong, but they hadnt contacted her. This made Lin Ruoxi feel unpleasant inside.

He must be feeling very relaxed. With the Li Familys hospitality, there must be all kinds of fun to be had. Especially for that thick-skinned fellow, he might have already gone to disturb other ladies, and may have already forgotten his duty amidst the fun and pleasure.

*Knock knock.*

There was a knock on the office door. The only one who would do this was her secretary, Wu Yue.

Come in. Lin Ruoxi withdrew her engrossed expression, returning to her bearings as a CEO.

Wu Yue, who wore a black suit, solemnly entered the office, Boss Lin, something happened in Hong Kong.

Lin Ruoxi felt her heartstrings being pulled, but didnt show it. She calmly asked, What happened?

The director of the Hong Kong branch called in this morning. Three nights ago, the Xu Family attempted to assassinate Department Head Mo and Yang Chen. After that, due to the Li Familys internal strife, the Li Familys Young Master, Li Mucheng, planted a biochemical bomb in the villa. Thankfully, Li Muhua saved everybody from the crisis. Department Head Mo and Yang Chen were both unhurt. This matter was sealed by the Li Family for three days, and was only revealed by the police this morning!

Even after Wu Yue was done reporting, Lin Ruoxi still had no reaction. After some time, she nodded and said, I got it, you may go now.

Wu Yue seemed to be accustomed to Lin Ruoxis indifferent attitude towards everything and quietly left.

Once the door was closed, Lin Ruoxi immediately grabbed her office phone. But right as she was about to dial the number, she stopped.

Should I call? Ask how they are doing?

What for? Three days have passed since that huge incident and they didnt promptly report this to me. Its not like theyre on the opposite side of the globe where they have to account for timezones.

To think that I was concerned when they didnt even think about me!

Once she thought of this, Lin Ruoxis worry turned into bitterness. She took a deep breath and put down the phone.

Unaware that his legal wife was gnashing her teeth in anger, Yang Chen was currently yawning. He sat in a Mercedes-Benz arranged by Li Muhua and was on the way to Muyuns research institute.

Mo Qianni sat beside him in a fitting white womans suit, revealing her beautiful curves. At this moment, the woman held onto a pile of technological documents, and was earnestly looking through them.

Little Qianqian, these technological data are for the research personnel to see, what are you looking at them for? Yang Chen asked.

Although the two of them had been open about their feelings, Mo Qianni didnt make any overly intimate actions. The rational woman was very clear that as long as Yang Chen and Lin Ruoxi were still husband and wife, she couldnt be together with Yang Chen without worry. Even though they liked each other, they could only show it secretly.

She didnt want to give up on Yang Chen, but she didnt want to become enemies with her best friend either.

Hearing Yang Chens corny form of address, Mo Qianni couldnt help but blush as she rolled her eyes at him. She softly said, You wanna die!? Itd be so embarrassing if the driver heard! I like looking at them, so what!?