My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 161

Chapter 161 1: Jane
Chapter 161-1: Jane

This was a Caucasian woman who had chestnut-colored curls, a tall physique, and shapely curves.

She had light violet eyeshadow, red lips, and beautiful indolent eyes. On her nails was black nail polish. Although her skin wasnt very white, it still looked fair under the light.

She dressed up in a punkish style, but the weird thing was the orchid embroidered, dark purple cheongsam that she wore. It possessed a rich Huaxia style.

From a glance, it was neither fish nor fowl, for the mix between Eastern and Western culture was incredibly intense.

However, when one looked closely, they would notice that she had mixed the extreme styles of unconventionality together with classical perfectly.

She used a Western womans unique perspective to interpret the charm which Huaxia women pursued.

Without a doubt, whether if was Li Muhua or Lu Tao, or even Mo Qianni who was a beautiful woman, all of them couldnt help but be filled with a single thought inside; how beautiful.

However, the most shocked out of them was Yang Chen!

How can it be her!?

Yang Chens lips formed a incomparably profound smile. He seemed bitter, yet happy, yet bewildered.

Nevertheless, this woman had already noticed Yang Chen. She first revealed a shocked expression, but immediately after, she threw him a coquettish glance.

Fourth Uncle, this person is? With the status of the host, Li Muhua walked up with the smile of an amiable gentleman and asked Li Guangxun.

Li Guangxuns voice was rather sharp, he didnt look at his nephew-cum-employer fondly, and proudly introduced, This is my teacher that I had during my studies in the United Kingdom. She just happened to be in Hong Kong today. I invited her to take a look at the fruits of my past few years of research, and to give me guidance.

To be honest, no matter how one looked at Li Guangxun, he was definitely over forty. On the other hand, this Western lady looked to be in her early twenties, and yet she was actually his teacher during his doctorate. It was truly unbelievable!

I know that this beautiful lady is your teacher, but could we receive a more detailed introduction? Li Muhua patiently asked, but his gaze shifted onto the beautiful Caucasian lady.

The woman revealed a perfect smile, and suddenly spoke in a fluent Mandarin, Hello everybody, my name is Jane Christina Arthur Elizabeth Mountbatten Windsor Alexander. Thats my full name, but if you dont mind, I prefer to be addressed as Jane.


A simple name. It was an incomparably simple name, but her incredibly long full name was something that couldnt be ignored!

The names of Westerners possesses all kinds of backgrounds, especially one from the United Kingdom which used to be an empire where the sun never sets. The tradition of the nobility allowed their names to represent their noble heritage.

It didnt matter if it was the word Arthur, Elizabeth, Mountbatten, or Alexander in her name. All of those were symbols of authority and honor that only a noble would have.

It goes without saying that many ordinary folk would use the name Jane, but this woman definitely wasnt a simple commoner!

Those present werent uneducated fools. Hearing such a name, they were immediately able to understand how complex and mysterious Janes identity was. So much so that she may even possess a noble title that was unknown to them.

Im very happy to be acquainted with you, Miss Jane. Li Muhua reached his hand out towards Jane, and revealed a bright gentlemanly smile.

Jane didnt shake hands with him, she politely smiled, and with the bearing like a noble princess she said, You must be the Muyun Corporations CEO, Mr. Li Muhua. My apologies, a man taking the initiative to ask for a handshake with a woman is bad etiquette, so I decline.

Such a direct rejection made Li Muhua feel a little awkward, but no one thought of this as Jane showing off. It felt more like this was the way Jane should be.

Li Guangxun frowned and said, Muhua, youre not allowed to be rude towards my teacher! Quickly prepare, I havent held a welcome reception for my teacher!

Oh, okay. Li Muhua suddenly felt unhappy inside, but didnt reveal it. He instructed one of his subordinates, who went to prepare the reception.

Jane curiously asked, Little Li, what does welcome reception(jie feng) mean?

Little Li!?

This form of address was naturally for Li Guangxun. Everybody looked at Li Guangxun with astonishment, they didnt expect that Professor Li who was over forty was addressed by his teacher, a Westerner, as Little Li!

Li Guangxuns face flushed, but he didnt dare dally, so he immediately answered, Dear teacher, it means to welcome a guest with a good meal.

Oh welcome reception(jie feng). I learned another new phrase, haha. Jane seemed very happy, her contented laugh was bright like it was one from an eighteen year old. She then looked towards Yang Chen and the others and said, These people are

Li Muhua immediately introduced them, They are our business partners. I brought them here today to tour the progress of the research institutes new environmentally friendly material, then wed then make a final revision of our contract. I never expected Miss Jane to honor us with your presence. Miss Jane, as my Fourth Uncles teacher, you should be able to give us some pointers in the scientific field, right?

Jane doubtfully looked at Yang Chen. She didnt seem to understand why this man had suddenly turned into an inspection member of a company.

Li Guangxun saw that Jane didnt speak up, and thought that his teacher wasnt willing. Thus, he discontentedly said, Muhua, how can you so casually ask for Teacher to give pointers? Do you know of Teachers identity? Even the British Royal Society, Americas Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, MITs Lincoln Laboratory, Germanys Fraunhofer Society, and those other top academies would have difficulty inviting Teacher to even take a look. Do you think Teachers pointers can be casually given!?