My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 165

Chapter 165 1: The Most Valuable
Chapter 165-1: The most valuable

On the 2nd floor of the villa, the door to a usually empty room opened. Wang Ma who wore a milky-white pajamas slowly walked out. When she saw Lin Ruoxi crying alone downstairs, she sighed and slowly went down.

She walked up to Lin Ruoxi, squatted beside her, and patted Lin Ruoxis shoulders which shook from her sobbing, Miss, dont cry, crying is really bad for the body.

Wang Ma Lin Ruoxi looked up to the loving Wang Ma with misty eyes. She threw herself into Wang Mas embrace and spoke as she sobbed, Wang Ma, Yang Chen says he doesnt want me hes gone to look for other women

Wang Ma patted Lin Ruoxis back, and warmly said, Miss, Young Master was just blurted that out in anger. If he really didnt want you, why would he waste so many words on you? His love is deep and tough.

Lin Ruoxi of this moment was like a little girl who was crying to an elder, she didnt resemble anything like the CEO of a large company, and was fragile to the point that would invoke pity from others.

I know that Ive not been good, but why is he so fierce? I was really scared earlier, he laughed so coldly, I feel very hurt inside

Miss, I heard everything when I was upstairs, you shouldnt apply the kind of attitude you use in your office towards Young Master. Wang Ma stroked Lin Ruoxis smooth hair, then reached out to wipe away the tears at the corner of her eyes, and gently said, Wang Ma didnt have much education, but in my opinion, a woman goes through many phases in life. Theres romance, marriage, being a wife, having a child, and being a mother By doing all these well, a woman would feel like she led a fulfilling life when she becomes old. In a career, no matter how successful a woman becomes, it wouldnt be something worth being reminiscing over.

I want to pass my days happily, but he never has any ambitions, which makes me anxious and I cant help but get angry Lin Ruoxi murmured.

Miss, Young Master doesnt has ambition, and theres no point in you forcing him. Whats important is that Young Master has you in his heart. Just look at what happened this time, because of the matter with Boss Zeng, didnt Young Master take the initiative to go for this business trip? This means that he cares about you, and is jealous of Boss Zeng. Wang Ma said with a smile, Since Young Master can be compelled to work in this way, there would also be other ways to improve this situation, being overly anxious would only make Young Master react negatively.

Lin Ruoxi nodded in approval, then melancholically said, But he has unclear relationships with so many women. I heard that in the company alone, he has unusual relationships with three PR members. How can I trust him like this

Wang Ma forced a smile and said, Miss, dont hold it against me for speaking out of turn. Ever since you got married, Young Master has never even stepped foot in your bedroom, not to mention the lack of any affection between husband and wife all this time. Young Master is a normal man, he got married, but has a wife he cant touch, isnt that too hard for him? Miss, if the most beautiful clock in the world cant turn, the most beautiful clothes cant be worn, and the most luxurious car cant be driven, isnt it pointless? You cant possibly demand Young Master to keep you like an antique thats meant to be sold when the value increases, right?

Wang Ma what antique and to be sold? Thats so unpleasant to hear

Lin Ruoxi protested while blushing.

Wang Ma extended her hands to hold Lin Ruoxis delicate face, Miss, think about it. In the whole of Zhonghai, how many girls can hold a candle to you? If you treat Young Master a little more sweetly, how can Young Master even think about other women?

Really? Lin Ruoxi was slightly convinced.

Of course. Wang Ma struck while the iron was hot by saying, These are all things that I have experienced. The way men think is actually very simple, which man doesnt like to perform well in front of the woman they likes? What theyre afraid of is that even if they perform well, the woman wouldnt respond at all. What Miss needs to do right now is to let Young Master understand that you care about him too, and give him the motivation to continue working.

Lin Ruoxi doubtfully blinked back at Wang Ma, Wang Ma, I thought you were never married? How could you know about such things?

Wang Ma was speechless for a moment, and with a blush she countered, I was never married, but still had some experiences in boy and girl relationships when I was younger. Miss, trust me on this. Ever since you were a child, have I ever lied to you?

Lin Ruoxi nodded in relief, and hesitantly asked, But he seems to be really angry now, what if he doesnt come back?

Then you should go and find him. Wang Ma helplessly rubbed Lin Ruoxis head, Miss, you cant always expect Young Master to take the initiative in contacting you, a married couple needs to mutually love each other. Theres an ancient saying, mutual help and relief in time of poverty can bring happiness, and this is exactly what it means.

I have to plead him to return home? Lin Ruoxi pouted from embarrassment.

Wang Ma said sincerely, Miss, in this world, there is no link that is more sacred, more beautiful, more sincere than the relationship between husband and wife Parents will leave one day, friends wont remain together forever, children will grow up and leave the nest one day There is only husband and wife who are bound together by love that will stay together till the very end Therefore, once someone has set their mind on their mate, they have to cherish their significant other

Lin Ruoxi carefully listened without making a sound.