My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 166

Chapter 166 1: Difficult To Serve
Chapter 166-1: Difficult to serve

The relationship between Rose and Yang Chen was practically a secret, so the fact that someone came to ROSE bar to look for Yang Chen, definitely usurped Yang Chens attention.


Chanel. Rose pursed her lips and formed a crafty smile.

Yang Chen wasted a lot of brainpower to figure out and finally managed to figure out who Chanel was! Thats Zhou Dongcheng!!

On the day of the massacre of the leaders of the West Union Society, the reason why there wasnt a direct confrontation with Dongxing was because of Miss Chanels splendid performance. To be honest, other than coquettish glances that Chanel gave him that felt hard to bear, Yang Chen had a rather good opinion of Zhou Dongcheng.

What did he come here for?

Seeing Yang Chens face like he was facing a great enemy, Rose chuckled, I dont know either, Miss Chanel had breathtakingly made an appearance here to see you, but you just happened to be on a business trip, so he came here for nothing.

The next time he comes, you should tell him to look for someone who has the same interests as him, Im not interested. Yang Chen said with a slightly pale face.

Rose mischievously replied, That Miss Chanel is so pretty, as a woman even I admire her and feel jealous, yet a lecher like you isnt tempted?

Yang Chen felt that he had spoiled this girl, he hadnt disciplined her well, so he immediately got up and picked her up, and pinned her down with his thighs. He raised his hand and swung it towards her round and fair buttocks!

*Smack smack smack!*

With three consecutive hits, a red palm print began to surface, her ass shook, causing Rose to groan three times. Her face was flushed, and her eyes became watery.

Do you still dare to say more!? Yang Chen asked while feigning anger.

Rose timidly shook her head, then lovably pouted, but the smiling expression in her eyes still remained.

Yang Chen sighed inside. These days, the scary ones werent the brutish ones, but the gentle ones like Zhou Dongcheng. Just like those godly martial arts that counter strength with softness, and shapeless beats those with form, causing him to tremble in fear inside!

Being born handsome is indeed a kind of crime

After hugging Rose to sleep, Yang Chen still had to go to work obediently. In all honesty, in the past week he hadnt seen his female colleagues, and he missed them a little because hes a boring man.

Lugging large and small bags of breakfast into the office, Yang Chen discovered that the number of people in the office had dwindled, many seats were empty. Puzzled, he asked Zhang Cai what happened.

Zhang Cai who was burying her head in documents noticed Yang Chen, and pouted in sorrow, Yang Chen, youre finally here, you have no idea how much hardship us sisters have been having these past few days. The autumn fashion show is about to start, and is enough make us run around busily. I dont know what huge project the company is planning to do, Sis Mingyu has urged us to chase after the debts which havent been paid, and even made it a compulsory mission for everybody. We have been running around in circles like headless flies

Yang Chen knew the inside story, it was the cooperation with Changlin Media and Muyun Corporation which needed large amounts of funding thrown in, which is why these PR ladies became incredibly busy. Its key that before the contract is signed, this mustnt be made public, so these pitiful ladies have been busy but have no idea why.

Huh, breakfast! Zhang Cai saw the bags Yang Chen held, and her large beautiful eyes shined. She directly grabbed a bag of fried buns, and happily started to eat.

From the way you eat, you probably didnt have a good breakfast for the past few days. Yang Chens heart ached.

Zhang Cais mouth was bulging, What are you saying were all used to the breakfast you bring, and weve basically forgotten about buying breakfast altogether.

Yang Chen was satisfied with this reply, he didnt expect that he had such an important position, and couldnt help but feel smug.

After distributing breakfast, he returned to his seat, and found Zhao Hongyan who wore a light pink suit. Her hair draped over her shoulders and was held together with a yellow hair clip. Her legs were in a pair of alluring and seductive black stockings. All of these made her look more lively than in the past, and it seemed like she had gotten over her past of being in a cold and domestically violent family.

Zhao Hongyan saw Yang Chen return, and looked towards him with a bashful smile, Did your business trip go well?

I cant say it went well, but the mission was accomplished. Im more concerned about you instead, has that matter been settled?

Zhao Hongyan stopped smiling, and sternly nodded, I no longer have any relationship with the Yu Family, and have completed the divorce procedures. Although things didnt end on a good note, at least I wont have to suffer.

If the people of their family, especially that Yu Hui comes to harass you, just let me know. By the way hows your fathers condition?

Zhao Hongyan gratefully said, Dont worry, that pair of brothers had been frightened by Boss Lin, and have been uneasy as to whether their family business is going to be forcefully taken over. As for my dad, the doctor said that he had already found an organ donor. There is also enough funds now, so we plan to have the operation done in a few days, when my dads condition is better. The success rate is very high. Its all thanks to you that we have our current situation.

Its all thanks to the CEO instead, all I did was talk and chase away some houseflies. Yang Chen indifferently smiled.

Its not the same. If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt have the strength to walk this far. Zhao Hongyan suddenly smiled, If it was in ancient times, would I have to devote my life to you?