My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 175

Chapter 175 1: Begin And End
The restaurants manager hastily ran over, seeing the scene of Yang Chen stepping on Qi Kai and causing him to puke blood nearly made the manager faint!

Mister! Mister! Please show mercy! Show mercy! The manager ran over with a head full of sweat. He finally hated himself for refusing to hire a bodyguard because he wanted to save money, this wasnt a fight! This was murder!

Yang Chen released his leg, and took two steps back to let the manager help Qi Kai up.

Qi Kai stood up with difficulty. Being a part of the special forces meant that he had a robust body, but Yang Chens kick was enough to make him puke blood. Although he wasnt seriously injured, this wasnt something that he could recover immediately from, he would need at least half a month or so.

Wang Yue who was still in a daze a moment ago immediately ran over to Qi Kais side, she pushed away the manager to support Qi Kai, and asked while wailing, Qiqi are you hurt? Qiqi are you alright?

How can I be alright after puking blood!? Qi Kai opened his mouth that was coated with blood and bellowed at Wang Yue, but that bellow made him cough intensely.

Yang Chen turned to ask Liu Mingyu, Do you still want to eat?

Liu Mingyu had already recovered from the shock of Yang Chen violence, she looked at Yang Chen with concern, then slightly shook her head, No, but he

Dont bother about him, lets go. Saying that, Yang Chen walked towards the exit of the restaurant.

Qi Kai was overwhelmed with anger, it would be too humiliating for him to let Yang Chen walk off like that, so he shouted, You stop right there!

Yang Chen turned around with a queer smile and asked, What? You want revenge?

Qi Kai felt his heart mysteriously stop for a moment when Yang Chen glanced at him, and his thought of going up to fight was blown away, he gritted his teeth and said, I will call the police, just you wait!

Do what you want.

Yang Chen didnt care at all, Qi Kai just puked blood, but even if he actually crippled Qi Kai, the police wouldnt really do anything to him. From the way Flower Rain had appeared to help him, he could tell the current attitude the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade had towards him. Right now, they werent willing to make a move, and didnt dare to, which was exactly the status which Yang Chen liked.

Liu Mingyu saw Yang Chen just walk off, so she didnt do anything other than take out two hundred dollar notes and slipped it into the managers hands, and followed suit.

The guests who remained in the restaurant pointed and chatted about Qi Kai and Wang Yue amongst themselves, most of them were joyful about Qi Kais bad luck, and were curious as to Yang Chens identity, for he had beaten someone up in public without any restraint.

Wang Yue had always cared about face, seeing Qi Kai stand there with an ashen face, she coquettishly said, Qiqi! That person was looking down on you! How can we endure this! Call the police, didnt you tell me that Deputy Chief Lu of the West Region Police Station is your fathers friend!? Get him to help deal with this disgusting couple!

Incited by Wang Yues words, Qi Kai ignored his fear for Yang Chen, coldly snorted, and took out his phone to make a call.

Very soon, a voice belonging to a middle-aged man was heard, Haha, Qi Kai, I heard from your dad that youre back in Zhonghai? Good job, you even remembered to give me a call.

Uncle Lu, say no more, in this short time I returned, Ive already gotten attacked by someone!

What!? Who dares to attack you? Let me back you up!

Qi Kai proudly smiled, Uncle Lu, I was just at the Cantonese restaurant near your police station for dinner, and was carelessly kicked by a man, you have to stick up for me.

This person is too bold! He dared to create trouble in this area!? Dont worry, Im here for you, Qi Kai. Give me that mans name, I will check on him for you.

Qi Kai looked towards Wang Yue who was beside him. Wang Yue had shook hands with Yang Chen before, and knew of his name, so she hurriedly told Qi Kai.

Qi Kai said, The names Yang Chen, hes from Yu Lei International. Uncle Lu, this is something that concerns the safety of us civilians, someone like that should be locked up in a cell for decades!

On the other side of the line, Deputy Chief Lu laughed in agreement, but a while later, he said, Huh? Then no longer spoke.

Qi Kai frowned, he had a bad feeling about this, Uncle Lu, Uncle Lu? Are you there? Why arent you speaking? Are you done checking?

Oh Qi Kai Deputy Chief Lu took a while before replying slowly, You just returned to Zhonghai, dont stir up trouble. For some matters, if it isnt too serious, just let it go. Young people shouldnt be hot-tempered. Take a step back and calm down, I think we should just forget about this.

Uncle Lu! You cant be like this! Why do you suddenly want me to forget about it!?

Oh Qi Kai, Im going for a meeting now, lets just leave it at this, send my regards to your father, bye bye Deputy Chief Lu quickly cut the call.

Indignant, Qi Kai smashed his phone onto the ground!

Going for a damn meeting!? How can you go for a shitty meeting after work! You think youre fooling a child!? Qi Kai said with gritted teeth.

Wang Yue saw that it was fruitless, and said with disdain, I guess your relationship isnt strong enough, and I thought your family was so powerful


Qi Kai suddenly slapped Wang Yue, and she was dumbstruck.

Slut, get the hell lost! I dont want to see you!!