My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 177

Chapter 177 1: Yesterday And Today
Chapter 177-1: Yesterday and today

In the early morning of the next day, the skies of the east were painted with the colors of dawn. Yang Chen woke up, and found Liu Mingyu orderly dressed and tying up her hair into a bun.

Seeing Yang Chen sit up with a naked upper body, Liu Mingyu who had just lost her first time didnt seem embarrassed at all. She gave him a tranquil smile and said, Previously, I read a magazine that said that when doing that, men exert, while women enjoy. Seeing you sleep so deeply, I feel like that is indeed the case.

It doesnt hurt? Yang Chen looked strangely at the womans butt, for he didnt hold back last night.

Liu Mingyu shook her head, and self-deprecatingly joked, Im already an old lady, what is there to be hurt?

I like old ladies. Yang Chen said with a straight face.

Liu Mingyu giggled, then smacked the bed sheet, Alright then, time to get up. This hotel provides buffet breakfast, lets eat then go to work.

Fifteen minutes later, the two went down to the buffet dining hall. Maple Hotels buffet was relatively sumptuous, with numerous Chinese and Western dishes.

Yang Chen took four tea eggs, scooped a bowl of congee, then took two baskets of steamed dumplings, two steamed buns, a plate of vegetables, and a plate of fruit. Then, he started to wolf down his food.

Liu Mingyu only took a plate of salad, and even used the honey mustard salad dressing like a typical young lady.

Yang Chen found this slightly strange, with his brows creased he asked, Eating just a plate of salad for breakfast? There arent enough calories in it. Its not like you need to lose weight, eat a little more.

The salad dressing is sweet, so there are calories. Besides, even if I dont need to lose weight, I still need to maintain my figure. Said Liu Mingyu.

Yang Chen firmly placed a peeled tea egg onto her plate, With the capacity of a man who had touched you all over, I express that you need to get a little fatter.

Liu Mingyu immediately blushed, she looked left and right to confirm that no one heard, then scolded, What are you blabbering on about! Ive already told you yesterday, after that was done, youre you, and I am me. Do not get involved with each other, other than being colleagues, theres nothing between us!

Could the you and I of yesterday and today be the same? Yesterdays me, and todays me, are they still the same to you? Do you know whats the difference between yesterdays you and todays you to me? Yang Chen asked Liu Mingyu.

Liu Mingyu silently lowered her head.

Some matters cant be achieved just by saying it. I think that its impossible for you, and even more impossible for me. Yang Chen conscientiously said.

Liu Mingyu looked up, picked up her silver fork, stabbed it into the tea egg, raised it, and took a bite. While chewing she said, I give up, Ill just eat it alright

Thats good then. With a smile, Yang Chen took a big bite out of the steamed bun.

But halfway through their meal, a familiar and excited voice was heard from behind Yang Chen.

Mr. Yang?

Yang Chen turned around, looked at the woman who had suddenly appeared in the dining hall with slight surprise and said, Miss Tang?

It was indeed Tang Wan whom he had met a few days ago during the bank robbery. However, Tang Wan had seemed to have changed her hairstyle, her wavy hair had been straightened, and neatly combed back. She wore a well-fitting black suit, with an opening that reached deep down her chest, revealing her light yellow camisole. She dressed incredibly fashionably, and her true age couldnt be deduced.

What a coincidence, youre also staying in this hotel? Asked Yang Chen.

Tang Wan walked over, and her gaze swept past Liu Mingyu who sat opposite of Yang Chen. With a profound look in her eyes, she smiled and said, Mr. Yang is truly an eminent yet forgetful person. Previously, you went to the leisure centre with Miss Mo, but havent you noticed that this hotels name is exactly the same as my leisure centre?

Only now did Yang Chen remember that the ultra large scale leisure centre owned by Tang Wan also seemed to be called maple. Miss Tangs properties are truly everywhere, are you starting work right now?

Tang Wan shook her head with a smile, I just happened to be here for an inspection this morning, and never expected to bump into you, Mr. Yang. May I know who this beautiful lady is

Liu Mingyu who had noticed the arrival of Tang Wan a long time ago didnt expect that this graceful upper-class lady was actually acquainted with Yang Chen until they had greeted each other. Liu Mingyu felt a spell of sourness in her heart. After all, all aspects of Tang Wans face and figure was only better and no worse in comparison to hers. Most notably was her qualities of gracefulness, nobility, and elegance. Only a rich and noble family could foster such a charisma.

This man was truly sex maniac who had seduced and tainted many flowers, but the ladies still werent able to resist him.

However, Liu Mingyu remembered that she was also a woman who had an extramarital affair with him, and it was also she who had requested that they have such a relationship, so she loosened up. Who cares, he was never exclusive to me, what point is there in being jealous? If anything, it would be his unlucky wife that would be jealous

If she knew that the one she called unlucky wife was her immediate superior, the great CEO whom she revered like an idol, Liu Mingyu would probably faint.