My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 184

Chapter 184 1: Wait For You To Pounce
Chapter 184-1: Wait for you to pounce

Cai Yan was now in a disastrous position that was neither here nor there. She was at least two meters away to the floor upstairs, and a meter away from the window where Yang Chen was!

That short-haired man suddenly pulled out a silver Desert Eagle, and his thick arm bulged in his suit, one could imagine how strong his arm had to be to wield a Desert Eagle with one arm.

The man looked at her in amusement, then aimed at Cai Yans safety rope outside the window!

All it would take is one accurate shot to break the rope, which would in turn cause Cai Yans bones to shatter into pieces if she fell dozens of floors!

Cai Yan simply didnt even have the time to regret, other than hanging in midair and waiting for death, there was simply nothing else she could do!

Undo the rope! Quickly!

Underneath, Yang Chens shout quickly made Cai Yan return to her senses. Glancing downwards, she saw Yang Chen lean forward with open arms, ready to catch her!

To catch a person at an angle like this with just a pair of hands was definitely no easy task even though he was catching a lady who was this light. Perhaps even a world-class weightlifting athlete wouldnt be able to catch a falling woman in a position like this where their usable strength was limited due to their waist being pressed against the window sill.

Cai Yan hesitated, because she knew that even if Yang Chen manages to grab hold of her, she may very well implicate him in this.

He should understand this very well, but why does he still want to catch me without any hesitation!?

Is he doing it on purpose? Impossible, everything thats happening here is definitely under watch of that person upstairs, theres no reason for him to trick me into jumping. Also, do I even have a choice!?

However, Cai Yan didnt want to receive this unexpected favor Although she never had a good impression of this man, Cai Yan didnt want to implicate him.

*Bang bang!

The man who stood by the window had already fired two gunshots, but they were off the mark due to the window which had thwarted the bullets trajectory. He didnt hit Cai Yans rope, but managed to shatter the reinforced glass window.

Yang Chen noticed Cai Yans hesitation, so he angrily scolded, If you still dont jump, youre a sow!

What did you say!? Cai Yan was flushed with anger.

I said youre a sow! You dare not let me know how much you weigh! Yang Chen shouted.

Cai Yan nearly burst with rage, this fellow had dared to insult her like this. Fine, Ill jump, at the worst well just die together, before I die Id even be getting rid of this guy for the good of the people!

When the short haired man changed his mind to take aim at Cai Yan herself, Cai Yan released the buckle at her waist, and her body fell straight down!

It was at this moment that Cai Yan suddenly realized one thing; this decision of hers had without a doubt put her life into Yang Chens hands!

A pair of large hands easily held Cai Yans body. Before she thought anything of it, she was already carried into the corridor.

However, the way Yang Chen held her was rather ambiguous, Cai Yan felt a warm hand gripping her butt tightly. Feeling her sensitive butt being pinched like this, she couldnt help but moan, though she knew this wasnt the time.

Yang Chen didnt think about such things at all. After placing Cai Yan down, he didnt even have the mood to look at Cai Yans flushed face, and immediately said, Their people have definitely noticed us. In all likelihood, theyll rush here, so Ill stop them here while you go downstairs.

Just as he said that, running sounds were heard from the corridor upstairs, and several figures in black opened the door and charged out!

Cai Yan simply didnt have an opportunity to refuse as she was pushed away by Yang Chen. Staggering, she nearly fell off the stairs, but the strength behind Yang Chens push was actually just right as she managed to lean against the wall by slightly turning her body.

If you have brains, go get help. If you become a burden well both die!

While he spoke, he was already running up the stairs to face the two closest black-clothed men, and they were repelled by Yang Chens two fists!

Cai Yan didnt express any discontent towards Yang Chens roughness, when she saw Yang Chen charge up to face the flood of thugs, Cai Yan felt her eyes scorching.

She had always suspected him, ridiculed him, and even tried to arrest him as a suspect without any hesitation. But why would he help her after all that, and even go up to stop these fiends without any reason!?

Is it worth it for him to put his life on the line just because Im Ruoxis friend!?

These thoughts only lasted for a moment in Cai Yans mind, for she knew that what Yang Chen said was the truth. If she didnt flee, shed just be a burden, so at the quickest speed possible, she was practically jumping down flights of stairs!

When Cai Yan had finally arrived at a floor where she had reinforcements positioned, she heard a series of clamorous gunshots from above!

Cai Yan felt her heart tighten, and quickly ran towards eight policemen and shouted, Pick up your guns! Go upstairs with me now! Everybody else maintain order in the building! Seal off the buildings entrance!

Obviously, the sound of gunshots would make people within the building uneasy. As a police chief, her first and foremost priority is to ensure that no innocent people get hurt.

The target of this investigation had already opened fire, so whether they had evidence or not, they could arrest them!