My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 186

Chapter 186 1: Something Horrible Happened
Chapter 186-1: Something horrible happened

Xu Zhihongs arrival made Yang Chen wonder what on earth Lin Ruoxi was actually thinking, while Mo Qianni had an expression which implied I dont know anything, which made Yang Chen feel vexed inside.

It had to be known that yesterday night, Lin Ruoxi had just signed an alliance with the two companies to deal with the Xu Familys Donghua Science and Technology. Xu Zhihong was basically an enemy through and through, so why did she make plans for her enemy to come here for breakfast with her?

Mr. Yang, are you puzzled? Xu Zhihong sincerely laughed.

Just like before, Yang Chen didnt like the expression of this man, rolling his eyes he said, I am puzzled, but I dont need you to tell me the answer.

Xu Zhihong laughed, and spoke no more.

Lin Ruoxi and Mo Qianni exchanged glances, they could see how displeased Yang Chen was, and slightly smiled because of it.

It was at this moment that Ruoxis assistant, Wu Yue, hurried over with a laptop in her hands. She reported to Lin Ruoxi, Boss Lin, five minutes ago, after Changlin Media had confirmed that we have transferred five billion in funds, they also transferred five billion. Adding on the two billion which the Muyun Corporation had already put in last night, the shared Swiss bank account is now properly filled by all parties involved.

Has Changlins financial status been verified? Asked Lin Ruoxi.

Wu Yue opened a document on her laptop, looked at various charts, then said, According to the Athena Teams analysis, after both parties have transferred five billion in Huaxia currency, Changlin Media would be facing a severe shortage of funds. For the next three months, they would face an extremely low working capital, unless the Zeng Family of Yanjing grants assistance.

What is the Athena Team? Yang Chen asked Lin Ruoxi.

Lin Ruoxi didnt answer him, while Mo Qianni kindly explained, Its a team that Boss Lin personally put together after taking office. They include actuaries and traders of the various industry markets from all over the world, and their main responsibility is to analyze a competitors financial situation in detail.

Xu Zhihong also happily added, Although Ruoxis small team have less than ten people, it still makes me green with envy, haha.

Lin Ruoxi responded, Hmm, the Zeng Family in Yanjing couldnt possibly assist them. The Zeng Family has multiple establishments, and is also involved with the government. The Zeng Family doesnt dare to make any rash moves Wu Yue, execute the next phase of the plan.

Roger, Boss Lin!

Wu Yue bowed, and left the dining room.

Looking at these people who had just said things that he couldnt understand, Yang Chen couldnt help but ask, Can anyone explain?

Lin Ruoxi sipped on her orange juice, then said, Before this collaboration, I have already spent three months selling dozens of unimportant factories and some shares of other companies, amassing eight billion in funds. Five billion have been put into the Swiss Bank account, and there is three billion remaining, Ive decided to use it to suppress the shares that Changlin Media has in Hong Kongs stock market.

Suppress Changlin? Yang Chen suspected that he misheard. Didnt they just become allies!?

You didnt mishear. Mo Qianni continued to explain, Our company, Yu Lei, has already planned for all subsidiary newspapers and magazines under us and the rest of the industry to begin spreading news that would be detrimental to Changlin. This way, Changlin Medias shares would be dumped by their shareholders, while we will buy them. When we amass enough shares, we would once again dump all of them back at even lower prices, causing panic in all shareholders, which would cause even those shareholders who had been passive to dump what they have All we need to do is to repeatedly buy and sell. In a situation where Changlin doesnt have enough cash reserves, they would have no options but to let their shares be beaten to a pulp by us. In less than a day, Changlin Media would crash.

[TL: I believe that in financial terms, to dump stocks/shares means to sell at prices lower than its actual value.]

Without even mentioning the specifics of the plan, Yang Chen already felt that this seemed too simple, Changlin is also a large company worth tens of billions, can such a simple move truly kill them off?

Changlins decision to break into Zhonghai was a mistake from the very start. Although such a move would bring them long-term benefits, for the short-term they would need to do enormous amounts of foundational work and would require enormous spending. Yet, at a time like this, Zeng Xinlin dared to brazenly use this alliance of three companies to stabilize his position. Unfortunately, he has oversimplified the ways of the business world. Said Mo Qianni.

With a smile, Xu Zhihong clapped in approval and said, The business world is a battlefield, companies are at each others throats with blades and soldiers, who even gives a damn about friendship?

Yang Chen glanced at the icy and expressionless Lin Ruoxi, then turned to the beaming Xu Zhihong and asked, Well then, Boss Xu, why are you here?

Xu Zhihong laughed and said, How about we first move to the computer room to watch the stock market war, and Ill slowly explain it to you, Mr. Yang?