My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 188

Chapter 188 1: Im A Businesswoman
Chapter 188-1: Im a businesswoman

Lin Ruoxi didnt answer Yang Chen directly. She instead glanced at the Vacheron Constantin watch on her snow-white wrist and said, The celebration feast will be starting soon. Although the participants are mostly our staff, we shouldnt be late. Lets go.

You arent going to explain? Yang Chen gloomily asked.

Ill explain it to you along the way.

The four then left the small resort. Xu Zhihong sat in the car driven by Hairy Ball, while the car behind was as it was yesterday where Mo Qianni drove, while Lin Ruoxi and Yang Chen sat behind.

Lin Ruoxi gave Yang Chen a rough account of what happened, and Yang Chen finally understood.

Changlin Medias forced entry was unfavorable for Yu Lei International as a business. Furthermore, due to the Zeng Familys power, there was no doubt that if Changlin continued to expand in Zhonghai, it would spell a calamity for them.

Therefore, ever since Zeng Xinlin visited Lin Ruoxi for the first time as her senior and brought up collaborating with Yu Lei and Muyun for a large project, Lin Ruoxi had already thought of seizing this opportunity to drive Changlin Media out of Zhonghai.

Once the plan started taking shape, Lin Ruoxi began to amass funds from the company and from loans, and prepared way more funds than what was required in the contract.

Using the stock market to defeat Changlin was something she thought of from the very start, but everything had to be kept a complete secret, so it wasnt just Yang Chen who didnt know, even Mo Qianni had been kept in the dark till two days ago.

The outcome of this plan wouldnt affect the collaboration with Changlin and Muyun. Which meant that even though they put Changlin Media down, due to the profit sharing of the new product. Changlin would still receive large amounts of profit. However, trying to surpass Yu Lei with that would be nothing but a dream.

The biggest factor was the sixty-five percent profit Yang Chen negotiated which surprised Lin Ruoxi. This was practically a boost that left Lin Ruoxi with no hesitation in initiating the plan to cut Changlin down.

As for Xu Zhihong, they had conspired together from the very start. With a contract he signed with Lin Ruoxi privately, they put out funds to deal with Changlin together.

The Xu Family wouldnt suffer any losses. Conversely, they would have one less opponent who possesses connections with the government in the battle of the new product, so Xu Zhihong happily took part.

But of course, Yu Lei also set a condition that when Donghua Science and Technologys new product hits the market, they would use Yu Leis powerful sales network. This was a factor in the market chain which the Xu Family lacked, so it was a condition which was actually advantageous to Xu Zhihong.

Yang Chen looked at Lin Ruoxi with a queer expression, You just sold out that senior of yours just like that?

I am just doing what I should. Lin Ruoxi frowned, for she didnt like the words sold out.

I thought you thought of him with great importance, so it turns out that you had cheated him like he was a pitiful fool. Yang Chen was rather pleased inside.

Lin Ruoxi looked out of the window, and said, He is my senior, but that has no relation to this matter.

But you didnt need to fool me too, right? Why did I only find out at the very end? Yang Chen felt rather discontented.

Mo Qianni who sat in front looked at Yang Chens vexed expression from the rearview mirror, so she chuckled and answered, If she cant hide it from you, how could she hide it from others?

Lin Ruoxi nodded in agreement.

Yang Chen was speechless, he realized that he had to take a fresh look at his wife, he mustnt judge her by her reactionless cold and silent countenance. It was precisely because she was this way that nobody could understand just what was on her mind.

This scamming skill was already at the level of perfection, because she didnt need to cover for her lies, it didnt make a difference whether she lied or not!

Yang Chen finally understood what Mo Qianni meant yesterday when she said that Lin Ruoxi had an innate advantage!

However, after Yang Chen thought over it carefully, he realized that something didnt seem right. Frowning, he asked, Since youd already talked things over with Xu Zhihong beforehand, why did he still send hitmen after us in Hong Kong?

Lin Ruoxi turned her head towards him, and pursed her lips apologetically, I apologize for that matter, Xu Zhihong had only mentioned providing some obstruction to make Zeng Xinlin more determined in the collaboration. I didnt know that he would truly send hitmen.

Mo Qianni who was driving was afraid that Yang Chen would flare up, so she tried to ease the situation, Yang Chen, Ruoxi truly didnt know. Xu Zhihong took this advantage to kill you because to him, there could only be advantages and no harm no matter who died. However, arent we all fine? Well just find a chance to punish Xu Zhihong in the future, dont blame Ruoxi.

Yang Chen felt indignant inside. Mo Qianni was a silly lady who nearly died, yet she still spoke well of Lin Ruoxi to him. With a slight smile, he said, I dont really mind, my life isnt so fragile. However, if it just so happened that a bullet from the hitmen sent by Xu Zhihong managed to hit you, would you still be here driving?

Mo Qianni was at a loss for words. She knew that she had been lucky at that time.

Lin Ruoxis head was lowered in silence. This was a lapse in her calculations, she had considered general situation, but didnt consider Yang Chen and Mo Qiannis safety.

The next time you think of defeating your enemies, dont forget your own people. People are more important than victory, not to mention the people who care and aid you. Yang Chen released some of the discontent he had, Qianni doesnt blame you because shes kind. The next time you want to play such a dangerous game, you had better think it through. Is Xu Zhihong a simpleton that you can toy around with?

Hearing Yang Chen speak up for her made Mo Qianni feel warmth, but seeing Lin Ruoxi downcast from the rearview mirror also made her sad, Alright Yang Chen, Ruoxi isnt an immortal, how could she predict everything accurately?

Yang Chen pouted, and shook his head in silence.