My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 197

Chapter 197 1: Lecher On The Train
My Wife is a Beautiful CEO
Chapter 197-1: Lecher on the train
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On Monday afternoon, carried his bag and walked and entered the Zhonghai Airport as promised. He had returned to this airport so soon, and was even flying with the same person, Mo Qianni. However, the twos relationship had progressed by miles between then till now.

Mo Qianni wore a pair of sunglasses that covered half her face. She had a massive suitcase with her, and was in a body hugging sports attire which made her seem incredibly vivacious. She chewed on her gum, listened to music with her earphones, and looked at her watch. She had been there for a while.

Seeing Yang Chen slowly walk over, Mo Qianni cutely lowered her sunglasses and rolled her eyes at him, Why is it that I have to wait for you every time? Cant you arrive earlier like a gentleman?
Its just a total of two times, what do you mean by every time? Yang Chen was not at all shy as he stuck a hand into Mo Qiannis hoodies pocket, hoping to find a piece of chewing gum for himself.

With so many tourists around, Mo Qianni naturally found it embarrassing, she kept smacking Yang Chens hand in panic, What are you touching for!? Theres no more gum!

Yang Chen didnt find anything in the pocket, but he was in no rush to take his hand out. With her clothes separating them, he rubbed Mo Qiannis soft and exquisite waist, and only pulled out when he was satisfied.

Mo Qianni was so angry that her face was flushed, she pinched Yang Chens waist several times, and continued to whisper angrily, All you know how to do is bully me, a mistress. If you have the capability, try taking advantage of your wife!

Yang Chen suddenly thought of a phrase: A mistress has no human rights

However, it went without saying that he didnt dare to say it in front of Mo Qianni.

The two bantered as they got onto the plane, and it would take about four hours for them to reach Sichuan.

Yang Chen saw the smiling air stewardesses, and was immediately reminded of the heartless chick An Xin. They previously promised that the next time he bumped into her, she would have to be resigned to being his woman. Yang Chen wondered if he should check what airline shes working for, so that there would be a higher chance in catching her.

After flying for over three hours, the airplane entered Sichuans territory, and gradually descended. Passing by the thick clouds, the scenery of Sichuan could be seen from the cabin windows.

Mo Qianni sat by the window, and stared at the continuous mountains nary a blink. Entranced by the verdant scenery.

It has been over ten years since you were last here, right? Yang Chen could see the melancholy in her eyes, so he shifted away her attention.

Mo Qiannis eyes were red, and she nodded. Yeah, I still remember how tough it was then, trudging through these mountains and valleys to Zhonghai. I never expected that one day Id be sitting in an airplane back. Its like Ive entered a completely different world.

Did you buy your mother any presents? Asked Yang Chen.

Im not telling you. Once he mentioned her mother, Mo Qianni seemed to be filled with joy and anticipation. It was obvious that she couldnt wait to see her one and only relative.

After another half an hour, the plane landed in the airport.

According to what Qianni said, her hometown was situated within the Qilian Mountains, and was a small mountain village called Kunshan Village. As it was too remote, they had to first take a train to the vicinity of the mountains, then take a bus that goes around the mountain to the inner regions. Lastly, theyd have to walk over ten miles to get there.

Hearing this complicated transportation journey, Yang Chens scalp itched, and he couldnt help but ask Mo Qianni, Hey, it cant be that your hometown doesnt have electricity, right?

Mo Qianni glared at him, If there isnt electricity, how do I call my mother? The journey there is troublesome, but there is still electricity there. Our village isnt even that small, if we add up the north and south parts of it, there are hundreds of households!

Yang Chen sighed in relief. Something like a candlelight dinner would be romantic to have occasionally, but repugnant to experience everyday.

After the two took a taxi to the train station, they realized that the train to the Qilian Mountains region was still the old-fashioned trains which were slow and loud. It also only took off around two in the afternoon.

After buying tickets, the two made do with a lunch at the food stall at the train station, then got onto the train.

There werent many people in the train. Once the train started moving, it could be seen that among the dozens of people, less than twenty of them were returning villagers, while the rest were villagers who just went out for the day to sell their local goods.

As they sat on the hard cabin seats, Mo Qianni began to feel sleepy, and she quickly fell asleep on the table in front of them despite the trains noises.

As the train ride was two hours and it had three stops in between, it wasnt long before they arrived at the first stop, and a wave of people got on.

This was a bunch of men who wore worn out clothes and carried bamboo shoulder poles. Several of them were even smoking, which made the whole cabin smell of smoke.

As this trains facilities were old and there was practically no supervision on the trains here, there was no one to deal the mens boorish ways. They had gotten onto the train with muddy shoes which dirtied the floor, but everyone was accustomed to this.