My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Money Is Needed To Find A Prostitute
Chapter 2: Money is Needed to Find a Prostitute

Hearing the praise, Rose slightly blushed, bit her smooth lips, and with a tone full of remorse she said, What use is there being pretty? A certain someone seldom comes by, and even when its my birthday that person still arrives this late.

Facing this sweet and charming lady, a tinge of lust welled up in Yang Chen, increasing exponentially due to her mesmerizing eyes looking at him, without any inkling of abhor. However, with a noble heart Yang Chen managed to suppress his wild desires. Restoring his tranquility, he said, I dont drink, and Im also not good at saying words that make ladies happy. Moreover, I set up my stall everyday, and truly dont have much spare time.

Rose grudgingly glared at Yang Chen, Dont speak such useless words to me. Setting up a stall? Whats good about setting up a crappy lamb skewers stall? Even if you work yourself to death you wont earn much money, if you really want to make money, come and be my housekeeper. The salary Ill pay you every month will be 100 times of what you make from selling lamb skewers!

Yang Chen bitterly laughed and said, Big sis Rose, men dont usually become housekeepers.

Ive told you so many times, call me Rose, why are you always calling big sis, big sis, big sis, am I that old?

Yang Chen could only compromise, Alright, Rose, I was wrong. Its just that, I somewhat enjoy my current lifestyle, for the time being I dont intend to switch jobs.

Unwilling to give up, Rose said, You dont have to be my housekeeper then, being my bodyguard will do right? Or, I could let you be the manager of the bar, I rarely supervise this place anyways, I usually let it be.

Hearing these words, Yang Chen felt a little touched, of course he knew this woman truly cared for him, but he had his own stance. Since the day he met Rose, he decided not to get too intimate with this woman.

Forget it Rose, I feel that selling mutton skewers is pretty good, the farmers market has quite a number of nice people as well. Yang Chen lowered his head to drink his water, unwilling to continue on this subject.

Upon seeing Yang Chens stubbornness, Rose frowned, then angrily whispered to herself, Its only good if you become my man.

What she doesnt didnt realise was, the words that she said, that she herself could barely hear, were words that Yang Chen clearly heard, but Yang Chen knew that he must pretend that he didnt hear anything.

No matter how dim the lights in the bar were, Roses face and physique still emitted an irresistible charm. However, from the moment Rose appeared, even when some people noticed her, they would only dare to take one glance before looking away. Some curious new customers asked the surrounding patrons who Rose was, and there was basically only one answer Drink your liquor, dont court death.

Feeling a little defeated, Rose walked to the other side of the counter, sat beside Yang Chen, first poured a glass of whiskey for herself, then poured another for Yang Chen, rolled her eyes and rebuked, Old ox, I know youre tough. Its fine that you are unwilling to stay by my side, however todays my birthday, can you make an exception and drink a glass of liquor?

Yang Chen hesitated for a moment, the truth was, its not that he cant drink, its just that every time he drinks, the alcohol would cause disorder to his psyche. There were too many things he didnt want to recall, which is why he needed to be calm. Therefore, to him, alcohol is poison.

Alright, but only one glass. Harboring a tinge of guilt, Yang Chen is unwilling to utterly disappoint Rose, so he decided to accept. Silently hoping in his heart that nothing will happen, since its only a small glass.

Sure enough, Rose happily smiled, that smile resembled seeing snow for the first time. Under the dim light, her visage glowed with luster, entering Yang Chens eyes, it made his heart tremble again.


After clinking the glasses, Yang Chen raised his head and drank the ice-cold liquid without any hesitation.

Rose made a gege laugh, leaned forward, and pressed her body onto Yang Chens chest and melancholily said, Do you know, it has been 10 years since I last celebrated my birthday. Although theres no cake, no candles, no presents, not even a party there is an unromantic man like you to accompany me to a drink, I feel very contented

This womans physique looked well-developed from any angle and caused men to drool. At this moment, Yang Chen distinctly felt two soft moldable lumps pressing against his thigh, gently stroking it, bringing with it a stimulating sensation.

Slightly lowering his head, he saw the slit of Roses qipao, and the fairly discernible soft porcelain-like snowy skin. Below her exquisite ankles was a pair of fiery-red high-heeled shoes,

The intense visual stimulation along with fierce seduction aroused Yang Chens male hormones.

When a man meets a woman, among hormones, the adrenal glands hormones reaction, is the most straightforward evaluation of the woman. Evidently, Rose scored well in this.

Just as Yang Chen did his best to suppress his bodys reaction, Rose finally stood up, gave him a crafty smile, as if she was a fox who succeeded in her plot, This is good, my man, seems like your capital is outstandingly robust huh

Yang Chen forced a smile, of course he knew what Rose was referring to. This woman, she actually peeped on him while she approached earlier.

I can see that you can barely endure sitting here, Im going to go entertain my other customers, if you dont want to stay any longer, you may leave. Rose left the seat in a natural and unrestrained manner, and walked towards the other customers.

The customers of the bar long ago knew that the bars lady boss was very charming, yet they didnt dare to forgo their manners. This was due to receiving information that the womans background wasnt simple at all. As a result, it was effortless for Rose greet her customers.

As a matter of fact, Roses face contained a passionate smile. That extraordinary temperament was enough to cause the majority of men to feel intimidated, thus they could only look on from a distance. Also, they didnt want to reveal any notions of obscenity, as nobody courted a rebuff.

When Rose left, Yang Chen breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time he silently mocked himself. For the last half a year that he returned to this country, he seemed to have changed quite a bit.

If it was the Yang Chen of the past, facing a mesmerizing lady like Rose who had affection for him, there wouldnt even be a need for her to seduce him. He wouldve thrown her onto a bed long ago without a care for whatever the consequences. In any case after the deed was done he could just leave.

However, he cant do that now, especially to Rose who can be considered one of his first friends in Zhong Hai, and to him, in his heart she was significant.

Although he only drank a small amount, the alcohol had already started affecting his mind. Yang Chen felt that his craving for alcohol had already been awoken, yet he didnt dare to drink in excess, the pain of recalling unwanted things after drinking is something only he understood.

However, seeing that his lower body still had a pitched tent, Yang Chen felt the need to vent some of his pent-up emotions, otherwise it would be stifled to death. But of course, Rose wont do, once they have that relationship, it would be difficult for him to get away.

After drinking a cup of water, Yang Chen quietly left ROSE bar. When he left, within the eyes of Rose who silently watched him leave, was a sense of disappointment.

Outside the bar, Yang Chen looked around, before finally walking towards a small bar close by. There may be many prey in high-class bars, but the money in Yang Chens wallet wouldnt be enough.