My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 20

Chapter 20: Monkey King And His Mate
Chapter 20: Monkey King And His Mate

Warning!!! NSFW for fiery entanglement.

Memories are like wine, no matter how much time passes, they both remain fragrant.

Rose and Yang Chens first meeting was both bloody and dramatic.

When Roses feminine voice finished narrating those memories, Yang Chen was a little speechless, half a year ago, these two people, through that coincidence became acquaintances. From that point on, the occasional casual exchange, developed into a delicate relationship, a little distant, a little ambiguous, a little exciting.

Playing with her long black hair, Rose hugged her knees, smiled intoxicatingly and said, Yang Chen, before you appeared, do you know what I was thinking of?


I recall the fairy tales my mother used to tell me when I was a child. In those stories, whenever a weak princess was in danger from a fiendish villain, a knight in shining armor would always appear and rescue her from the depths of misery. In the end, the prince and princess lived happily ever after. I always thought that that line was senseless, but you made it all come true. Rose said, with her happy eyes, tenderly looking at Yang Chen

Yang Chen touches his nose, I did not expect you to have such a sensitive and childish side.

Hehe. (Note: In chinese, can also be sarcastic as in a cold laugh) Rose lightly laughs, How do I put it I know that Im no princess, and you are no knight in shining armor yep, not even a knight in shitty armor, there isnt even a horse or armor. You just fell from the skies like a ghost. However, at that time I felt that, all these werent important.

I just thought, if only theres someone like that beside me in the future. He doesnt need to protect me all day, or always make me happy.. as long as, at the time when I cant walk anymore, support me a little, when Im hurt, provide me a chest to snuggle to, allowing me to not be so helpless, not be so lonely, that is all I want

Rose. Yang Chen extends out his hand, stroking her moist and delicate cheek, Ill be honest with you, Im not a good person, in the past, the number of women who I had relations with reached 800 if not 1,000. As I have said before, you dont need a strong helper, with your circumstances, perhaps finding an honest, reliable man who wholeheartedly loves you will be for the best.

Thats no longer possible. Roses eyes turned a little mischievous, Yang Chen, do you know the relationship between the monkeys and their king?

Group of monkeys? Their king? Yang Chen was puzzled, and asked: What are you trying to say?

In a group of monkeys, the king is the strongest male. All the female monkeys in the group become that monkeys mating partner as the instinct of the female is to choose the strongest mate, this way, their offspring will have better genes.

Like monkeys, throughout history, people in human society have also behaved this way. Why do you think men with power have had numerous wives and concubines? Even those forced to become his mate, do you think theyre actually unwilling? Since they can have the best, why should they settle for the mediocre?

Yang Chen not knowing whether to laugh or cry responded, From this, have we become monkeys?

I was just using an analogy. I want you to know, from the moment we met, in this life there will never be another man in my eyes perhaps you arent the worlds strongest, but, you are the strongest in my heart.

Roses gaze gradually became resolute, staring straight at Yang Chen, I love you, Yang Chen.

Staying silent for over a minute, the smile on Yang Chens face gradually turned stronger, somewhat relieved, and somewhat playfully he said You are really a stupid woman.

Roses incomparably perturbed look, now showed the colour of happiness, she shook her head and said: So what if Im a stupid woman, I dont regret anything!

Do you know what my original purpose for coming was? Yang Chens gaze moved up and down, as if trying to pry into the scene underneath Roses nightgown with his eyes.

Although Rose was mentally prepared, it all flew out the window with Yang Chens undisguised lascivious gaze, as she still blushed and her heart pounded hard, revealing a rare shy appearance, You what do you want to do?

Yang Chen slowly closed in on Roses beautiful little earlobe, and gently bit on that tender piece of flesh..


As if electricity passed through her body, Rose leaned onto Yang Chens chest like she was melting, and starts to pant.

Today I, came here to eat you up, you pink and tender female monkey.

Not waiting for Rose to react, Yang Chen gave out a pent up groan, fiercely hugged Roses small waist, and tossed this soft to the bone figure into the middle of the bed!

Rose, stunned by this sudden blessing, shut her eyes, allowing Yang Chen to stroke and knead her body, kissing it, while her two little hands tightly gripped the bed sheets

The smooth silk nightgown was torn away from the body by two rough hands, the snow white skin was exposed to the air, diffusing a scorching charm.

As if he couldnt let go of a single inch of skin, Yang Chens fiery kissing started from the little navel, and glided upwards along the smooth belly, then he unhesitantly unclasped the black chiffon bra, placing the two D-cup or above tender flesh into his mouth, continuously nibbling and sucking it.

Perhaps it has been too long since he clear-headedly enjoyed such a ripe womans body, Yang Chen felt his boiling blood was difficult to suppress.

Really fragrant.

Rose, who usually took the initiative is now like a shy teenager. Upon hearing such blatant praise, her blush only got deeper, and she was completely unable to retort.

Finally, when Yang Chens lips kisses Roses cherry lips, like lightning and fire, two wet tongues intertwine around each other nonstop. Roses sweet juices led Yang Chen to search for it endlessly, to the point Rose had difficult breathing and only then does Yang Chen unwillingly kiss other places.

Rose was completely lost within her first fiery entanglement, her body soft like its made of water, with every part of it turning into a sensitive nerve ending, a mere touch, allowed the flooded wet marshes to flow even more.

Once Yang Chen released the twos bodies from all constraints, one of his hands dug for Roses secret garden, the wet to flooding nectar once again caused Yang Chens hormones to accelerate!

Oh? Rose my darling, so you are this sensitive, the amount of water below could be used to shower..

Wuu.. Unable to curb with the shame Rose turned away, she has never experienced such a situation and was totally unable to speak, so she could only vaguely protest.

Yang Chen who was unable to endure any longer no longer spoke, he drew out his long fierce-looking erected dragon head, and fiercely barged into Roses tender flower bud..

Rose felt as if her low half was being torn off, that moment of pain accompanied by long-awaited happiness, made her release two streams of tears, and what followed was instead wave after wave of innumerable impacts

For a time, the rooms temperature sharply rises, the mans deep breathing and the ladys staggered wails reverberate through the room.