My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 201

Chapter 201 1: Acting Skills
Chapter 201-1: Acting skills

When the dim light reached the door, it was already so weak that barely anything could be seen, and could only outline the individuals who entered.

After opening the door, Ye Zi remained calm as she stood calmly by the door. She remained silent as if shed changed souls, and her aura was completely different.

One by one, the figures who wore various skin-tight black clothes entered through the entrance.

The black combat boots they wore were the only item that was consistent on them.

Appearing in front of Yang Chen were seven men with various expressions, there was curiosity, excitement, interest, poker face, and more, but one thing was for sure, they definitely werent easy to deal with.

The frontmost person was a fair-skinned man with a proportionate body. His most unique characteristic was his aquiline nose, and if there was any others, it would be his gaze which Yang Chen didnt like. It was a gaze of being in control of everything, the type that was so confident that it made others feel like they cant do anything about it.

Aquiline nose walked up reached a hand out towards Yang Chen, Nice to meet you, my name is Broken Blade, Im the Captain of Yellow Flame Iron Brigades Dragon Groups Team One.

Yang Chen simply shook hands with him, Yang Chen, Yu Lei Internationals Public Relations.

Why dont you use your true identity? Broken Blade asked with a sardonic smile.

What identity?

Founder of the new Zero, and inheritor of the King of Hell, Hades ring. Broken Blade casually said, Im not going to mention your other identities, but you shouldnt be denying these two identities of yours, right?

Yang Chen scratched his head, I worked as something before, but now love another line of work. Im now working in public relations, while those matters are all in the past, why mention them?

It has to be mentioned, otherwise, our talks cant continue.

Oh can it not continue? Yang Chen asked while laughing.

No can do. Broken Blade immediately rejected.

Helpless, Yang Chen said, Then say what you want, Im listening.

Broken Blade proudly smiled, Since this is the first time we meet, as the Captain, let me introduce my team to you

The rain continued to fall, but these people had no intention of hiding from it. They stood there, watching Yang Chen continue to eat and drink where he sat.

Broken Blade introduced his team members one by one to Yang Chen.

Tsunami, a middle-aged man with gold-rimmed spectacles that had the appearance of an office worker. Hes the Vice-Captain, and is mainly in-charge of technology and logistic work.

Cannon, a large man with huge sideburns. Hes their strategic skirmisher, and an expert at firearms and large machines.

Bigfoot, a square-faced man whos approximately thirty. Hes an expert at close combat, rearguard, and support work.

Squall, a dashing young man with a mohawk hairstyle. As his qinggong was incredible, he was an expert at chasing and close combat.

Night wolf, a tall and dark man with a gloomy expression. Hes a sniper who can camouflage without any traces, and make fatal shots.

When it was Ye Zis turn to be introduced, Broken Blade paused for a moment, and consciously said, Leaf, you should make your own introduction to Sir Pluto.

[TL: Ye Zi translates to Leaf, I didnt call her Leaf in the beginning because itd have sounded like a code name, wouldnt it? From now on, itll be Leaf.]

Leaf looked towards Yang Chen. Her expression showed that she wasnt at ease, but she still coldly said, Codename, Leaf, an expert at espionage and communications.

Yang Chen smiled with a profound expression, Your acting skills are indeed remarkable. It was only when you guys appeared outside the door did I realize that something was off. This is truly a perfect plan with perfect acting. Especially the stories Leaf said, which I still dont find fake at all. Perhaps this is what the highest level of acting is, despite knowing that its fake, I still feel that shes real

Hearing Yang Chens words, Leaf bit her lip but remained silent.

Thank you for the praise, but theres definitely more that you didnt expect, Sir Pluto. Broken Blade lips formed a slight grin, and he looked towards Night Wolf.

Night Wolf nodded, and spoke, Do you still remember this voice?

Yang Chen was stunned, for Night Wolfs voice was exactly the same as the large man on the train named Black Loach!

This discovery made Yang Chen gasp in surprise. When he looked at Night Wolf now, it was obvious that this was a man who excelled in close combat and had undergone professional training, but the appearance of Black Loach who he saw before was merely an old peasant, and a boorish man of the mountains!

Yang Chen clapped in admiration, From what I know, the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade has two divisions, the Dragon Group and Group of Eight. The Dragon Group may consist of over a hundred members, but because their individual battle prowess arent enough, it takes over a hundred of these finest secret agents to be on equal footing with the Group of Eight. However, it now seems like the Group of Eight is lacking in many departments in comparison to the Dragon Group. At the very least, no matter how much those people in the Group of Eight disguise, they probably cant disguise to the point where I cant see through the fact that theyre secret agents. Yet, you guys managed to do it.

Being able to fool Sir Plutos eyes has made me very surprised as well, but this is also reasonable. After all, our team has the best of the best.