My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 209

Chapter 209 1: Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
Chapter 209-1: Vajrapani Indestructible Divine Skill
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The moment Yang Chen said that, there seemed to be an undetectable cyclone forming in the temple, causing the dust to rise.

Yang Chens pair of brown eyes gradually turned blood red, and his mouth formed a reserved grin. He swept a glance at the seven people remaining with a strange look.

A feeling that made ones heart stop permeated all over the temple. Everybody were feeling overwhelmed with fear, as if the man in the center of the temple had become a dark, terrifying abyss that could swallow all of their souls without leaving anything behind!

Blue Storms four members and Dan Zengs three slowly closed in, ready to receive Yang Chens sudden attacks.

Big Brother Yang He Leaf felt like she couldnt recognize Yang Chen anymore, because Yang Chens currently gave off a completely different aura, as if he had become a different person.

Tsunami pulled Leaf back, and they took a few steps backwards, Leaf, stay away, hes very dangerous.

Sky Dragon and the others retreated to the entrance of temple with apprehension, they looked at Yang Chen who was enveloped in black smog, and exchanged glances with each other. They all saw fear in each others eyes.

Why do I feel like hes using some kind of internal method? Sky Dragon hesitantly whispered.

This is too terrifying, he has no True Qi exposed at all, yet he is so mighty, could this be the Xiantian Stage? Bigfoot said with widened eyes.

Xiantian!? That cant be! When Wudang Sects Taoist Seven Absolute passed away sixteen years ago, there was no longer any Xiantian Stage experts left in Huaxia, unless were witnessing one in action today!? Squall found this inconceivable.

Hui Lin who carried Abbess Yun Miao wiped away her teary eyes, and murmured, I find this feeling familiar

Familiar? Sky Dragon and the others wouldnt believe that Hui Lin was talking drivel. After careful reflection, he said, Indeed, it does seem to have a slight similarity to the Shushan Swordplay that Abbess Yun Miao and Miss Hui Lin uses.

But the murderous air he gives off is so much fiercer than the Sword Qi from Shushan Swordplay. Furthermore, whether its Abbess Yun Miao or the masters in Shaolin, there doesnt seem to be any who has internal energy as profound as his. Sky Dragon was deep in thought. Although he had stellar talent, he could feel the disparity in power between Yang Chen and him.

Tsunami was also deep in thought, No matter how powerful he is, at least he is currently a friend and not a foe.

Unlike the others from the Yellow Flame Iron Brigade, the seven on the opposing side had ugly expressions, but they had bigger problems because nobody of the seven dared to initiate on Yang Chen.

Amitabha. High Lama Dan Zengs wrinkles seemed to have deepened, In all of my life, Ive never seen such ruthless murderous intent. Thick like ink, cold like ice, like an asura from hell!

Dan Zeng, dont say things that we dont understand, if you want to attack then quickly do it! Punk loudly berated.

The Dharmaraja, Great Compassion angrily replied, Then why dont you guys initiate? Our high lama is a reincarnated living buddha, how could he take such risks!?

Monk, are you trying to pick a fight with us!? Carlos yelled.

Before the two parties could continue arguing, Yang Chen who had been waiting for them was getting impatient. He sighed, Since neither party wants to make a move, then let me. Although dealing with you guys one by one takes a little more time, its fine.

Pluto, dont keep showing us movie special effects, were better than you at this!!

Andy who finally couldnt handle the pressure decided to make his move. He opened one hand, and took out a sharp military knife with the other.

The density of the air around Yang Chen abruptly decreased, a strong and formless pressure engulfed him. The clothes he wore began to press down on him.

Seeing Yang Chen staying in the same spot, Andy thought that Yang Chen was unable to move due to his supernatural ability. He charged forward with a malicious smile, with his knife pointed at Yang Chens throat!

Yang Chen smiled with contempt, Moron.

His hand that was neither fast or slow moved to stop the knife. The military knife came into contact with his palm, and a series of metal cracking sounds were heard. The military knife was shattered repeatedly and only stopped at the knifes hilt!

Is this f**king hell!?

Andy exclaimed in terror, for the hand he wielded the knife with had been caught by Yang Chen!

This is earth, but youre going to hell very soon.

Yang Chens apathetic statement was followed up with the same hand that he grabbed Andys arm, and it moved up the arm. His hand shot forwards, like a hot knife stabbing a block of butter

And that block of butter was precisely Andys chest!

The two ladies, Hui Lin and Leaf who werent far from them shut their eyes and turned away, they couldnt believe the bloody scene that just witnessed!

It was as if Yang Chens hand had simply tore through a sheet of paper when he penetrated Andys sturdy body!

Andy himself wasnt able to react in time at all when Yang Chens hand tore through the back of his clothes, then he pulled out a mangled bloody lump with some bits of his clothes on it. He looked down and saw his beating heart. Next, he opened his mouth, but he had no voice, and he unwillingly exhaled

When Andy fell onto the floor with a bang, Yang Chen casually threw Andys heart to the area under the Buddha statue.

The sight of this bloody mess was a stark contrast from the peaceful image of the statue.