My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 214

Chapter 214 1: Honestly
Chapter 214-1: Honestly

Hearing Abbess Yun Miaos next level explanation, the young nun Hui Lin totally lost her bearings, it was almost as if she took this as the truth, as she seemed delighted when she glanced at Yang Chen, then lowered her head in silence.

Lin Zhiguo finally spoke again at this point, and he seemed both physically and mentally exhausted, Yun-er, all that you have said is true. I have failed the children, whether as a father or grandfather. I feel especially guilty towards Hui Lin and Ruoxi, I wasnt able to fulfill my part as their grandfather, and had never even carried them when they were children. There were too many matters I had to attend to in the past and I used it as my excuse, but now that I think about what I had done, I realize that I am indeed inferior to this stinky brat.

As he said that, Lin Zhiguo looked towards Yang Chen, then said, You shouldnt act conceited. Although you may be slightly better than me, dont assume that I have no knowledge of the fact that you have at least three other lovers other than Ruoxi whom you are married to. They are all stuck tightly onto you, did you think you could keep us in the dark?

Yang Chen honestly replied, I never intended to conceal this fact, and I wouldnt abandon a single one of them.

What!? Abbess Yun Miao had only just learned of this fact, causing her brows to furrow tightly together, What do you mean by that, are you trying to be the emperor? Huaxia only practices monogamy, youre being unfaithful to your wife!

Hearing this, Hui Lins blushing face turned dark. Her eyes seemed to turn moist, and she pouted in distress.

Yang Chen helplessly sighed, Abbess, I have never intended to conceal this fact, you just never gave me an opportunity to say it. I admit that Im not an honorable man, but I will always be truthful to my wife. The fact is Ruoxi has never questioned me on matters like these, while I dont have any reason to tell her all about it. Sometimes, not knowing some things conversely makes the relationship actually better. But of course, this is also the reason why I dont want you to push Hui Lin towards me, because Im truly not much better than your husband

Brat, you dare use me to joke!? Lin Zhiguo stared at Yang Chen sharply.

Abbess Yun Miao sneered, Hes right, at least he dares to admit to his faults. Back then, you would only sneakily cheat on me !

Yun-er! These are completely different matters! He needs to at least respect his elders! Besides, this concerns the happiness of both of my granddaughters, how can I leave this brat be!? Said Lin Zhiguo.

Yun Miao replied with disdain, Only Hui Lin is my granddaughter, that Lin Ruoxi is yours, and the rest of the Lin Family does not recognize her either. I only care about Hui Lins happiness, the rest is none of my concern!

Why have you become this unreasonable!? You werent like this in the past!

This is all caused by you, bastard!!

As he saw this old couple raising their voices in front of their grandchild, Yang Chen completely understood what it meant for a couple to actually quarrel now. The cold war that went on between him and Lin Ruoxi was just a trivial matter in comparison!

However, one was the junior sister of his half-master, while the other is the grandfather of his wife. He couldnt just slip away just because he wanted to avoid trouble.

Grandma! Grandpa! Stop arguing!

It was at this time that Hui Lin finally couldnt bear to let this continue. She tugged on Abbess Yun Miao and dissuaded them, If the two of you continue arguing, this matter will never be solved. I will decide my own life, if the two of you continue like this, I will I will I will ignore both of you from now on!

Saying that, Hui Lin angrily stormed out of the tent while wiping away her tears!

Ah Hui Lin! Hui Lin! Come back!

Abbess Yun Miao and Lin Zhiguo both shouted, but Hui Lin ran off without even turning back.

Next, their gazes landed on Yang Chen, they were itching to flay him alive.

Watch out, Yang Chen. I will properly educate your insensibilities for my Senior Brother, I definitely will not let Hui Lins husband have multiple lovers! Said Abbess Yun Miao while she walked out of the army tent. She probably went to look for Hui Lin.

Yang Chen felt rather gloomy. He never said that he wanted to marry Hui Lin, so why was she trying to manage his relationship with his women? Anyway, Song Tianxing never tried to manage him despite the fact that he taught him this powerful internal skill, so who was she to manage him when she was just Song Tianxings junior sister?