My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 215

Chapter 215 1: When
Chapter 215-1: When

Kunshan Village. Mo Qianni sat on the wooden steps by the doorway with her cellphone in hand, staring at the entrance with a depressed expression while seemingly mumbling something

Damned Yang Chen, stinking Yang Chen, dont you know to give me a few more calls? You said that youre coming back soon, yet you still arent back, are you trying to kill me with worry so that you can look for another lover? Damned Yang Chen, stinking Yang Chen why are you not back yet Nothing could possibly happen right? Ill give you three seconds, you had better appear in front of me when I count to one Three two nevermind, youre definitely throwing a tantrum, even if I count to one, you intentionally wont show up

Ma Guifang walked out of the kitchen with a plate of white rice. There were already three dishes and a soup, which was normal in a peasant family on the table. Seeing her daughter talking to herself by the doorway, she couldnt help but laugh and say, Ni-zi, what are you mumbling on about there? Hasnt Son-in-law Yang already given you a call? Lets eat first.

Mom! Mo Qianni stood up and anxiously said, How could you be so relaxed? What happened was incredibly strange, why do you seem to not be worried about Yang Chen at all?

Ma Guifang happily clicked her tongue several times and said, Look at my daughter, she hasnt returned for over ten years, yet the moment she does shes already lecturing her mother because of a man.

Thats not what I meant Im trying to say that

Alright. Ma Guifang smiled and said, I know youre anxious, Im anxious as well, but theres one thing Mom learned all these years. When it comes to matters in this world, theres no point panicking, what we need to do is to live well at home.

Mo Qianni understood what she meant, but it was difficult for her to calm herself down. She slowly walked to the table and sat down, then slowly began to eat the rice Ma Guifang served to her.

Ma Guifang didnt know whether to laugh or to cry, Ni-zi, eat more veggies, why are you just eating white rice without any dishes?

Mom Mo Qianni put down her chopsticks, looked up and said, Im not eating anymore, Ill go to the village entrance to wait for Yang Chen.

Child, why are you so obstinate? Ive already told you that whether you wait or panic, the outcome is the same. Ma Guifang dotingly persuaded.

Mo Qianni shook her head, Its not the same. I hope that when Yang Chen returns, the first person he sees is me. I hope he sees me waiting for him and worrying about him, so that when he is out and going through dangerous situations, he will know that there is someone waiting for him to return. I believe that will make him happier than seeing me eating peacefully here.

Ma Guifang was stunned while Mo Qianni stood up and headed for the door.

This silly girl Ma Guifang murmured in her heart.

Right as Mo Qianni was about to open the main door, the door which wasnt locked suddenly opened from the outside.

Yang Chen saluted her with a smile, Little Qianqian, theres no need to go to the entrance, its so far away.

When he looked at her longing face that was close to turning into torture, Mo Qianni felt resentful, and felt like giving him a slap!

However, when she was about to smack Yang Chen with her hand, she changed her action to hooking his neck with her arm. Mo Qiannis soft and light body stuck onto Yang Chen, her head rested against Yang Chens chest, and they stayed in that position.

Yang Chen hugged Mo Qiannis waist, he enjoyed the the warmness and softness of it very much. He rubbed Mo Qiannis back, and lightly patted her. With a smile he said, Alright, Mother-in-law is still waiting for us. Havent I already returned? If you cry, shed think that Ive been bullying you.

Mo Qianni looked up and released her arms around Yang Chens neck, with moist red eyes she said, You did bully me! You left without a word and only left a note, and your phone couldnt even be contacted. You were trying to make me worry about you, so you were intentionally bullying me!

The situation is rather complicated, but I definitely didnt make you worry on purpose. Yang Chen said with a forced smile.

I dont care, you have to compensate me. Mo Qianni angrily said.

Compensate? How? Asked Yang Chen.

Mo Qianni cutely took a few deep breaths, then suddenly closed in and pressed her luscious red cherry lips against Yang Chens lips.

Being faced with this beautiful womans sudden attack, Yang Chen was stunned for a moment, then began to respond with pleasure.

For half a day, which wasnt really long or short, Mo Qianni had been concerned for Yang Chen. It had been weighing on her the entire time, and it truly wasnt a pleasant feeling.

She was afraid that something happened to Yang Chen, and that her feelings for him that she hasnt revealed may never have the opportunity to be expressed.

Therefore, when Yang Chen finally returned safely and she smelled his familiar smell, Mo Qianni was overwhelmed with passion and ended up acting on it.

During the moist and teary kiss, Mo Qianni was more upfront and daring than ever before, as if she wanted to express all of the thoughts and feelings she built up during this time to Yang Chen with this kiss.