My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 221

Chapter 221 1: Have A Great Time Sinking
Chapter 221-1: Have a great time sinking

Xu Zhihong hinted with his eyes, and Hairy Ball happily pressed the speaker button. A restrained voice was heard.

Hello? Is it Little Ye? Little Ye, are you alright?

Hearing this voice, Yuan Yes consciousness jolted, because this was his father, Yuan Heweis voice, Dad, Im alright. Dont worry, I havent been hurt.

Thats good then, is Tangtang there as well? Yuan Hewei caringly asked.

Uncle Yuan, Im also here, they handcuffed us. Said Tangtang as she angrily glared at Xu Zhihong.

A different voice was heard from the phone shouting, Hello! Tangtang, its Daddy, dont be afraid, Daddy will definitely save you!!

Dad, they have locked us in awu! Wuwu

Tangtang wanted to describe the pier where they were locked up at, but Hairy Ball who had been prepared for this directly covered Tangtangs mouth and held Tangtangs head still, ensuring that she couldnt speak another word.

Tangtang wanted to bite his hand, but Hairy Balls hand was filthy and stinky, causing her to feel stifled, she didnt dare to even think about biting anymore.

Hehe, young lady, you can eat however way you like, but cant spout whatever words you want. Hairy Ball said with a grin.

Bastard! Release Tangtang! Yuan Ye was so angry that his face was flushed.

Fang Zhongping on the line angrily said, What are you doing to my girl!? If you people dare harm her, I definitely wont let things end well for you!

Secretary Fang relax, were here to amiably negotiate, and wont harm your daughter.

Hearing that deep voice, Yang Chens brows creased. Yuan Ye and Tangtang may not know this person as they werent the type to come into contact with people like that, but Yang Chen remembered this voice very clearly. The owner of this voice was actually the old gangster from Dongxing, Zhou Guangnian!

With this revelation, he was able to connect the dots. Other than Zhou Guangnian who controlled half of Zhonghais underworld and the Dongxing group that was filled with black money, there was indeed no one else in Zhonghai who would dare do something this crazy alongside Xu Zhihong and go against the Yuan Family and Fang Family.

Zhou Guangnians advantage lies in his power in the underworld. He wasnt someone who could immediately be dealt with just with money or power in the government. Even though he was going directly against the Yuan Family and Fang Family, he could use some methods to give them trouble, and after they have paid the price, lead them to accept a compromise.

Uncle Fang, dont listen to them! They definitely wont dare to do anything to us! Yuan Ye shouted.

Xu Zhihong sneered, Young Master Yuan, dont be so naive. Since we dare to kidnap you, we obviously dare to do other things. I advise you to be good and beg your parents to be more willing to part with worldly possessions like money and power. If theyre willing to cooperate with us, we may even let you leave this place sooner.

Xu Zhihong! You actually dare collude with that old fogey Zhou Guangnian! Your Xu Familys reputation has been completely tarnished by you! Fang Zhongping shouted from the phone.

Xu Zhihong didnt even flinch as he replied, Secretary Fang, whether the Xu Family is good or evil isnt for you to decide. The victor writes history, its not like the Yuan Family and Fang Family has never done anything shameful. You guys need not try to use big reasoning on me. I advise you all to stop being so long-winded, for your children are in my hands. If were not satisfied, we could tie them up and throw them into the seas to feed the fish. You wont even be able to find their bones. I am not joking, Chairman Zhou will personally negotiate with you, I suggest that you be hospitable to him. Thats all I have to say, you big bosses and officials can decide for yourselves.

Little Ye, Tangtang, dont you worry, we will definitely rescue you! Fang Zhongping shouted at the end, and the line was cut.

Only then did Hairy Ball release the hand that he covered Tangtangs mouth with. Tangtang panted heavily, she nearly suffocated.

Boss, I, Old Hairy have already said so, big things have to be done like this. Look how much effort we saved by kidnapping these two kids, everything is now negotiable, right?

Xu Zhihong ignored him, and looked at Yang Chen with amusement and said, Mr. Yang, you can be considered as one of the reasons why I am in this position today.

What does this have to do with me? Yang Chen pouted, he didnt understand.

If it wasnt because of your sudden appearance, I would have made Lin Ruoxi my woman a long time ago by using my pawn, Lin Kun. I wouldnt have been coldly stabbed by her, and wouldnt have been pushed to the point of taking such a risk. Xu Zhihong spoke very calmly, but every word contained anger and anybody could tell how he felt.