My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 226

Chapter 226 1: Unsafe
Chapter 226-1: Unsafe

Night fell, and the downtown of Zhonghai was filled with people there for leisure and to feast.

In comparison, Dragon Garden which was situated in the suburbs was tranquil and quiet.

Lin Ruoxi changed out of her working outfit and wore a flowery pair of pajamas. She let down her hair, and the relaxed fit of the pajamas made her look soft and light as a feather. Her unadorned face seemed delicate and flawless under the warm lights.

She looked just like an elegant lady who usually stayed at home, and it was impossible to tell that she was the same person whose day job was a swift, decisive and icy CEO.

She sat on a chair at the dining table, and the table had at least ten delectable dishes on it. Nearly all of these great dishes cooked by Wang Ma, except the lettuce dish which seemed to have been blanched at an overly high temperature, causing it to look a little yellow.

Wang Ma carried a small rice cooker out from the kitchen, and following Lin Ruoxis gaze, she glanced at the clock on the wall.

It was past eight in the evening.

Miss, is Young Master still out? Wang Ma regretfully said, I guess he might not be coming back for dinner, its a pity for these dishes. I originally wanted to welcome Young Master home with this feast since he returned from such a faraway place. Oh well, its better if we wait no more for youve already waited for over an hour, Miss. Lets eat.

Lin Ruoxi took a deep breath, and smiled at her, Im not waiting for him, I just wasnt hungry yet, lets eat now, Wang Ma.

Geez Wang Ma agreed to eat and didnt expose her lie. After filling Ruoxis bowl with rice, she filled her own.

After the two sat, they silently ate.

Wang Ma looked at the dish of lettuce and said, Miss, you cooked that yourself, have you tried it?

Nope, it looks terrible. Wang Ma, it always looks bright green when you make it, yet its yellow when it comes to me, looks like I do need to learn how to properly cook. Lin Ruoxi seemed slightly down.

Miss, youre a lot more intelligent than me, and will definitely be better at cooking than me. Its a pity that Young Master isnt returning today, if Young Master sees you learning how to cook for him, Hell definitely be very happy. Wang Ma consoled.

Lin Ruoxi put down her chopsticks, Dont mention him, Wang Ma. Im not learning for him, I just suddenly thought of learning how to cook, thats all.

Wang Ma helplessly smiled, Alright alright, it wasnt for Young Master, it was just a slip of the tongue on my part. However, Miss, why dont you just call him? Ask why Young Master isnt back yet? Perhaps hed come back for dinner if you called.

I dont want to. Lin Ruoxi shifted away her gaze, but there was a little resentment on her face, He can cook for himself if hes hungry, its fine if he doesnt want to return for dinner! Its better if he doesnt come back anymore, since he has so many women outside, he can just eat wherever and save me the annoyance of seeing him!

Wang Ma looked at Ruoxi who was reacting like a mistreated child, and was between laughter and tears, Miss, youre being too extreme, Young Master definitely has some pressing matters which make him unable to return for dinner. Scolding in such a manner would make any man angry, please be careful not to make irresponsible remarks.

Right at this time, Ruoxis phone rang.

Lin Ruoxi sighed, then walked over to the sofa to pick up her phone. Checking the Caller ID, it was Cai Yan.

Yanyan, whats the matter?

Cai Yan spoke with a serious tone, Ruoxi, youll be staying at home all night, right?

Yeah, do you want to come over? Lin Ruoxi curiously asked.

No, I just want to confirm this, Im worried that something might happen to you if you go out. In any case, stay at home for tonight, dont go anywhere, at least wait till daybreak before leaving your house.

Yanyan, what do you mean? Lin Ruoxi frowned.

Cai Yan sighed and said, Just listen to me and itd be alright, Im giving you a call because Im worried about you. Zhonghai isnt safe tonight, thats all I can tell you. Alright, Im really busy, bye bye!

Lin Ruoxis expression changed a little, while Cai Yan had already hung up the call.

Miss, what did Miss Cai Yan say? Wang Ma saw that Lin Ruoxi had an anxious expression, and quickly asked.

Lin Ruoxi didnt conceal what happened, She told us not to leave our house, there are some things that are going to happen tonight in Zhonghai, and its unsafe.

Its unsafe out there!? Wang Ma immediately asked with concern, Whats Young Master going to do? Young Master hast returned yet, nothing should happen to him, right?

Why care about him? He is really resilient, I was nearly frightened to death this morning and thought he died, but when I went to the hospital, I was instead angered beyond belief. Im not going to care about him, its better if something happens to him!

Lin Ruoxi angrily said, then walked over to the dinner table despite having worry in her eyes.

This time, Wang Ma didnt continue to sit there and do nothing. She ignored what Lin Ruoxi thought and walked over to the phone, and dialed Yang Chens number.

Lin Ruoxi picked up her bowl and chopsticks, but she didnt start eating and was instead looking at Wang Ma.

A while later, Wang Ma suddenly put down the phone, she sighed, How can this be? The phone cannot be reached, could it be that it has run out of battery?

Lin Ruoxis hand which held the chopsticks trembled a little and she nearly dropped them. She looked out of the window and at the road outside, but there wasnt anybody appearing.

Truthfully, Yang Chens phone had indeed run out of battery. Yesterday, he flew from Sichuan to Zhonghai, then went to Di Wang Tower to look for Lin Ruoxi in the middle of the night. This morning, he went to attend Yuan Yes birthday party and became involved in those matters, and simply didnt even think of charging his phone.

Yang Chen felt rather annoyed. The communications devices he used in the past could be used for months without charging, the ordinary phone he now had was too troublesome in comparison!

However, Yang Chen simply wasnt in the mood to care about whether his phone had any charge left. At eleven in the evening, he was sitting in a black Hummer H2 with Rose, the car left a secret stronghold of Red Thorns Society, and headed for Zhonghais east region.