My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 232

Chapter 232: Office Games
Office Games

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It was yet another Monday, the time to start working again. It had been a while since Yang Chen last brought his female office colleagues breakfast. As he was carrying the breakfast into the office, he was welcomed by gazes of resentment. This gave Yang Chen a great sense of accomplishment.

After casually chatting and joking with the female colleagues, Yang Chen returned to his seat and switched on his computer. It had been more than a week, and he was back to the gaming life again.

In a black overcoat, matched with a grey cotton pleated mini skirt, and a pair of flesh-colored stockings which highlighted her round and springy legs, Zhao Hongyan gracefully walked towards Yang Chen. She took a bite of an oily fried dumpling as she stared at Yang Chen with a strange gaze.

Yang Chens sight moved from the bottom-up on this beautiful colleague of his, whom he had a deep friendship with. Ever since getting away from her familys misfortune, Zhao Hongyan looked ever more radiant.

Why are you looking at me like that? Dont tell me that you want to have some fun in the office, Yang Chen said with a smile.

Zhao Hongyan rolled her eyes at him as she sucked her oily fingers clean with her soft lips. One would want to punch her looking at her bitchy attitude. She asked, Where have you been for so long? Didnt you know that someone in our office had gotten lovesick while you werent here?

Lovesick? Yang Chen asked as he tried to conceal his smile. You can just tell me that its you.

Screw you! Zhao Hongyan scolded, annoyed. Do you know that when you werent here, Sister Mingyu would walk to my side to glance at your empty desk? I only know it because I sit near you.

Liu Mingyu? Yang Chen thought.

Yang Chen chuckled in his mind. Back then, the lady still said very frankly that there would be no strings attached between them after that night. She would go back to where she belonged, while he would still be himself. It seemed like she would still miss Yang Chen once in a while.

However, he got rather busy recently. Also, to be honest, Yang Chens heart was that of an ordinary man. It was impossible for him to look after every woman he cared for. She was indeed overlooked.

She was a lady who had kept her chastity for almost thirty years. Very unexpectedly, she found a man that she thought she could cling to. However, this man would go missing out of the blue and wouldnt attempt to contact her. No one would feel happy when they thought about this.

Are you sure that Sister Mingyu misses me, but you dont? Yang Chen asked smilingly.

Zhao Hongyan seemed like she was exposed of her deepest secret. Her expression turned increasingly unnatural. She then looked at Yang Chen with her charming eyes before saying, Yeah. Do you know that Im a divorced young lady who has been living alone at home every night? I would dream about romance until the sun rises, waiting for a strong man to enter the door of my heart. Do you want to come and try?

As Yang Chens sight met Zhao Hongyans alluring eyes, he suddenly grew numb. In his mind, he suddenly recalled the pleasure produced when he rubbed her private parts back then. Gulping, he said, If you dare to open the door, I will dare to enter.

Yang Chen wouldnt shrink back for a matter like this. Ignoring everything, he started to scan Zhao Hongyans body from her tall bosom to her thighs which had minimal fat.

Zhao Hongyan seemed like she couldnt stand Yang Chens straightforward personality and his aggressive eyesight. Her heart started jumping around. Clenching her teeth, she scolded, Pervert! before grasping her mini skirt and running back to her seat.

At this moment, Liu Mingyu who was wearing a full white dress with black-laced stockings and high heels, swung her firm backside as she entered the office smilingly. Her neck was even wrapped in a pale-purple scarf, making her look extraordinarily pleasant and gentle than usual.

Not having seen Liu Mingyu for a few days, Yang Chen felt like this lady had removed a previously sealed shell when he saw her again. It seemed like she had gone through thick and thin and finally turned glamorous.

Liu Mingyu held the same expression when she saw that Yang Chen returned to the office. She simply greeted him and left for her office.

The more she acted coldly, the more issues there were. Yang Chen quickly stood up and walked to her office joyfully before reaching out to the door, blocking Liu Mingyu from locking it.

Liu Mingyu turned around to have a look, only to find Yang Chen looking at her with a weird smile. The light make-up on her face was a thin layer of pink powder. As she avoided looking at Yang Chen in the eyes, she said, What are you doing?

Theres something I want to report to Department Head Liu, Yang Chen said with a serious expression.

Only idiots would believe you, she thought. However, while she was struggling, she still allowed Yang Chen to enter the office.

Once the door got closed, Yang Chen instantly locked the door in succession.

When Liu Mingyu put her handbag on her desk, she felt a pair of strong arms hugging her from behind.


Shocked, she turned around and wanted to say something. However, her open, tender and delicate lips got covered by Yang Chens.

Mmh A low-pitched moan resounded. Liu Mingyu couldnt defend herself anymore. She slowly loosened her jaws, allowing Yang Chens tongue to enter.

As they entangled in the wet kiss, Yang Shen moved one of his arms to Liu Mingyus busty bosom and started rubbing a snowy summit, while the other arm slid down her curvy hips and grabbed her backside. The feeling of touching soft and exquisite meat heated Yang Chen up.

Liu Mingyu felt that Yang Chens body and breath became hotter and hotter, but her body was soft like water and didnt have any strength to resist. Her entire body grew numb and seemed like it was going to melt.

Yang Yang Chen Liu Mingyu said when she barely broke away from Yang Chens lips and tongue. She raised her head to allow Yang Chen to kiss her sensitive neck. Dont dont do it here Well well be discovered doing this Mmh

So what if they find out? I dont mind, Yang Chen said jokingly.

Liu Mingyu suddenly got pissed and started pushing Yang Chen away with all her strength. You you cant do it! Dont you have to take me into consideration? she said angrily.

Alright, alright Yang Chen said smilingly. I was only joking, dont take it seriously. If people really find out, wont they surround us and look at us like monkeys in a zoo?

Liu Mingyu finally calmed down. She whacked Yang Chens chest before complaining, You men only know how to bully women. You went missing for so many days and the first thing you did was to take advantage of me when you came back.

Yang Chen looked like he was wronged. He said, You were the one who said that you disliked too many responsibilities. You asked us to live our own lives. What are you complaining now?

I Liu Mingyu got speechless but her face looked really miserable. She pouted and turned her head around.

Yang Chen smiled as he lightly hugged her before patting Liu Mingyus back. Alright, alright. Youre a few years older than me but you behave like a little girl. It was really just a joke. Its my fault that I didnt take you into account for so many days. Sigh, I said that I wasnt a good man from the start. So I cant be blamed for lying. If you took the initiative to contact me, Ill for sure appear in front of you in no time.

Tchh, theres no way I would want to take the initiative to contact you, Liu Mingyu said as a smile emerged on her face while she was still in Yang Chens hug.

Although this fellow isnt anything good, he has complete honesty. I cant be too bothered. Dont I just want someone to rely on? Its really simple she thought.

Yang Chen took a deep breath to take in the body scent of a mature woman, Liu Mingyus. As desire appeared in his eyes, he said, Babe Mingyu, why dont we play an office game? Although you arent dressed very formally today, its more than enough already. At least I can enter the main topic by simply lifting...

As Liu Mingyu wasnt a virgin anymore, she immediately understood Yang Chens evil thinking. She knew very clearly what the so-called office games and lifting mean. As her face turned red, she violently pinched on Yang Chens arm. Do you want to die? Once the people outside hear our movement, I wouldnt have the face to see them anymore, she said angrily.

Confused, Yang Chen said, Then youll bite on something so that you dont make any noise. Wouldnt the problem be solved? He hadnt experienced having a war of human meat in an office.

Liu Mingyu was really determined in her decision. She wouldnt put her pride down so easily. She shook her head to deny the request.

Yang Chen felt really helpless. He truly liked this lady in front of him. Although he liked a lot of women, he would never coerce or force any one of them. He still held the principle of a true gentleman.

Although he knew that he could do some simple steps that Liu Mingyu wouldnt be able to necessarily cope with, he still forwent the thought at last.

Looking at the seductive and elegant woman, Yang Chen felt that it was a waste to just leave like that without doing anything. He let out a strange smile.

Holding the back of Liu Mingyus head to hold her from moving, he used his other hand to seize her jade-like nose, making her unable to breathe through her nose.

Liu Mingyu got shocked as she didnt know what Yang Chen was up to. She wanted to ask Yang Chen to take his hands back. However, the moment she opened her mouth, Yang Chen moved one of his hands from her nose to her lips, before inserting two fingers into her precious mouth.


Liu Mingyu could only feel that two agile fingers were naughtily teasing her soft and tender mouth. Her pink tongue got fondled back and forth.

It was a very enjoyable process. Yang Chen could feel that his fingers were moved around by a soft, cute thing in a wet and warm environment.

Liu Mingyus face turned red as she experienced a type of love training. Feeling shy, she felt an unknown excitement deeply. She looked at Yang Chen with her watery eyes that contained anger, shyness and ignorance.

When Liu Mingyu started breathing rapidly and coughed, Yang Chen finally stopped his finger movements. Make my fingers dry and Ill take them out, he said with a tone that indicated there was no room for negotiation.

Liu Mingyu obediently sucked Yang Chens fingers dry before opening her mouth as she stared at him.

Yang Chen retrieved his hand and lightly tapped her face, satisfied. Babe Mingyu, it seems like you have much potential for training.

If you dare to do it again, Ill bite your fingers off, Liu Mingyu said as she puffed her mouth.

You wont, you know that you enjoyed it, Yang Chen said with a naughty smile.

Clenching her teeth and staring at Yang Chen, she lifted her leg and stepped on his toes forcefully. Unexpectedly, Yang Chen moved away long ago.


Liu Mingyu missed and hurt her foot as she kicked the ground, hurting her heel rather badly.

Heheh, its an instinctive reaction, Yang Chen said as he walked forward. He wanted to remove her shoes and massage her feet before wiping oil on the beautys calves. However, his phone rang at this moment.

As he took his phone out, Yang Chen got shocked but immediately picked up the call. Manager Tang, why are you free to call me today?

The person who called over was Tang Wan. After thinking for a while, she said, I promised to treat you to a meal to thank you. But I got rather busy recently so I had to delay for a bit. Are you free tonight?

Yang Chen didnt expect Tang Wan to really treat him to a meal. Thinking of the lady who could make his heartbeat race every time they met, Yang Chen wasnt able to reject her request. Since Manager Tang has time, why wont a small employee like me have time as well? But forget about thanking me, just look at it as simply treating me to a meal, he replied.

Yang Chen, can you can you stop calling me Manager Tang? Call me Tang Wan, Tang Wan said gently.

Yang Chen suddenly thought of Cai Yan who asked him to stop calling her Chief Cai as well. It seemed like women didnt usually like their working positions. Casually, he said, Alright, Miss Tang Wan!

Ill call you again when you get off work. Ill end the call now, Tang Wan said happily.

Bye bye, Yang Chen said before ending the call. As he raised his hand, he noticed that Liu Mingyu was already giving him a death stare.

Oh, its yet another woman who got ruined by you, Liu Mingyu said with a cold smile.

Yang Chen lightly scratched the back of his head, saying, What are you talking about? How am I ruining people? I know that Ive always been naive and pure, I would only get ruined by women instead Hehe

Liu Mingyu rolled her eyes before walking to her seat and sitting down angrily. You can go out now.

Yang Chen knew that it was best to retreat when women got jealous, so he obediently walked out of the room. Before exiting, he made a hand gesture of a phone call. Babe, remember to call me. Ill appear any time.

When he saw that Liu Mingyu lifted a pen holder and wanted to throw it over, Yang Chen quickly shut the door.