My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 235

Chapter 235: Making Up For Youth
Making Up for Youth

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Yang Chen hugged Tang Wans soft backside while she felt an intense excitement. Her body was uncontrollably twisting. The more it twisted, the tighter the connection with Yang Chens body was.

Yang Chen only felt that he was run over by cotton balls. He comfortably let out some breathing sound.

Tang Wan felt that her under portion was drenched in water. After years of defending her private room alone, she would feel lonely sometimes. She knew very clearly what this feeling wasshe fell in love. Her tides were bursting frantically.

This late into the night, there was no one to be found around. Even a drunk man wouldnt be this bored to come to a place like this. However, Tang Wan was still afraid, afraid that the absurd and brave would have fun with her at this place.

Although she had confessed her heart out, and she knew that her youth would end really soon, she wouldnt go this far to treat the sky as the blanket and the ground as the bed. She didnt want to be so reckless to conduct the passionate activity here.

Yang Yang Chen Tang Wan broke away from the kiss that she didnt initiate. She begged, No, dont do this here I dont want this

Then what do you want? Yang Chen bantered.

Tang Wan pointed at a tall building nearby which had bright lights. Go there, thats my Maple Hotel. I bought it so that I can come here whenever I miss my mom.

Yang Chen got dumbfounded when he looked at the luxurious building. He couldnt resist but to think, why is every woman around me richer than me?

Tang Wan seemed like she knew what Yang Chen was thinking about. Are you one who cares about money?

Yang Chen laughed before saying, Yeah, youre right. Its not like I know how to spend even if I have money.

When Yang Chen happily held Tang Wans hand as they were happily walking to the hotel, Tang Wans phone rang.

Tang Wan frowned when she looked at her phone. Her expression turned slightly weird and helpless.

What is it? Yang Chen asked.

Tang Wan withdrew her hand from Yang Chens, saying, Im sorry. It seems like our date today will have to end here.

No Yang Chens heart shook. What is this? You hooked my fire up and want to leave so casually? he thought.

Tang Wan let out a forced smile. Its a message from my daughter. She came home. She said that she would move out of the house again if I didnt return tonight.

Move out of the house?! Yang Chen didnt know if he wanted to smile or cry. Does she need to be this extreme? he asked.

Shaking her head, Tang Wan answered, You dont understand. My daughter is really stubborn. I have never stopped worrying about her since she was young. A while ago, she moved out of the house once because of academics. Recently, she has been staying at someone elses house, to take care of my friends child. I didnt expect her to return so suddenly. Thats why I asked you out today. She must be really tired and want to tell me a lot of stuff. Otherwise she wouldnt say something like that. I cant possibly hurt my daughters feeling.

Its appropriate that you care for her. However, arent you feeling that Id suffocate to death if you just leave like this? Yang Chen said, depressed.

Tang Wan smiled as she looked at Yang Chen. Dont you know that although women are soft and weak, theyd do anything for their children? Although I like you, youre far inferior compared to my daughter!

As soon as she finished speaking, Tang Wan waved her hands naturally before jogging away. In just a short moment, she turned on her Land Rover before drifting away.

Yang Chen sighed helplessly. As he was contemplating whether he should express his fire on other women, his phone vibrated. It was a message from Tang Wan.

Hold on, Ill come and collect my interest payments fully in the near future. There was also a heart emoji behind.

Yang Chen almost vomited blood on his phone. Collect your interest payments fully?! Id choke to death already if I need to wait for your arrival!

However, before he turned his phone off, it vibrated again.

As he looked at the number, he recognized that it was Liu Mingyus phone call.

Oh, do you miss me already? Yang Chen asked.

Yang Chen are you free now? Liu Mingyu said. She sounded really lazy.

Didnt I say that I would appear whenever you call? Yang Chen asked smilingly. He felt that Liu Mingyu should be consuming alcohol.

Look for me at the bar. I need your help for something

Tell me which bar youre at. Ill be there immediately, Yang Chen answered. Coincidentally, he was looking for someone to put off the fire in his heart. Obviously, Liu Mingyu whom he hadnt pestered in a while was the best choice as his helper.

Liu Mingyu told her an address. After thinking for a while, Yang Chen couldnt resist but to laugh. The bar was only a street away from the beach he was at. He only needed to walk for a while to reach there.

After ten minutes, Yang Chen walked into a bar named Red Danube. Upon entering the place, he could sniff the smell of incense and alcohol mixed together.

After searching with minimal effort, he discovered a person sitting alone in a corner. There were three bottles of whiskey on the table. It was evident that this lonely woman had had a considerable amount of alcohol.

Yang Chen walked towards Liu Mingyu and reached out to touch her red and blurry face. Why are you drinking so much alone?

I do public relations. This small amount of alcohol is nothing to me, Liu Mingyu said before smiling sweetly. She then poured some amber liquid from a cup into her mouth.

Did you call me here to carry you back? Yang Chen asked. He didnt want to stop her from drinking as Liu Mingyu indeed didnt seem drunk.

Gloominess and ignorance could be seen on Liu Mingyus face. Do you know that I have never drink until Im drunk at a bar because I wanted to wait for that person? Ive also never truly revelled with my friends. I even didnt dare to come to a place like this. I was afraid that people would approach me, or bad guys would touch me. If that really happens, no one could help me get out of the situation.

Liu Mingyu raised her head to look at Yang Chen as she pouted. Im very mad about this! Other women have all experienced this. Why is it that I missed the opportunity? So I specially came here to have a try Its such an unpleasant experience. I think Ive really gotten old. I drank so much alcohol and no one was willing to approach me. Why cant they give me a chance to reminisce my past youth?

Yang Chen smiled. She wants me to act as the hero now, and let her experience an unprecedented romance of young couples, he thought.

Although both of them werent in their thirties yet, and were still considered youngsters, Yang Chen himself would blush if he were to act like lovebirds in high schools.

Then what should you do? Do you want me to hire someone to put up a show and flirt with you? And do I whack them afterwards? Yang Chen asked jokingly.

Liu Mingyu shook her head and suddenly let out a cunning smile. No need, I have prepared another storyline, she said.


Did you bring any money? Liu Mingyu asked.

Yang Chen naturally brought some. He took out a card and a few wrinkled bank notes from his pocket. Didnt you bring any? he asked.

Liu Mingyu nodded smilingly as she stood up, before walking to Yang Chens side. Hugging his neck, she whispered beside his ear, Dont pay any money Lets run away

After listening to the gentle but gangster-like words, Yang Chen let out a bitter smile. Babe, this doesnt look like something you would do. Why are you acting like a rebellious young girl?

Youre right. Im rebellious. I just want to do something that Ive never done before. Can I have your company? Liu Mingyu asked as she looked at Yang Chen with high hopes.

Yang Chen felt that this lady in front of her was rather pitiful. She wasted her most precious time period, protecting something that had no result. When she thought of filling the empty space in love, she could only choose this stupid manner in grieve, a rebellious manner. Or to her, this was only a way to grieve her lost youth, no matter how crazy it was.

Hold my hand, and dont let go, Yang Chen said resolutely.

Liu Mingyu nodded as her eyes shone bright.

Yang Chen dragged Liu Mingyu to the bar exit. An alerted server immediately blocked them from leaving.

Sir, this young lady here hasnt settled the bill, the server said with an insincere smile.

Yang Chen turned around and winked at Liu Mingyu. She then held his hand tightly.

Yang Chen reached out to pat the shoulder of the server politely. Brother, are you feeling sore here?

The server looked at Yang Chens hand patting his shoulder. Confused, he asked, No, its not sore. Sir, please dont cause us any trouble.

Im not causing you any trouble, just want you to feel a bit soreness.

Yang Chen smiled as he exerted some force using his fingertips. He pinched the jointed on the servers shoulder!

Sss! The server hissed as he took a deep breath. A heart-tearing pain arose, forcing him to take a few steps back.

Run, now!

Yang Chen seized the opportunity and ran out of the bar while holding Liu Mingyus hand.

When the server turned back, he noticed that the two had rushed off for quite a distance. He tried his very best to chase them but was blocked by the passersby, losing sight of his targets very quickly. As a result, he shouted helplessly, but no one on the street would be so free to help him chase his targets.

When it came to escaping, Yang Chen was really familiar with the steps. Getting rid of someone who was inexperience in pursuits was a piece of cake. Dragging Liu Mingyu who was heavily panting during the sprint, Yang Chen finally stopped after running across a street.

My dear Little Yu, how do you feel about this domineering experience? Yang Chen asked smilingly.

You you you exhausted the heck out of me Liu Mingyu said as she panted. When she heard that Yang Chen addressed her this intimately, she couldnt help but to blush. She continued speaking, Ahem, ahem I dont want to do this anymore. Its too exhausting. I ran until my heart almost jumped out.

Sigh, if you want to make up for your lost youth, why are you getting mad at your stamina? If you dont try your best to escape, youd get arrested into a police station.

Its just that I couldnt think of anything else Liu Mingyu said sadly. As she looked around, she noticed that they arrived at the seaside. As her eyes shone, she said, Yang Chen, I have another idea!