My Wife Is A Beautiful Ceo Chapter 239

Chapter 239: Medicine

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On the way back to Dragon Garden, Wang Ma had been sneezing in the car repeatedly. She seemed to have caught a cold.

After going back to the hall at home, Lin Ruoxi said worriedly, Wang Ma, have some medicines and get some rest.

Wang Ma who looked pale waved her hand. No need. Miss, you should go back to your room and rest. You need to work, you cant get sick like I did. My body and bones are hard, an insignificant cold like this is nothing to me. After the incident, I need to check the house to see if anything valuable is lost.

Wang Ma, dont check already. Cant you see that the house is fine? The last thing that the house needs is money. Why would we care about those? Listen to Ruoxi, take some medicines and rest, Yang Chen said.

Wang Ma kind of agreed to what Yang Chen said. Looking at the surrounding with minimal changes and feeling her dizziness, she said, Young Master, there were only the two of us here in this house last time. We dont keep any medicine at home. I still need to trouble you to get some outside.

Yang Chen naturally didnt deny the request. Then Wang Ma and Ruoxi, you two may go upstairs and bathe. Ill be back with medicines when youre done, he said before rushing out of the house.

Wang Ma smiled as she looked at Lin Ruoxi, saying, Miss, Young Master mustve felt really bad earlier. Looking at his expression at the police station earlier, anyone would feel heartache for him.

Really? I wasnt paying attention, Lin Ruoxi said softly. I said that I didnt blame him. I cant do anything if he still wants to think that way.

Its because Miss hasnt been treating him enthusiastically. When you suddenly get so understanding, Young Master would feel sorry for you, Wang Ma said and coughed.

Frowning, Lin Ruoxi asked, If I dont usually treat him nicely, shouldnt he feel happy when I get sympathetic?

This is where Young Master is different from other guys. He doesnt keep it in his heart when Miss doesnt treat him well. Thats why the situation turned out this way. Sigh, Wang Ma said before walking upstairs slowly.

Lin Ruoxi contemplated as she stood silently, before walking upstairs as well.

At the same time, Yang Chen was thinking what medicines he was supposed to get for the two while driving. Since he would never get sick, he had no knowledge when it came to the effectiveness of different medicines. He reached a private pharmacy. When he wanted to enter the shop, someone called him from behind.

Young Master, dont get medicines from this place, the voice of an old person resounded.

Yang Chen turned around and saw an old man dressed in a gray robe standing in front of him. His appearance attracted quite a lot of attention from the passersby.

Its you Yang Chen said as he squinted. This guy was the person who followed Lin Zhiguo around, Gray Robe.

Since Gray Robe reached Zhonghai, Lin Zhiguo mustve come as well, Yang Chen thought.

Gods Stone was indeed impressive. It even made the general of Yellow Flame Iron Brigade to rush over to Zhonghai.

Gray Robe seemed really kind, he looked at Yang Chen like he would look at any junior. When it comes to medicine, taking Chinese medicine is a better idea. Theres a pharmacy nearby, Ill bring Young Master there.

After thinking for a while, Yang Chen nodded. Although he wanted to avoid Lin Zhiguo, it didnt mean that hed reject this old mans good intention. Furthermore, Yang Chen had limited knowledge when it came to medicines. He knew that taking Chinese medicine would condition the body better.

Following Gray Robe across a street, they stopped at an old Chinese medicine pharmacy located at a crossroad.

Upon entering the shop, Gray Robe told the shop owner a list of medicinal ingredients. After packing them up, the old folk at the pharmacy passed the package to Yang Chen.

Yang Chen took some money out to pay before saying, Thank you.

Young Master, you dont need to thank me. This is what I should do, Gray Robe said. Sigh, its our responsibility as well that Miss got kidnapped by Yamata Sect. Master asked me to thank you.

He doesnt hate me for passing Gods Stone to the people from Yamata Sect? Yang Chen asked in a mocking manner.

Shaking his head, Gray Robe answered, Master indeed got mad. The matter regarding Gods Stone is significant. It can influence how energy is divided in the entire world. If its not handled appropriately, Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and the organizations from other countries would get into a disaster.

The ninjas from Yamata Sect excel in lurking and escaping. You guys wont necessarily be able to catch them, Yang Chen said smilingly.

This is also why I came here to see Young Master, Gray Robe said with a serious expression. We hope that Young Master can help us to track the whereabouts of Gods Stone and kill the three people.

I dont want to be related to Gods Stone anymore, and Im not interested in letting people think that Im your ally, Yang Chen said as he rejected the request. Gods Stone isnt related to me anymore, not even in the slightest way. If you guys are capable enough to retrieve Gods Stone, its fate you should thank. If it ends up being used by Yamata Sect, I can only say that theyre more lucky than you guys.

Gray Robes eyes shone. He said, Young Master, do you mean that you wont care where Gods Stone ends up at? You wont step in anymore?

Thats right. I quit, Yang Chen said as he nodded.

Alright, deal! Gray Robe said before taking a deep breath. Actually, Master has his concern as well. Hes worried that Young Master would step in to retrieve Gods Stone. This way, our large-scale hunt would be wasted. Now that Young Master doesnt want Gods Stone back, we can do as we want.

Theres no use for it to be with me. Itll only cause trouble to the people around me, Yang Chen said with a bitter smile. Waving his hand, he said, You guys may do all you want. Ill go now. I still need to simmer and serve the medicines.

Gray Robe nodded smilingly. He said, Simmer the medicines following the instructions written. A cold can be gotten rid of within a night. Help me greet Miss Ruoxi when you see her.

Yang Chen nodded before leaving the pharmacy.

After Yang Chen left, Gray Robe took out his contact device. After the connection was up, he reported, Master, Young Master has promised to step out of the fight for Gods Stone.

Its as expected, since Gods Stone doesnt hold any meaning to him anymore. I just didnt think that hed give up Gods Stone for Ruoxi.

Master what do we do next

You may come back. Since Yang Chen isnt stepping in, well seize this opportunity. We mustnt let Hannya and Tanuki go back to Japan.

Isnt Tengu with them as well?

Tengu got poisoned by them. His corpse got destroyed into powder. We just got this information after examining the bone ash.

Although Tengu was strong, his escape ability was far inferior to Hannya and Tanuki. Hed only form a burden towards them. Now that Tengu was gone, catching the other two would be much more difficult

Yeah No matter what, whether we can conduct the project God Creation depends on this one-day pursuit. If we delay for a while longer, Yamata Sect will send backup for them. Once Gods Stone lands on their hands, its very possible that a troublesome enemy would arise. So, we mustnt get careless this time!

Yes Master!

On the way back to the bungalow, Yang Chens mood was rather good. He was thinking if he should bring other stuff back home, since he felt sorry for the two women at home.

After thinking for a while, Yang Chen turned the car around and proceeded to another street to buy some small gifts.

Regarding Gods Stone, it was a matter between Yellow Flame Iron Brigade and Yamata Sect. It was none of his business. He only wanted to go home to simmer the medicines. It was a fresh experience for him, he had never done something like this before.

As he reached the kitchen, Yang Chen followed the instructions and took a crucible out. He started simmering the medicines as he read the instructions given.

After more than ten minutes, the smell of Chinese medicine filled the entire kitchen, and dispersed to the second floor.

After bathing, Wang Ma and Lin Ruoxi walked downstairs after changing.

Looking at Yang Chen happily pouring medicinal soup into a bowl, Wang Ma got curious while Lin Ruoxi daydreamt.

Young Master, why did you think of getting Chinese medicine? Did you come up with the recipe as well? Wang Ma asked.

Yang Chen placed two bowls on the table as he said, How would I know any recipe? I asked an old man for a recipe to cure cold.

Yang Chen didnt mention Gray Robe at all. He was very aware that Lin Ruoxi would never consume the medicine if he did.

I havent had any medicine in a while. I still remember when Old Mistress was still here, shed buy medicines and boil them herself every time someone got sick in the house, Wang Ma said. I still remember Miss was always unwilling to drink the medicine. She had to be consoled before she would agree to consume it.

Looking at the light brown medicinal soup on the table, Lin Ruoxi said, Wang Ma, you may drink the medicine yourself. I dont want it.

Yang Chen got shocked. Why dont you want it? You have to remove the cold from your body, he said.

Yeah, Miss, Young Master put in a lot of effort for this. Please drink some, Wang Ma said.

I wont drink it because I say so! Im afraid of bitterness, okay?!

Lin Ruoxi suddenly got irritated. She turned around and ran upstairs.

Yang Chen quickly ran into the kitchen to take a small plastic bag out. He shouted, Wifey, if you obediently drink the medicine, Ill give you some glutinous rice balls!

Lin Ruoxi suddenly stopped walking. Her shoulders shivered lightly. Turning around, she shouted, Gangster! before running back to her room without looking bad. It could be seen that her eyes were wet.


Yang Chen got stunned like a wooden chicken. Confused, he thought, doesnt this girl love glutinous rice balls? I purposely made a big turn to get them. Is it really that torturing to drink medicine?

Wang Ma looked apologetic and sad. Looking at the bewildered Yang Chen, she said, Young Master, Old Mistress used to console Miss with glutinous rice balls as well, to make Miss consume medicine. You did the exact same thing. You mustve reminded Miss of her grandmother.

Yang Chen got speechless. He didnt expect to hook Lin Ruoxis sad memories twice intentionally. No wonder she seemed like she was going to cry.

Then Wang Ma, please consume the medicine. I cant do anything if Ruoxi doesnt want it, Yang Chen said helplessly. Sigh, I got hit by a bullet even when I was lying down. I bet Ruoxi will roll her eyes to me for the next few days.

Wang Ma said, I dont think thatll happen. I think Miss may like Young Master even more.

Because I made her think of her grandma? Yang Chen asked.

Instead of saying its because of Old Mistress, Miss may have felt how concerned you are for her. Being able to do something to this extent means that Young Master has truly placed Miss into your heart, Wang Ma said.

Embarrassed, Yang Chen replied, This sounds rather cringey. Arent they just a few rice balls? If she likes shark fin or birds nest, theres no way Im buying them for her.

However, when Yang Chen brought the bowl to the kitchen as he wanted to pour away the soup, Lin Ruoxi suddenly opened her door from the second floor.

Lin Ruoxi looked down with her wet eyes while she pouted. It was evident that she cried for a while. The usually ice-cold Lin Ruoxi looked particularly cute this way.

Yang Chen, what are you doing? Are you pouring it away? I havent had my medicine yet! Do you hope that I never recover?!